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107: After Midnight

1. What does Chuck say is the rule if two people want the same cab?
a. Whoever touches the door first gets the cab.

2. What does Marissa want Gary to do that causes her much confusion?
a. she wants him to read today’s paper to her

4. How does Marissa always know when Gary reads something bad in the paper?
a. Negative Ions

5. What section of the paper has the story about the abandonment?
a. Metro section

6. At what church does the baby get abandoned?
a. St Mary’s

7. How old is the baby?
a. 10 weeks

8. What does Gary go out in the rain to find and why?
a. an unidentified woman carrying a bassinet with a baby boy in it, to casually inquire whether or not she plans to abandon him tonight

9. What kind of advice does Marissa give Gary that he ignores?
a. don’t forget your umbrella

10. According to Chuck, what is the minimum distance that two urban dwellers need to have between them in order to prevent having their space invaded?
a. 18 inches

11. What is the name of the woman sharing the cab with Chuck?
a. Lenore

12. What is her job?
a. Professional Caterer and Event Planner

13. What happens when Gary asks a woman if she is going to abandon her baby?
a. the woman whacks him on the head with the diaper bag

14. What is the name of the woman Gary meets at the bus stop?
a. Samantha

15. What is her baby’s name?
a. Jordon

16. What information from the paper does Gary give to Chuck?
a. Gary tells Chuck that it doesn’t rain tomorrow - stops just after midnight tonight

17. What does Marissa say Gary has in the fridge?
a. Chocolate-chip Ice Cream

18. When Chuck calls Lenore to tell her the weather report, who does he pretend he is?
a. Mr McGinty from McGinty’s bar and restaurant

19. How long has Marissa known Gary?
a. a couple years

20. How long has Marissa been blind?
a. since she was 16 months old

21. What caused Marissa’s blindness?
a. Meningitis

22. Who is Samantha’s father?
a. Jordan Butler

23. What does he want Gary to tell Samantha?
a. her mother misses her

24. How did Gary know he was in love with Marcia?
a. she was beautiful, she was smart, and she was in love with him

25. What did Marcia used to make for Gary every Sunday morning?
a. Blueberry pancakes, and she melted the butter

26. What did Marcia insist on doing for Gary?
a. she insisted on picking Gary up at the airport

27. What does Gary think about opportunity?
a. Opportunity doesn’t knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.

28. What is the name of the man Samantha said was her husband?
a. Paul

29. Why does he threaten to sell Samantha’s baby?
a. to get her to deliver some drugs

30. What does Chuck do to get Lenore’s attention?
a. he hires a cab and waits for a half hour in the rain to pick her up

31. What part of Chuck’s anatomy is climate sensitive?
a. his big toe on his right foot

32. How does Chuck define a date with Lenore?
a. “A date is when you rush home from work, take a quick shower, redo your hair and makeup, put on something black that cost you an arm and a leg, even though there’s very little material, and I show up wearing an Armani suit with flowers, and take you to my favorite restaurant on Taylor St, and then I walk you home, we go into your apartment, and I give you a kiss goodnight, on the cheek, and then I leave.”

33. What kind of pizza does Gary have?
a. pepperoni with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, pineapple, extra cheese

34. Chuck declines to eat any of the pizza because of which topping?
a. extra cheese

35. Why does Marissa say they have to find Samantha before she abandons the baby?
a. because when a mother gives away her child there’s nothing left after that, no reason for her to go on

36. How old is Samantha
a. 17

37. What time is Samantha going to jump off the bridge?
a. just after midnight

38. Gary gives the police a tip about what?
a. City drug ring

39. What is the hardest bridge to cross according to Chuck’s ending monologue?
a. the one that opens your heart - the one that leads you home

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