Early Edition Trivia

206: "Angels and Devils"
(A friend of Gary's, a nun running a night basketball program, is in crisis and is considering leaving her order)
"Angels and Devils" Answers

1. What does Gary give to the boys for the soup kitchen?

2. What does Chuck want to give the boys for the soup kitchen?

3. What is the nun’s name?

4. What were Gary and Chuck going to be doing at the “Community Center Midnite Basketball” game?

5. Where is the basketball game held?

6. Who gets shot by the service station manager?

7. Who were the other two guys involved in robbing the service station?

8. Who does Gary refer to as “smiley”?

9. What did Jo-Jo say to Sr Mary?

10. Fill in the blank: “Simple is ______.”

11. Who is the new pastry chef and what is her favorite dessert?

12. What kind of chef is she?

13. What time is lunch and dinner served at McGinty’s?

14. What job does Gary offer to Marcus?

15. Where does Gary say he started out his working career?

16. Where does Gary have his money deposited?

17. How does Gary describe “a lot” of money?

18. What is the beginning of the text used in the stories for all of the “headlines”?

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