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103: Baby

1. Who do Marcia and Gary go to see?
a. Ziegler & Stutz, Divorce Attorneys

2. What did Marcia say to Gary at the lawyer’s office?
a. No hard feelings, huh? It’s been fun. Call me sometime.

3. Who does Chuck see in the bar?
a. a doctor he met 2 years ago and doesn’t want to see again

4. Who does Gary see in the bar?
a. a beautiful blonde

5. How much money were the convenience store robbers going to get?
a. $50

6. Why was the little girl going to run away?
a. she thinks her parents forgot her birthday

7. What was her name?
a. Molly

8. What would Chuck rather be doing?
a. see a movie

9. What kind of nickel did the woman have and how much is the it worth?
a. a 1913 liberty head nickel worth just over a million dollars

10. What are Gary and Marissa discussing over breakfast?
a. kids, and Gary’s desire to have some

11. What was Gary going to name his son (the first one, anyway)?
a. Zeke

12. What if it was a girl?
a. Zeke

13. What sport was it going to play?
a. Hockey

14. The boy or the girl?
a. doesn’t matter

15. What does Gary see in the paper that involves Chuck?
a. Chuck will deliver baby on the L

16. What does Chuck have a “problem” with and why?
a. he has a problem with fluids - blood and stuff - because of 7th grade biology when he dissected a frog

17. When Chuck goes to stop the pregnant woman from riding the L, who does Gary see walking by?
a. the blonde from the bar

18. Why couldn’t Gary keep following the girl?
a. he had to save a lady from being hit by a fire truck

19. How did he lose the girl?
a. She got into a cab

20. How has the headline involving Chuck now changed?
a. He will now deliver twins in an elevator

21. What does Gary have to go and prevent?
a. a water main break that will flood Michigan Ave

22. How does Gary get distracted from this purpose?
a. He sees the blonde woman in a flower shop

23. What does Chuck start to see everywhere?
a. pregnant women

24. Where does Chuck go for help?
a. the doctor he met 2 yrs ago (Amy Handelman)

25. Why didn’t Gary find the girl in the store he followed her into?
a. She left out the back door

26. Who is waiting for Gary in his room and why?
a. Marcia - she wants to have dinner with him

27. What new problem arises with the water main break?
a. a blackout affecting half the city

28. What floor does Chuck live on?
a. 35

29. What’s the difference between Gary and Superman?
a. Superman had a life, a job, and a girl

30. What floor does the elevator get stuck on?
a. 28th floor

31. Who does Gary see in the paper?
a. the blonde girl walking past a fountain

32. How many times does Chuck faint?
a. 2

33. Who helps deliver the babies?
a. Gary

34. What sex is the first baby?
a. a boy

35. How does Chuck get his picture in the paper?
a. Gary places the babies in his arms as the elevator doors open and then sneaks back out the emergency exit

36. Why didn’t Gary find the girl by the fountain?
a. the paper showed she’d be there at twelve after five, but the clock was broken

37. What time did the clock say?
a. twelve after five

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