‘BatMasterson’ continued...

Written by Dusty Kay; Directed by Rick Wallace; (as "fanscribed" by Janet)

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Scene: Gary's room at the Blackstone. Bat sits in the Living Room watching TV. Chuck & Gary are in the kitchen talking. Camera switches back and forth between the three of them.

Bat: Who are they kidding? Who pens this nonsense?

Chuck: You invited him here?

Gary: There wasn't a choice.

Chuck: Does his keeper know about this?

Gary: No, not yet.

Bat: Well, this is absurd. William Bonney wasn't like this at all.

Gary: How's that, sheriff? (Walks toward Bat and then back toward Chuck when Bat is finished speaking.)

Bat: Billy the kid. He was just a punk and a liar. No one could stand him.


Chuck: Psst. Gar? She's going to come looking for him

Gary: Look, I am not taking him back there, not after what happened out there today. You should have seen him talking about Mike Killebrew.

Chuck: You mean, talking about himself.

Gary: No, not -- well, yeah, in his head.

Chuck: We're not talking about stray puppies here. We're talking about a grown schizophrenic. Believe me, you're going in way over your head.

Bat: You know, here's something that never got out. (Gary walks into Living Room) When Pat Garrett caught up with Billy, Jesse James sent Pat a solid gold fly swatter in gratitude. (Gary walks back to kitchen.)

Chuck: I rest my case.

Gary: I am not going to send him back to that place to rot.

Chuck: That's not your decision.

Gary: Fine. We'll let it be his. Besides, it's only for one night.

Chuck: Yeah, and then what?

Gary: And then...Tomorrow, we'll see what happens.

Chuck: Oh, really?

Bat: Well, gentlemen, it's time for bed. It's time for bed. Oh, if I may be allowed a blanket or two, I thought I'd go out on your roof and sleep under the stars. (Gets up from the couch and turns toward Gary & Chuck.)

Gary: In this weather?

Chuck: You're going to need more than a blanket or two.

Bat: Remind me to tell you of the winter of '86... (Puts his hat on and heads for the bathroom.) In the Rockies.

Chuck: No, thank you. Good night. Pleasant dreams.

Chuck: You're going to be lucky if you live through this night.

Gary: Hey, did I tell you he told me I reminded him of Wyatt Earp? (Looks over at Chuck as they lean on the kitchen counter.)

Chuck: He told me I reminded him of Pocahontas.

Scene: Gary's hotel room. Gary is alone inside. Walks around. Find biography of Bat Masterson on the coffee table. Picks up to look at it and then puts it back down. Walks over to the window and looks out. Bat is lying out on the patio/roof with a couple of blankets. Gary leans in window.

Gary: Hey, Bat, you asleep?

Bat: One eye open all the time.

Gary: Hey, listen, about Clanton –

Bat: you want to know how I found him. High time you got curious. So now you believe me?

Gary: Well, I, uh...

Bat: Simple police work.

Gary: How's that? As soon as I realized that he had returned, it was just a matter of tracking the prey, as it were.

Gary: Returned from where?

Bat: Every felon carries with him a signature. Two weeks ago, Clanton left his, and I read it.

Gary: Read it where? (Camera switches back & forth between Gary in the window and Bat on the roof.)

Bat: All in good time, my friend. I'll tell you tomorrow after I report to the proper authorities. We'll pay a visit to my old friend Officer Crumb. Good night.

Gary: Good night.

Scene: Gary's hotel room. 6:30AM. Radio comes on.

Radio announcer: And that's sports. Turning to the news.

[Cat meows]

[newspaper thuds]

Radio Announcer: There was a disturbance last night at a famous Chicago hot spot. At 11:00, police were summoned to the warehouse in West Hastings to quell a disturbance there.

[Gary rolls over and turns radio off ]

[Cat meows]

Gary: All right, all right, all right.

(Wraps comforter around himself as the walks to the door. As he bends over to pick up the paper a shadow appears. Looks up to see Dr. Feinstein.)

Barbara Feinstein: Where is he?

Gary: Dr. Feinstein.

Barbara Feinstein: Where is he?

Gary: Uh, w-- how did you get my address?

Barbara Feinstein: Mr. Hobson, I have just about had it with you. Now is he here or not?

Gary: Come in. (Closes the door behind them.) I meant to call you last night.

Barbara Feinstein: No, you didn't.

Gary: Something happened you should know about. He saw Ike Clanton.

Barbara Feinstein: What?

Gary: He mentioned Mike Killebrew.

Barbara Feinstein: Where is he now? He's on the roof. (Points toward the window.)

Gary: There's something you should know. (Dr. Feinstein starts to walk toward the window. Looks out. No Bat.) I think something may be happening because he started talking about –

Barbara Feinstein: Where on the roof?

Gary: He's gone.

Barbara Feinstein: Nice work, Dr. Hobson. Thanks to you, he is about to re-enter the world that drove him to this in the first place. I don't suppose you have any idea where he might have gone?

Gary: (Turns to face Barbara.) Authorities.

Scene: Lobby of Police Station. Bat enters and looks around.

Desk Sergeant: Can I help you?

Bat: I believe I know my way around, sir, thank you. (Walks over to display of badges. Reaches out reverently toward the display.)

Desk Sergeant: What do you think you're doing?

Bat: Oh, I'm here to speak to Detective Crumb, Sergeant. (Walks over to the desk.)

Desk Sergeant: And, uh, you would be?

Bat: An old friend, sir.

Desk Sergeant: Sorry, he's busy.

Bat: Oh... He'll want to see me.

(Gary & Barbara Feinstein enter the station. Walk up to Bat at the desk.)

Barbara Feinstein: Sheriff.

Bat: Miss Langtry. Hobson.

Gary: I had to tell her. (Indicates Barbara with his right hand.)

Bat: I understand. Lillie, if I didn't know better, I'd almost say that you were sweet on me.

Barbara Feinstein: You shouldn't be here. I want you to come home with me now.)

Bat: Your concern is touching, but I'm in no danger here. This is a house of the law.

(Crumb enters the lobby from his office. Looks for visitors.)

Zeke Crumb: Where?

Bat: Oh, good morning, Detective. (Walks over to Crumb. Shakes hands.)

Zeke Crumb: Mike Killebrew?

Bat: Masterson, sir. Bat Masterson.

Zeke Crumb: What is this, some kind of a prank?

Bat: My friends and I have come to confer with you.

Zeke Crumb: Sure. Hold my calls. (Gestures to the officer on the desk. Then leads others to his office.) This way.

Bat: Lillie.

Police Officer: Is that who I think it is?

Scene: Crumb's office. Bat, Barbara, Gary & Crumb enter. Crumb indicates places for the others to sit. He sits in chair behind his desk. Gary stands while others sit.)

Zeke Crumb: So this is a surprise. It's been a few years since, uh... So how you been getting along?

Bat: Sir, time being of the essence, we'll dispense with pleasantries and get right to the point.

Zeke Crumb: Sure, go ahead.

Bat: Sir, it's my understanding that a detective in your department was ambushed in his home recently. That's a terrible thing. Allow me to extend my sympathies.

Zeke Crumb: You read about that?

Bat: I believe I know who's responsible.

Zeke Crumb: What?

Bat A devil -- a devil that I've pursued for many years from one territory to the next -- none other than Ike Clanton.

Zeke Crumb: The singer? Ike and Tina? (Laughs. Gary walks up to the desk.)

Gary: He means the O.K. Corral.

Bat: I'm sure the detective knows well of the man, despite his jests.

Zeke Crumb: Oh, yeah. I know him quite well. As a matter of fact, you might be right. I'll run a check. (Starts to rise from his seat.)

Bat: (Annoyed) Sir, with all due respect, I don't take kindly to the bum's rush. At least let me finish.

Zeke Crumb: All right, go ahead. (Sits down again.)

Bat: Thank you. Now some years back, another detective in your department was gunned down by Clanton. In those days he went by another name -- Rico Salazar.

Zeke Crumb: Salazar?

Bat: I see you remember.

Zeke Crumb: Yeah, I remember. Who told you this?

Bat: Mike Killebrew.

Barbara Feinstein: You talked to him?

Bat: (Looking at Barbara.) He contacted me indirectly. Now, Killebrew believes that there's a link between this murder and the murder of his partner.

Barbara Feinstein: Why didn't you tell me?

Bat: I assumed you'd greet the news with skepticism, given Killebrew's medical status. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Salazar is on the loose.

Zeke Crumb: Mike, come on. This was years ago.

Bat: Bat -- it's bat.

Zeke Crumb: He's gone. He left the country years ago. Can anybody help him understand?

Bat: He's not gone. He's here, Zeke. You look and you'll find him. I'll bet my badge on it!

Desk Sergeant: Excuse me, sir.

(The two officers from the lobby enter the office. Crumb looks over at them.)

Zeke Crumb: What is it?

Desk Sergeant: Well, it's just we were wondering. This nut case who let his partner die?

Zeke Crumb: Get out.

Desk Sergeant: I'm just asking.

Zeke Crumb: I said get out! (The two officers exit Crumb's office.) Look, Mike, I'm sorry.

Bat: No, no, no, no. That's all right. We've taken up enough of your time. It's been a long day. Miss Langtry, gentlemen. Till we meet again. (Puts his hat on and salutes. Turns and leaves while the others watch. Gary walks over to the door.)

Scene: Barbara Feinstein's office at The Wilkes. She's on the phone with Crumb. Gary stands in the doorway looking out at Bat in the other room.

Barbara Feinstein: Yes, detective. Yes, they were out of line. I'm sure you will. (Hangs up the phone and walks over to Gary at the door.) How is he?

Gary: I don't know.

Barbara Feinstein: This is my fault. He depends on me. I never should have let him out of my sight.

Gary: I'm not so sure.

Barbara Feinstein: What?

Gary: (Walks over to Barbara's desk and sits in the chair.) Maybe it was a good thing for him to go down there.

Barbara Feinstein: Did you even see what happened?

Gary: You said it yourself -- he depends on you. Maybe he needs to depend on himself for a change.

Barbara Feinstein: What do you know? You haven't been taking care of him for 10 years. You didn't see him when he first arrived.

Gary: That's true. I just see him now.

[Knock on door]

Bat: (Stands in doorway.) If no one objects, I'm heading out for a walk -- a little night air to clear the head.

Barbara Feinstein: No.

Bat: What?

Barbara Feinstein: From now on you will be staying in at night. Jonathan.

Bat: You have no right to make such a request.

Barbara Feinstein: I do if I choose to, and for now I choose to. (Jonathan appears in doorway.) Jonathan, for the time being, Sheriff Masterson's out-of-house privileges are suspended. (Gets up from desk.)

Bat: This is not acceptable.

Jonathan: Right this way, my friend. (Pulls an unwilling Bat away from doorway towards lobby.)

Bat: Lillie, Lillie, Lillie! Don't do this.

Gary: It won't work.

Barbara Feinstein: I am simply protecting my patient.

Gary: You're holding him back.

Barbara Feinstein: From a fantasy. Ike Clanton, Rico Salazar -- it's pure pulp fiction nonsense.

Gary: What if it's not fiction? What if he's right?

Barbara Feinstein: What if he's wrong? It is just not worth the risk to find out. Good night, Mr. Hobson.

Gary: Oh, no, I'm not leaving.

Barbara Feinstein: Trust me, you are. The question is do I have to call the police?

Jonathan: Oh! Ow. Ow.

Barbara Feinstein: Jonathan? Oh, my God, was it Bat?

Jonathan: He caught me with that cane. I never saw it coming. He said he was going to call out Clanton.

Barbara Feinstein Oh, god, he's out there on his own.

Jonathan: And he's got a gun.

Barbara Feinstein: What gun?

Jonathan: Mine.

[knock on door]

Scene: Lobby of the Blackstone. Gary enters and makes his way up the stairs toward the elevators. Boswell comes down the staircase behind him to the right.

Boswell: Up early or out late, Mr. Hobson?

Gary: Boswell, do I have any messages?

Boswell: Not that I know of.

Gary: Any visitors? The guy with the derby hat?

Boswell: No.

Gary: All right, thank you.

Barbara Feinstein: Hobson. I've been calling since dawn.

Gary: He didn't come back here. I searched the hospitals, I searched the homeless shelters.

Barbara Feinstein: He didn't come home. I don't think he will.

Gary: Oh, I'm tired.

Barbara Feinstein: Funny. I'm the doctor. I fix people. That's my job. I didn't see it. I didn't see what you did. He didn't need protecting. He needed an ally. Will you find him for me?

Gary: Hey, look, I've tried. I –

[Cat meows]

Gary: Would you excuse me a moment?

(Gets up and goes over to Cat sitting on the paper which is on a table in the lobby. Headline Former Sheriff dead in shoot-out. Gary reads article quickly, folds paper, tucks in jacket. Then turns to Barbara.)

Barbara Feinstein: What's going on?

Gary: I think I know where to look.

Scene: Lobby of police station. Gary enters and goes toward Crumb's office. Desk Sergeant sees him.

Desk Sergeant: You again?

Gary: I need to talk to Crumb.

Police Officer: Where's Buffalo Bill, out riding the range?

(Gary enters Crumb's office. Barbara is right behind him. Crumb has folder in his hand which he places on the desk.)

Gary: Crumb.

Zeke Crumb: What is this?

Gary: He found Salazar.

Zeke Crumb: I told you Salazar –

Gary: You were wrong. Salazar's back. He's dealing drugs from a warehouse. He's the one who ambushed your man.

Zeke Crumb: You got proof aside from what Killebrew says? (Shrugs his shoulders.)

Gary: You know Mike Killebrew -- not now, then. He's one of the best. That ought to be enough.

Zeke Crumb: But after what happened –

(Camera switches back and forth between the trio.)

Gary: He's not doing this for himself. He's doing it for a partner who died 10 years ago. He's trying to find his way back. Help him, Crumb.

Zeke Crumb: Well, okay.

Scene: Warehouse. Bat walks quietly up the stairs. Group of Hispanic males greet each other. Rico Salazar opens a briefcase full of money.

Rico Salazar: This is good.

Hispanic Male: Welcome back to America, yes?

Scene: Exterior of the same warehouse. Three cruisers, one unmarked, pull up in front. Crumb, Gary & Barbara are in the unmarked car. All three have lights flashing.

Zeke Crumb: All right. We want men front and back. If Salazar's in there, we're going to have trouble. You two stay here.

Barbara Feinstein: My patient's in there. He has a gun. If you break in there with all your men, there's no telling what he might do.

Zeke Crumb: (to Gary) All right, you're calling the shots. What's next?

(Camera switches back & forth between Crumb & Gary.)

Scene: Interior of the warehouse. Gary is climbing the stairs looking for Bat.


Gary: Bat. Bat.

(One of the Hispanic males hears him and goes looking for the source of the noise. Finds Gary and pulls a gun on him. Forces him to back up against a wall.)

Hispanic Man: What's that? Freeze! Get against the wall! Rico!

(Rico Salazar and the other men get up from the table and come to where Gary is being held.)

Rico Salazar: You came to the wrong place, my friend.

Gary: Salazar?

Rico Salazar: Okay, you know who I am, but who are you?

Bat: An old acquaintance. Drop your weaponry, gentlemen, and kick it over here, if you please.

Rico Salazar: Whatever you say. (He and his crew raise their hands.)

Bat: Mr. Hobson, move away. Do you remember me, sir?

Rico Salazar: I don't think so. Should I?

Bat: Think back a bit -- 10 years or so. Sad, alas. It would be more fitting if you did. Nevertheless...

Gary: Mike, don't do this. It's not worth it.

Bat: I'm sorry, but accounts must be squared.

Gary: Then listen, what about Mike Killebrew? He's going to take the blame for this.

(Camera switches back & forth between Gary, Bat and the Hispanic men.)

Bat: Perhaps he deserves it. He killed his partner.

Gary: That's not true. It wasn't his fault. No one could have seen it coming.

Bat: Is that so? I was a cop for 20 years. I knew how it worked, but I got cocky, arrogant. I should have seen it coming. Because of me, my best friend Dave Morelli left a widow and three small kids. I couldn't even kill myself. Believe that? I lost my nerve.

Gary: Listen to me. Mike Killebrew can have his life back, the one that was stolen, but you pull that trigger, and Salazar's not going to be the thief. It's going to be you, and that would be a shame. That would be a shame because I think a good man's suffered long enough. Mike, let it go. The bill's been paid.

(Crumb and the rest of the officers arrive.)

Zeke Crumb: Well, cuff these guys!

Cop: All right, let's go. Now move. Other hand up, sir.

(Take the Hispanic men into custody. Camera switches back & forth between then and shows Salazar being cuffed.)

Cop: All right, hands up.

Scene: Barbara Feinstein's office. Gary looking out at Bat who sits at a table writing. Barbara stands behind him.

Gary: How's he doing?

Barbara Feinstein: He's remembering more of his old life. He's putting it back together like a puzzle, writing it down. He tells me maybe he'll publish a book.

Gary: Hmm. Good.

Chuck's Closing Monologue: Like the man said, life is full of improbables. Who's to say what is and isn't? A man gets lost, then finds himself again.

(Gary walks up to Bat in the other room.)

Gary: Sheriff?

Chuck: Crazier things have happened.

Gary: How are you?

Bat: You're just in time, son. The Hole-in-the Wall gang just rode into town.

Gary: Huh? Oh. (Gary stares at him confused. Bat smiles and laughs at him. Gary smiles)

Bat: Watch yourself out there. Chicago's a lot tougher than Dodge City. (Pats Gary's arm.)

Gary: Yeah, it's, uh...

Bat: Oh. Bat wanted you to have this. (Hands Gary the biography.) And this. (Hands Gary a Sheriff's badge.)

Gary: Tell him I said thank you. (Looks behind him and back again at Bat.)

Bat: I'm not going to see him.

Gary: Good.

Bat: Now go on, get out of here. You've got a town to protect. (Gary leaves.)

(Voice over sound clip of Bat Masterson theme song.)

Back when the west was very young
There lived a man named Masterson
He wore a cane and derby hat...
They called him Bat, Bat Masterson


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