Early Edition Trivia

116:  "Bat Masterson"
(Former cop, thinks he's Bat, finds his partner's killer)
"Bat Masterson" Answers

1. According to Chuck’s monologue, what is the “golden rule” for today?

2. What headline is on the back of the paper (when Gary reads about the elevator on the front)?

3. How long is Gary stuck in the elevator?

4. The elevator gets stuck between which floors?

5. What is Gary’s “serious problem” according to Chuck?

6. What kind of theft does Gary try to stop?

7. Who rides in on a horse to stop the thief?

8. What is unusual about Bat’s appearance?

9. Where does Bat live?

10. How long has he lived there?

11. What is the real name of the woman Bat refers to as Lilly Langtree?

12. What card game are Gary and Marissa playing?

13. Who wins and how many wins in a row has this person had?

14. What is the real name of Bat Masterson?

15. Who is waiting for Gary at the hotel and why?

16. What does Bat want help with?

17. What does Bat help Gary with?

18. Bat takes the reference to whom as a slur on his character?

19. Why does Killibrew think he’s Bat?

20. How long ago does “Lilly” say Bat launched into the Ike Clanton fantasy?

21. What is the reason “Lilly” will give Bat for Gary’s not saying goodbye?

22.”________ causes delays on rush-hour subway.”

23. Where does Bat sleep when at Gary’s?

24. Gary reminds Bat of whom?

25. Chuck reminds Bat of whom?

26. How does Bat sleep?

27. What does Bat say every felon carries with him?

28. What district does Detective Crumb work for?

29. What is the real name of Ike Clanton?

30. The desk sergeant interrupts Crumb and Bat to ask what?

31. Whose gun does Bat steal?

32. Where does Bat find Clanton?

33. How long was Killibrew a cop?

34. What was his partner’s name?

35. What family did his partner leave behind?

36. What does Bat give to Gary via Killibrew?

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