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301: Blackout

1. What rescue must Gary peform first?
a. He must keep two small children from suffocating in the locked trunk of a car

2. What does he tell them in order to get them to go back to their mothers?
a. That he's the boogieman (and he growls at them too)

3. Where are the childrens' mothers?
a. Lounging by a pool ogling the athletic guy that is using the diving board

4. When Gary comments on the heat what does Marissa tell him?
a. "You need some rest... I may be blind but even I can see that you're exhausted."

5. How long has Chuck been gone?
a. Two months

6. What does Marissa say Gary needs?
a. A new manager

7. Who does Gary say can help him run McGinty's?
a. Patrick

8. According to the Paper, how many people will die in an office fire?
a. Three

9. What starts the fire?
a. A woman knocks the garbage can over and her space heater ignites the trash.

10. What else is on Gary's nightstand besides his radio?
a. A fan

11. What is the temperature nearing already at only 6:30 am?
a. It's climbing into the 80s.

12. The banner headline on Gary's Paper reads what?

13. What time does the blackout start?
a. 11:32 am

14. What will happen at the riot, if Gary doesn't prevent it?
a. 5 dead, dozens injured, millions of dollars in property damage

15. Where will the riot take place?
a. In the city's Bridgeside neighborhood

16. What caused it?
a. Two bolts of lightning knocked out transformers all across the city

17. How much time will there be between lightning bolts?
a. They'll hit within 90 seconds of each other.

18. What are the odds against two bolts hitting?
a. One in 2.3 Billion

19. What name does Gary use for the movie "Twister?"
a. "Tornado"

20. What does Gary say he does that's similar to the characters in "Twister?"
a. He chases lightning

21. What does Gary ask the maintenance people at the Sears' Tower to do?
a. Tilt their lightning rods to the southeast a little bit.

22. What did Marissa do to stop the lightning?
a. Prayed

23. Where should the convenience store owner be parking his van?
a. Over on Adams

24. What three saves does Gary have to work out?
a. A 93-year-old woman has a stroke climing up the stairs, a man has heart attack on El train, a pregnant woman gets stuck in traffic

25. What does Gary recruit Patrick to do for him?
a. Direct traffic at a major intersection so the pregnant woman won't get stuck

26. What intersection does Patrick need to go to?
a. Chestnut and Wabash

27. How does Gary say Marissa can help?
a. Answer the phone and close up.

28. What is the name of the heart-attack victim?
a. Mr. Mumford

29. How many units/credits does Patrick still need to graduate college?
a. 8 units

30. Why do the lights go out at the hospital?
a. The backup generator needs more fuel

31. What does Gary tell Marissa to do when he calls?
a. Dump the milk in the back and take the bar ice and stick it in the walk-in

32. What is the name of the convenience store owner?
a. Ang Lee

33. What does Gary plan to take care of on his way to the riot?
a. Rescue two kids stuck in an elevator at a construction site/warehouse

34. Where is the warehouse located and how far is it from McGinty's?
a. 21st and Decker, just a few blocks -- three blocks south and two blocks east

35. What does Marissa do with a pipe?
a. She pushes it between the elevator doors so the boys can pry it open.

36. What happens when Marissa tries to leave the warehouse?
a. She falls down an elevator shaft onto some scaffolding and injures her right foot

37. The boy in the convenience store asks Gary what question?
a. "How much do you weigh?"

38. What is Gary's answer?
a. "How much do *you* weigh?"

39. What is the boy's reply and his second question?
a. 58 pounds, "How tall are you?"

38. What is the boy's name?
a. Max

39. Who recognizes Gary from his time as City Councilor?
a. Diana Lee -- Mr. Lee's daughter-in-law

40. What is her daughter's name?
a. Jenna

41. What phrase does Max use to say "goodbye?"
a. See you later, alligator

42. What is Gary's response?
a. In a while, crocodile

43. How long has Lee been in the neighborhood?
a. Two years

44. What is the neighboring store-owner's name?
a. Sal

45. What is the police officer's name?
a. Mike

46. How far away does Gary live from the site of the riot?
a. a few miles

47. What organization didn't Lee want to join?
a. Block Merchant's Association

48. How much did the Association want Lee to pay for dues?
a. $200

49. How much does everyone else pay for dues?
a. $100

50. According to Gary, sometimes it's the strong man who does what first?
a. Backs down.

51. What nickname does Lee have for Sal?
a. Fat-head

52. What new headline catches Gary's eye?
a. Woman dies in abandoned building

53. What does the article say is Marissa's occupation?
a. Bookkeeper

54. What assists Gary in finding Marissa?
a. Spike's barking

55. What does Gary hate... a lot?
a. Heights

56. What does Gary talk about to distract Marissa?
a. Cashew shells

57. How does Gary get Marissa back to the loft?
a. He carries her the entire way

58. What is Marissa's advice to Gary on how to stop the riot?
a. First cast out the beam of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote from thy brother's eye. (Matthew 7:5)

59. Where does Gary send the Lee children to be safe when the riot starts?
a. Inside a nearby church

60. Who starts the riot?
a. Sal

61. What does Gary say to get the rioters to calm down?
a. You need to take a look at yourselves before you judge anyone else

62. What happens to Gary when he tries to beak up the riot?
a. He gets hit in the head with a rock or brick

63. What happens to Max?
a. He falls out of an upper story window of the church

64. Who tries to reach Max with a ladder from the back of a truck?
a. Sal

65. Why does he fail?
a. The ladder is too short and Sal is too short

66. How does Gary get to the top of the ladder?
a. He climbs around Sal

67. What always comes first for Lee?
a. Family

68. What do the neighbors do to celebrate being neighbors?
a. They have a block party/barbecue, sharing all the food that otherwise would go to waste in the blackout

69. What does Gary offer Marissa at the party?
a. A full partnership in McGinty's

70. What will the headline be in tomorrow's paper?
A. Blackout brings out best

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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