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210: A Bris is Just a Bris

1. According to the headline in the opening teaser, how many feet will a woman plunge in a manhole mishap?
a. “Manhole mishap injures woman - plunges 12 feet”

2. How does Gary prevent the “manhole mishap”?
a. he throws a board over the hole

3. At the Bris, who gets to hold the baby?
a. Grandpa Jerry

4. Who is in charge of videoing the Bris?
a. Justin

5. What relationship is the baby to Chuck?
a. the baby is Chuck’s third cousin

6. Who shows up at the Bris and why?
a. Gary, read in paper that “Infant hurt at religious ceremony - Circumcision goes awry”

7. What is the word Gary can’t pronounce?
a. Mohel

8. What is the baby’s father’s name, and what does he do for a living?
a. Arte, a doctor

9. What is the name of the Rabbi?
a. Ellen Goodman

10. Who is playing the loud music at McGinty’s?
a. Tony the cook

11. What kind of food is Tony preparing?
a. “Heartburgers” (per Tony) or “Hamburger Hearts” (per Gary)

12. Who is Tony in love with?
a. Miss Abby the librarian

13. When Gary gives Tony the day off, Tony refers to Gary as what?
a. “A God among men”

14. With what is Tony dripping?
a. happiness

15. What has Abby turned Tony into?
a. a lover (a book lover)

16. What book did Tony check out last week?
a. “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens

17. In what section of the paper does Gary read the headline, “Woman impaled by sword - Juggler’s act proves deadly”?
a. Metro section

18. What does Gary borrow from the guys shooting a commercial in the park?
a. a horse

19. Why does the juggler lose control of the sword?
a. he sneezed

20. What book is Abby reading?
a. “A Stranger’s Arms”

21. How does Gary save Abby from the sword?
a. he sweeps her up into his arms and onto the horse so she is seated in front of him

22. What similarity is there between Abby’s book and the way Gary saved her?
a. The book depicts a man (the hero) on a horse with a woman (the damsel) seated in front of him

23. What does Chuck want to learn about in preparation for his date with the Rabbi?
a. the Talmud

24. What movie did Chuck see instead of going to his own Bar Mitzvah?
a. “Any Which Way But Loose”

25. What did Chuck say he loved about the movie?
a. the monkey

26. What does Abby do when she gets excited?
a. She speaks French

27. Robin suggests that it’s fate that brought Gary and Abby together. What does Gary say is the reason?
a. Gary says, “It’s not fate, she’s accident-prone.”

28. Why does Tony read the books Abby recommends?
a. to see what *she* sees when she reads them

29. After Tony tells Abby he loves her, she tells him that her feelings are ___ __________”
a. not negotiable

30. On Chuck’s date with the Rabbi, he told her the truth about these three things:
a. he skipped his Bar Mitzvah; b. he doesn’t speak Greek c. he stole his little brother’s Halloween candy (his brother was on crutches with a broken leg at the time)

31. Abby tells Gary he should grab what with both hands?
a. life

32. Who owned the blue Mercedes that Chuck “dinged”?
a. Chester Heinz

33. In what section of the paper does Gary read the headline, “Serial purse snatcher plagues downtown”?
a. Metro section

34. What are the names of the couple arguing over the bench?
a. Gloria and Herb

35. In referring to Chuck, how does the Rabbi describe “the Daniels among us”?
a. a man who admits he cries regularly, a man who has no need to create a false persona, a man who shows the world his flaws, a man who is honestly shallow and superficial

36. How does Chuck describe the man he becomes when he’s with the Rabbi?
a. a wimp, a loser, a jerk

37. Who gives Gary a black eye and why?
a. Chester Heinz, mistaken identity - he thought he was punching Chuck

38. Tony tells Gary he is going where to “sit and wait for word that you have died”?
a. Palermo

39. In what part of the library must Gary save a woman from being crushed?
a. the Nelson Reading Room

40. What literary group is meeting at the library, and what are they reading?
a. the Bronte Reading Society; “Wuthering Heights”

41. Abby accuses Gary of being an “indiscriminate _____.”
a. saver

42. Who gave Chuck a black eye and why?
a. the (former) cable guy; Chuck, compelled to be truthful, told the cable guy’s boss that he gave him $50 to get free HBO two years ago so they fired him.

43. Chuck says his life has taken “a turn for the _____” since meeting the Rabbi.
a. weird

44. After breaking up with the Rabbi, Chuck says this to Gary.
a. “Somebody pack my bags - I’m going straight to Hell.”

45. How much was Tony’s overdue fine on “Great Expectations”?
a. $1.24

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