Early Edition Trivia

102:  The Choice
(Gary must choose between saving a little girl or stopping a plane crash)
"The Choice" Answers

1. According to Chuck’s monologue, every schlub has a _______.

2. What day and time does the piano fall?

3. How much money did Chuck lose betting on the Cubs?

4. What is Gary’s opinion of the Cubs?

5. What does Gary do by himself that Chuck finds so unusual?

6. What happened to Chuck at last year’s company picnic?

7. What does Gary feed the cat?

8. Why does Marcia come to see Gary?

9. What does Gary tell Marcia he’s never seen before in his life?

10. What time will the hit-and-run accident occur?

11. Who is the hit-and-run victim?

12. What does the headline, “Traffic Jam Snarls City - Worst Ever” change to?

13. What time will the plane crash?

14. Who is referred to twice as a doorman?

15. What has happened to Detective Tagliotti?

16. What is the flight number and airline name of the plane that will crash?

17. What is Detective Crumb doing when Gary interrupts him?

18. What does Detective Crumb want done with Gary?

19. What happens to the “El” that prevents Chuck and Marissa from getting to the airport?

20. Gary mush choose between saving the girl or stopping the plane on what day and date?

21. What is the nickname the Surgeon gives Gary?

22. How does Chuck get hold of the paper?

23. How does Gary get back into the hospital?

24. What does Gary say Dr Connolly asked him to find?

25. What does Gary tell the orderlies is wrong with Amanda?

26. What is really wrong with Amanda?

27. What is the boy on the plane carrying?

28. Who is Amanda’s dad?

29. What soap opera are Chuck and the pregnant women watching?

30. What does Chuck want to bet will happen next on the show?

31. What does Gary buy at the drug store?

32. What does Gary find in his room?

33. How did it get there?

34. What is in the book that catches Gary’s eye?

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