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111: Christmas

1. Who do the police arrest on the rooftop?
a. Santa

2. What does Chuck bring Gary?
a. a Christmas tree that had fallen off a truck

3. What kind of tickets does Chuck have?
a. lift tickets

4. What does Chuck believe in?
a. presents

5. What is the nickname the press has for the bomber and why?
a. Teddy Bear Bomber - the bombs are disguised as teddy bears

6. Where does the paper say the bomber will strike?
a. Bicentennial Stadium

7. Where does Gary go for help in stopping the bomber?
a. Detective Zeke Crumb

8. Why does Chuck get arrested?
a. Scofflaw violation - outstanding parking tickets

9. How many parking tickets does Chuck have?
a. 106

10. What cell is Chuck put into?
a. 38

11. Who is in the cell with Chuck?
a. Santa

12. Why does Santa whistle?
a. helps him concentrate on “the list”

13. How does Santa keep track of the list?
a. He scrambles the letters and alphabetizes them into a code

14. How does Santa get to 2 billion homes in one night?
a. He works the time zones, and wears a lot of watches

15. Where does the paper say the bomber will strike the second time?
a. Department store

16. What happened the Christmas that Chuck was 8?
a. he asked for a flexible flyer sled and Inky Bower got it instead

17. Why didn’t Chuck get the sled?
a. it was the price he had to pay for not believing

18. Why does Santa collapse?
a. Because Chuck doesn’t believe in him

19. What does Santa ask Chuck to help him do?
a. bust outta jail so he can finish delivering presents

20. Where does Gary find the teddy bear “bomb” at the department store?
a. behind a bunch of panda bears

21. What does the headline keep changing to?
a. “White Christmas after all”

22. What happens when someone stops believing in Santa?
a. Santa gets a hurt in his heart like some little piece of joy has suddenly withered away

23. Why does Gary think the headlines keep changing?
a. the bomber is watching and following them

24. What does Santa say is different about Gary?
a. He has a mole in his armpit and he batted .461 in little league

25. Why does the bomber come after Crumb?
a. he thought they should meet

26. What time will the bomb go off?
a. 3:00 pm

27. Why does Santa flee from the police?
a. he knows both officers and neither one is nice

28. What is the bomber’s name?
a. Howard Phillips

29. What did Santa think the bomber’s name was?
a. Ralphie Millhouse

30. What does Santa do to help stop the bomber?
a. he gets Ralphie to give him the bear

31. What happened to Santa?
a. he got blown sky-high by the bomb

32. Where did Chuck’s car go?
a. Santa took it

33. What does Santa give Chuck?
a. a flexible flyer sled

34. What is the note that Santa leaves Chuck?
a. “Chuck - I owe you one - S”

35. Who is the doorman that passes Gary in the hall?
a. Santa

36. What does Gary find in his room?
a. a fully trimmed Christmas tree

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