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214: "The Return of Crumb"
(A soon-to-retire Crumb, the beleaguered police detective Gary always seems to run afoul of, becomes the target of a ruthless DA out to prove police corruption)
"The Return of Crumb" Answers

1. Who is the District Attorney of Internal Affairs?

2. What is the name of Crumb's partner?

3. What is Crumb's full name?

4. How long has Crumb been "on the force"?

5. How long until Crumb retires?

6. What does Crumb want to do when he retires?

7. What does Gary use to warn the drug dealers about being too close to the pier?

8. Chuck plans on tending the bar because these two bartenders are unavailable:

9. What nickname does Crumb give Gary?

10. How long had Crumb and his partner been working undercover on the drug case?

11. How do you make a "rusty nail" according to Crumb?

12. What is the name of the Properties Manager at the police station?

13. How much money is missing from Crumb's briefcase?

14. How much will it cost Crumb's partner's son to apply to 5 colleges?

15. What brand of clock does Gary have?

16. What does Chuck say is "better than hiring a *real* bartender"?

17. What does the District Attorney want Crumb's partner to do?

18. What are the names of the thugs from Internal Affairs?

19. What is Chuck's new nickname for himself?

20. What does everybody order while Chuck is tending bar?

21. What is Crumb's license plate number?

22. Why does Davison "have it in" for Crumb?

23. What is Crumb's next nickname for Gary?

24. Crumb describes how Gary knows what he knows as this:

25. Where and when did Crumb used to tend bar?

26. At what unusual hour does The Cat arrive?

27. What is Crumb's house number?

28. Crumb shows up just in time to stop the two goons from killing his partner - how did he know where to be?

29. Describe Crumb's ideal bar setup:

30. What does Gary offer to Crumb?

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