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122: Dad

1. What is the license plate number of the car in the swamp.
a. Dadsgrl

2. Why does Gary go to the swamp?
a. to warn a girl that her dad is coming to beat up her boyfriend with a Louisville Slugger

3. What happens to Gary at the swamp?
a. he falls into the muck

4. “It leads, ______”
a. “I follow”

5. Chuck thinks Gary should get some help from whom?
a. Gary’s parents

6. What is Gary’s dad’s name?
a. Bernard “Bernie” Hobson

7. What does Gary’s dad like to eat?
a. Gnocchi

8. Why does Gary’s dad come to visit?
a. Gary’s mom threw him out

9. How long have Gary’s parents been married?
a. 35 years

10. What did Gary’s dad to to make his mom so mad?
a. he retired

11. What did he say to her?
a. “I am too young to spend the rest of my life building shelves for your china”

12. What does Gary’s mom ask him?
a. “Are you eating all right?”

13. Why does Gary wake up late?
a. his dad turned off the alarm

14. What did Bernie do with the paper?
a. he gave it away to a homeless man

15. How much does Gary pay to get the paper back?
a. $50

16. What are the names of the kids on the balcony?
a. Derek and Jimmy

17. What did they lose in the dumpster?
a. their Dad’s Willey Mayes autographed baseball

18. Why can’t they just come downstairs and get it?
a. Their mom said they can’t go out the front door

19. How did Bernie find out about the paper?
a. the girl from the swamp stopped to thank Gary and mentioned the paper

20. What incident convinced Bernie that the paper was unusual?
a. He saw the story about the chicken truck crashing just before it happened

21. Why is Chuck in Gary’s apartment?
a. he came to tape the X-Files

22. What misused acronym do Bernie and Chuck argue about?
a. ESPN vs ESP

23. What is Bernie’s suggestion for using the paper?
a. he says they should split it up instead of both working on the same story

24. What time is it when Gary wakes up late the second time (after grabbing and petting the cat)?
a. 10:13 am

25. What does Bernie try to solve on his own?
a. a hostage situation at a video store

26. What are Crumb’s three choices pertaining to Bernie?
a. (1) arrest him for interfering with police activity
(2) recommend him for a medal for saving all those lives
(3) throw both of them out on their ear

27. Who kidnaps Gary?
a. Nick Harper, the father of the swamp girl (Jennifer)

28. Why does Gary say Nick can’t go around trying to kill his daughter’s boyfriends?
a. no matter how many he kills, there’s always gonna be more of them

29. Bernie tells Nick, “We’re still their fathers _________.”
a. “no matter what kind of asses we make of ourselves”

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