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308: "Deadline"
(Gary enlists the help of reporter Molly Greene to save an innocent man on death row.)
"Deadline" Answers

1. What time is it according to Gary’s clock in the opening scene?

2. What is Gary dreaming about?

3. What reason does Marissa give for Gary's strange dream?

4. What is the name of the man about to be executed?

5. Gary thinks Cat doesn't want him to get any what?

6. Who was the only witness to the crime that Brown was accused of?

7. What was Brown's profession?

8. Who do Gary and Marissa go to see to find out more information on the case?

9. Why was Morris expecting Gary and Marissa?

10. What does Morris have that belonged to Snow?

11. What is the headline on the newspaper clipping that explains why Snow couldn't stop the murder?

12. What was the name of the murder victim?

13. When is the execution to take place?

14. What does he try to pass himself off as at the prison?

15. What is the prison guard’s reaction when Gary asks again how to get in to see Brown?

16. Who does Gary run into at the prison and why is this person there?

17. How does Molly describe Gary?

18. What is Molly’s quote from her grandfather?

19. What does Gary pose as to get in to see Brown with Molly?

20. What does she say to Gary as they walk down Death Row and the doors clang shut behind them?

21. How long has Brown been in prison?

22. Who was Brown engaged to?

23. How did her father die?

24. How long after meeting his fiancé did he propose?

25. What did he give her when he asked her to marry him?

26. Why didn't Tom like Ricky?

27. Where did Tom and Ricky have their big argument?

28. What did the accused say about Lucius’s efforts on his behalf?

29. Why did Ricky go to find Tom?

30. What was Ricky Brown doing when he was arrested?

31. What do the police say he did with the murder weapon?

32. What is Molly's answer when Gary asks if she believes Ricky's story?

33. How does Marissa help Gary in his effort to see Allison?

34. What is the name of the older gentleman who comes into Allison's office while Gary is there?

35. What is this man's position in the company?

36. How did this man know Allison's father?

37. What has Allison done for Ricky all these years?

38. What did the police think Lucius Snow was and why?

39. What did the prosecution do to Snow at the trial?

40. Where do Gary and Marissa go to check out Ricky's story and what is "familiar" about it?

41. What time is Ricky’s last meal served to him?

42. What does he do with the meal?

43. What does Marissa find in the drawer at the archives?

44. Who is Frank Scanlon?

45. How does Molly Greene describe Lucius Snow?

46. What is the title of the article Molly is reading?

47. What is the name of the company that bought the Specialty Parts Division of Fletcher Enterprises?

48. Who made a killing on this sale?

49. What is the headline of the framed newspaper clipping in Allison’s office?

50. What is the headline on the paper in Allison's paper?

51. Who wrote this article?

52. Who is evesdropping on Molly's conversation with Allison?

53. What happens to Gary & Molly when they’re in an alley talking?

54. Where do Gary and Molly go for safety?

55. What files have been deleted from Allison's computer?

56. Where are the hard copies of these files kept?

57. What is the next headline in Gary’s paper?

58. What do Gary and Molly see at the warehouse?

59. Who is inside the warehouse looking at financial records?

60. What does Gary think he’s doing?

61. What kind of car tried to run Gary & Molly down?

62. What kind of car does Scanlon say he drives?

63. What tips Gary off that he and Scanlon are in danger?

64. What happens to Molly when she approaches the warehouse?

65. What time is it when the minister appears at the prison to pray with Ricky?

66. Where is Allison Fletcher when the newscast about the pending execution comes on the TV?

67. Where are Morris and Marissa when the newscast about the pending execution comes on the TV?

68. Who do Gary, Molly, and Frank accuse of embezzlement?

69. How much did this person "skim" during the transfer of the division?

70. Who really killed Tom Fletcher?

71. Why does he think he deserves that money he stole?

71. Why did he kill Tom?

72. How will they be able to prove that this man is the real killer?

73. What time is it when the Governor’s stay of execution order is received?

74. Which prison has Ricky been in all these years?

75. Where do Allison and Ricky take the flowers after his release?

76. What do Gary, Marissa, Molly, and Morris leave at Lucius Snow’s grave?

77. What is carved on Lucius’s gravestone?

78. Who else is in the cemetery?

79. Who has the final voice over at the end of the story?

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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