Early Edition Trivia

205: "Downsized"
(A man facing a midlife crisis decides to have plastic surgery, Chuck searches for a picture of himself for a magazine cover story.)
"Downsized" Answers

1. Who is the new “dragon lady” at Strauss & Associates?

2. Who did the dragon lady fire?

3. What is the name of the fired man’s wife?

4. Where is Gary sleeping and what is he holding at the beginning of the episode?

5. Who does the paper say will go into a coma while undergoing plastic surgery, and how does Gary know him?

6. Who is the plastic surgeon?

7. For what magazine does Chuck need to have his picture taken?

8. What are the two things Gary was told when he started working at the brokerage?

9. What is the name of the “brown-nosed” broker.

10. Who is Fred’s biggest client?

11. Fred recommends that his client buy stock in what corporation, and who is the head of the corporation?

12. Who is Fred’s girlfriend?

13. What is the name of the photographer that Chuck hired?

14. What happened to Chuck’s car and why?

15. Who’s “language” does Chuck speak so well and with such flair?

16. From whom did Marissa get her “inheritance” (a big box of junk)?

17. How does Chuck describe the “smell” of the brokerage?

18. Gary helped Fred by dumping all of Knighton’s shares in what stock?

19. What is the stock’s symbol, how many shares were there, and how much per share?

20. What is Chuck’s theory about how the paper got “stuck”?

21. Fred’s wife dumped him for whom?

22. What are the various names Chuck used to refer to himself or was referred to as?

23. Who is the younger man seen with Joanne?

24. How old does Fred think Joanne is? How old is she really?

25. What happened that would have caused Fred to die while undergoing plastic surgery?

26. What is on the sign Chuck holds in his mug shot?

27. Dragon lady asks Gary to give her a tip about what high-tech volatile stock?

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