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01 1-1 Pilot A down-on-his-luck stockbroker discovers he's getting tomorrow's Sun-Times... and a cat. A bank robbery endangers Marissa's life.
02 1-2 The Choice Gary must choose -- save a little girl or stop a plane crash.
03 1-3 Baby

Gary gets distracted by a mysterious blonde. Chuck is to deliver twins.

04 1-4 The Paper Gary tries to prevent a saucy reporter, Meredith Carson, from finding out his secret.
05 1-5 Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog Someone wants revenge against the Mayor's dog; Gary uncovers a lottery scheme.
06 1-6 Hoops Gary helps a high-school basketball star with a medical condition; Chuck buys a car; Marissa meets an old flame.
07 1-7

After Midnight

A woman abandons her baby; Chuck falls in love with a cab-mate.

08 1-8 Gun Gary gets between a woman and her violent ex while trying to prevent a handgun death.
09 1-9 His Girl Thursday Chuck and Meredith steal Gary's paper with disastrous results.
10 1-10 The Wrong Man Gary must prevent the murder of his former boss; Marcia becomes engaged.
11 1-11


Chuck escapes jail with Santa; Gary tracks down a teddy-bear bomber.

12 1-12 Frostbit Chuck saves Gary and a homeless boy from freezing to death.
13 1-13 Mob Wife Chuck falls in love with a mobster's girl.
14 1-14 The Wall, Part 1 Secret Service guy suspects Gary of foul play.
15 1-15 The Wall, Part 2 Both the police and tomorrow's paper accuse Gary of attempted assassination.
16 1-16 Bat Masterson

A former cop sets out to find his partner's killer.

17 1-17 The Jury Gary gets jury duty, tries to prove the defendant is being framed.
18 1-18 Psychic Gary and a psychic help find a kidnapped baby.
19 1-19 The Cat The cat starts delivering the Paper to a dying woman.
20 1-20 Phantom At The Opera Gary falls for an artist, soon to be reunited with an old love.
21 1-21 Faith While in the hospital, Gary befriends a girl waiting for a new heart.
22 1-22 Dad Gary's dad comes for a visit and "helps" with the Paper.
23 1-23 Love is Blind Gary suspects Marissa's study partner of attempted murder.
24 2-1 Home Gary's hotel room burns down; a greedy developer plans to turn an orphanage into a parking lot... along with the gang's favorite hangout-McGinty's.
25 2-2 The Medal A ceremony in his honor triggers years' worth of guilt and flashbacks in a Vietnam hero; Chuck falls in love.
26 2-3 The Wedding Gary and Chuck are asked to cater the wedding of Gary's former high-school sweetheart.
27 2-4 Jenny Sloane A cancer-stricken boy refuses to undergo treatment.
28 2-5 Downsized A man facing a mid-life crisis decides to have plastic surgery.
29 2-6 Angels and Devils a nun running a night basketball program considers leaving her order when one of her "kids" is killed in a robbery attempt.
30 2-7 Redfellas A Russian violinist is plagued by a series of suspicious accidents.
31 2-8 March in Time Gary faces a moral dilemma when he learns of a white supremacist's impending assassination.
32 2-9 A Regular Joe A stressed-out Gary takes Sundays off, helps the Bears; Chuck and Marissa clash over the running of McGinty's.
33 2-10 A Bris is Just a Bris Chuck turns truthful when he is smitten with a Rabbi; Gary comes between his cook and an accident-prone librarian.
34 2-11 A Minor Miracle Gary tries to prevent a little girl's death and becomes a suspect in her disappearance.
35 2-12 Romancing the Throne A bored princess hides out at McGinty's.
36 2-13 Walk, Don't Run Gary accepts a post as City Supervisor to get a traffic light built.
37 2-14 The Return of Crumb A soon-to-retire Crumb becomes the target of a ruthless D.A. out to prove police corruption.
38 2-15 Mum's the Word Marissa is cursed by earrings stolen from a mummy exhibit by her new boyfriend.
39 2-16 Where or When Gary has a "Rear Window" experience while confined to a wheelchair.
40 2-17 The Fourth Carpathian Gary disappears and the paper is delivered to his parent's house.
41 2-18 The Quality of Mercy An ex-con is determined to kill the prosecutor who put him away.
42 2-19 Show Me The Monet An art forger wants help breaking into a museum to return a stolen masterpiece.
43 2-20 Don't Walk Away, Renee Thugs kidnap Gary's parents to force him and a childhood friend to turn over a revolutionary computer program.
44 2-21 Hot Time in the Old Town Gary gets hit on the head and goes "back in time" to prevent the Great Chicago Fire.
45 2-22 Second Sight Marissa thinks her sight is returning; Chuck discovers the victim of a mob murder and becomes a hunted man.
46 3-1 Blackout A blackout engulfs the city; Gary must prevent mob violence. Patrick, the new bartender, helps out.
47 3-2 Collision Gary tries to locate the driver responsible for a multiple car pile-up; Erica and Henry Paget arrive on the scene.
48 3-3 A Horse Is A Horse Henry discovers the Paper's secret, helps his dad pick winning horses.
49 3-4 Lt. Hobson, U.S.N. An Admiral notices Gary's heroism; Henry meddles in world politics.
50 3-5 Saint Nick Gary must confront his feelings for Erica when her old flame, a philanthropist, comes to town.
51 3-6


Two witches kidnap Gary, thinking he's a warlock; poisoned treats are passed out to the children.

52 3-7 Up Chuck A desperate Chuck comes back to town trying to convince Gary that he's hit the big time.
53 3-8 Deadline Gary enlists the help of reporter Molly Greene to save an innocent man on death row.
54 3-9 In Gary We Trust Gary's life is in danger after he witnesses a mob hit; Toni Brigatti becomes his protector.
55 3-10 Nest Egg Gary's mother invests the retirement money with a con artist.
56 3-11 Teen Angels When the newspaper arrives in tatters, Gary must pose as a substitute teacher to find out who will be involved in a shooting.
57 3-12 Slippity-Doo-Dah Gary's efforts to prevent a woman's fall on ice could snowball into a deadly bus crash. Gary baby-sits Henry.
58 3-13 The Last Untouchable A retired treasury agent believes Al Capone's last living henchman can lead him to the mobster's long-lost fortune.
59 3-14 Just One of Those Things Gary tells Erica about the paper, but she refuses to believe him. A girl gets trapped in an old refrigerator.
60 3-15 Funny Valentine A baseball player decides to stay in Chicago after falling in love with a doctor. Marissa meets a new guy-Emmett Brown.
61 3-16 Number One With A Bullet A rap artist will be mortally wounded at his upcoming concert.
62 3-17 Two To Tangle A couple are involved in a bitter dispute over their lingerie company. Henry and their daughter become friends.
63 3-18 Fate

Gary questions his involvement with the paper after failing to rescue a homeless man during an apartment fire; Gary reads his own obituary.

64 3-19 Crumb Again Federal Agent Brigatti tries to track down the person responsible for the attempted murder of Retire Police Detective Crumb.
65 3-20 Pinch Hitters Gary is in quarantine after being bitten by a monkey; Marissa and Emmett (who is learning to be a lawyer) take care of the paper for the day.
66 3-21 Home Groan Gary returns to his hometown to catch two thieves and gets in trouble with the local police.
67 3-22 Play It Again, Sammo Sammo Law follows a criminal to Chicago.
68 3-23 Blowing Up Is Hard To Do Gary saves Detective Armstrong's wife from drowning, prevents a series of bombs; Gary and Erica have "relationship" troubles.
69 4-1 The Out-of-Towner Gary meets a New Yorker who has been getting tomorrow's Daily News for the past six years but who uses the paper to make money.
70 4-2 Duck Day Afternoon Gary's parents unexpectedly show up after a tornado sweeps through Hickory, but their extended visit leads to a hostage situation; Gary's efforts to save ducks gets the attention of Sun-Times photo-journalist, Miguel Diaz.
71 4-3 Take Me Out To The Ball Game Chuck returns and learns that a rookie pitcher for the Cubs is going to throw a no-hitter. But the story disappears when Chuck secures tickets to the game.
72 4-4 The Iceman Taketh Gary and Detective Brigatti go undercover as a high-society couple with the hope of catching a legendary jewel thief. Gary and Brigatti are forced to spend some days and nights together.
73 4-5 Camera Shy

Gary inadvertently gets Miguel fired... twice. Miguel's accidental snapshot of a thought-to-be-dead criminal may cost him his life.

74 4-6 Wild Card Gary's attempts to relax with the newspaper backfire when Patrick's interference keeps changing the news, finally putting him in a life-threatening situation at a Halloween rave party.
75 4-7 Fatal Edition Part 1 Gary is arrested for the murder of an investigative reporter. He was trying to save the reporter's life, but arrived too late after the paper printed the wrong time of death.
76 4-8 Fatal Edition Part 2 Brigatti, now believing that Gary is innocent in the death of a reporter, is in danger herself when she discovers new evidence.
77 4-9 Weathergirl Gary supplies accurate weather reports to a forecaster he has begun dating. Uncle Phil takes one job after another and gets himself into trouble.
78 4-10

Run, Gary, Run

Gary must race against the clock to save Marissa from being killed while crossing the street.

79 4-11 Rose

Gary, along with private investigator Crumb, attempts to help Rose, a woman who claims to be suffering from amnesia.

80 4-12 Snow Angels

A blizzard hits Chicago and Gary worries that he won't be able to rescue everyone who needs his help.

81 4-13 Gifted

Gary must teach a girl that her clairvoyance is a gift.

82 4-14 Performance Anxiety When another recipient of tomorrow's news stops receiving his paper, he steals Gary's.
83 4-15 False Witness Gary lies to help Miguel's brother, whom he has caught stealing cars, but later questions his decision.
84 4-16 The Play's The Thing Gary gets bit by the acting bug when he makes a routine save at a small theatre... whom should he run into but Crumb.
85 4-17

Blind Faith

Gary temporarily loses his sight in an accident and must rely on instinct to rescue a 9-year-old boy.

86 4-18 Occasionally Amber

Gary finds himself torn between trusting his best friend's fiancee-a former con woman-or telling Chuck about her past.

87 4-19 Mel Schwartz, Bounty Hunter

Gary must keep rescuing an accountant who is determined to become a bounty hunter.

88 4-20 Time Gary discovers that Lucius Snow saved his life when he was 11 years old.
89 4-21 Everybody Goes To Rick's Gary finds himself in 1929 trying to save a man from the St. Valentine's Day massacre.
90 4-22 Luck Of The Irish Gary is cursed when he refuses further service to an elderly Irishman, which affects the life of a lovely immigrant. Gary's mother thinks he's engaged.

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