(Original Air Date: 04/26/97)

[In Chuck's car on a bridge.]

Chuck: What time is it?

Gary: Just a few minutes more.

Chuck: Black mercedes.

Gary: That's what the paper says.

Chuck: {laughing} To think I gave up a date to sit here with you. {sigh} Maybe they're not going to show up.

Gary: Don't worry about it, they'll show up.

Chuck: You sure about that?

Gary: Yeah.

Chuck: What time is it now?

Gary: {looking at watch} Well, gee, that would be just about almost two o'clock.

Chuck: They better show up. I don't want us to be sittin' out here freezing our buns off for nothing.

Gary: Just don't worry about it. They're going to show up.

Chuck: If, if, they show up.

Gary: All right, what does that mean?

Chuck: Well, maybe they already fixed the flat tire, did you ever think of that?

Gary: You read that? What's that say? {points at paper} "Motorists killed by hit-and-run driver. Incident occurs while changing tire."

Chuck: Maybe the paper's wrong. Did you ever think of that?

Gary: And how do you figure the paper's gonna be wrong?

Chuck: Maybe there's some atmospheric disturbance in the force. Maybe the Hale-Bob comet got in the way of the information highway.

Gary: What's your point?

Chuck: This stuff doesn't even surprise you anymore, does it?

Gary: That's your point?

Chuck: Yeah.

[A car comes down bridge.]

Gary: Gee, hear that come? You know, I'm genuinely surprised. Excuse me.

Chuck: You got lucky.

[Gary exits car and stands inmiddle of bridge, ready to assist oncoming car.]

Chuck: {shouting out of the car window} Hey, you've lost faith in chance, my friend!

Gary: {shouting back} No, I just have more faith in this {refering to the paper}, friend.

[The black mercedes comes and drives pass Gary.]

Gary: {surprised} That's the car. D'you see that?

Chuck: Yeah, I saw it. It didn't stop. No flat tire.

Gary: That's impossible! It says right here. {looks at paper}

Chuck: Yeah? Well, get in here before we freeze to death! Now let's go!

Gary: It doesn't make sense!

[A car approaches and heads straight for Gary.]

Chuck: Gary, look out!!!

[The car honks, hits Gary, and screeches to a stop.]

Chuck: {running from the car to Gary's unconscious body} Gary! Gary! Gary! Gare! {shouting at car} Hey! He's hurt! I need an ambulance!

[The car speeds away.] Chuck: Hey! Hey! {shaking Gary} Gary! Come on, wake up! Come on, wake up! Gare! Wake up, wake up! Come on, wake up!

[Introductory theme song.]

[commercial break]

[Head shot of Gary inhospital gown w/ eyes closed. He awakes to a distant female voice.]

Voice: Hello? Hello?

[He sees an angelic girl looking downat him.]

Gary: {faintly} Who are you?

[Girl smiles and leaves.]

Gary: Wait...wait...

[Gary sits up.]

Chuck: Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy...

Marissa: Nurse, he's awake.

Nurse: I'll get the doctor.

Chuck: Welcome back to the world.

Gary: What time is it?

Marissa: It's seven in the morning. You've been out for hours.

Chuck: How ya feeling?

Gary: What happened?

Chuck: You had a close call. You don't remember?

Gary: Uh, I remember we were waiting, we were... the paper! The paper - the headline was wrong. I need that paper!

[Doctor enters.]

Doctor: And what paper is that?

Gary: Doc, I can't stay here.

Doctor: And why's that?

Gary: Because I've got things to do. I'm fi--

[Gary is silenced by sudden pain inhis head; he presses palms against forehead.]

Doctor: I can see that. Lie back please.

Marissa: Is he gonna be okay?

Doctor: {writing in clipboard} Well, that depends. Was he okay before this happened?

Marissa: Well, not particularly.

Doctor: Then, no guarantees. Got yourself wacked on the head, huh?

Gary: Look, doc, it's just a careless mistake. I just need a few aspirins, that's it.

Doctor: Mm hmm. Nurse, get him down for a cat scan right away.

Gary: Doc, I gotta go.

Doctor: You can't.

Gary: Why?

Doctor: Because we have your pants.

[Doctor leaves.]

Gary: I'm not stay here. I'm *not* staying here.

[The next scene shows Gary on a gurney being wheeled down the hallway by Chuck and a nurse. Marissa, with Spike, walks a beside him.]

Marissa: Looks like you're stayin'.

Gary: I don't like this.

Chuck: Oh, it'll be good for ya. A little R&R. Besides, I saw this gorgeous nurse down the hall over there. [The nurse next to him gives him a Look.] Not you, don't worry.

Gary: Hey, what about the... it's suppose to be here by now.

Marissa: Don't worry about it. It's probably back at the hotel.

[They stop outside a door.]

Nurse: It'll be a few minutes. Wait here.

Chuck: Okay, Ms. Grumpy.

[Nurse leaves.]

Gary: Look, do me afavor. Go down to the hotel to see if it's still there.

Marissa: Why, you can't do anything. Why don't you just let it go for the day, okay?

Gary: 'Cause I need to see it.

Marissa: Fine. Promise me you'll get some rest though.

Gary: I promise.

Marissa: All right. Let's go, Chuck.

Chuck: I'll try to find ya the papers.

[Chuck, Marissa, and Spike leave.]

[Gary hears someone saying, "Pss...pss..." and looks around to see who it is.]

Rachel: {popping up from under the gurney} Here I am! [Rachel looks like the angelic girl from the beginning.]

[Gary falls off the gurney in surprise. He hits his head on the gurney as he gets up.]

Gary: Did you have to do that?

Rachel: Sorry. Didn't hurt yourself did you?

Gary: Oh, not at all.

Rachel: You always that clumsy?

Gary: Can I ask you a question? What were you doing under there?

Rachel: Hiding.

Gary: Hiding from who?

Rachel: I can't tell you. It's classified. [Gary gives her a Look.] Okay, I've been here since birth, living off scraps. [Gary gives her another Look.] Okay, the truth. I'm your guardian angel. Like John Trivolta. Except I don't smoke. Any questions?

Gary: {looks incredulously at her and climbs back up on gurney} Boy, I really did get hit in the head, didn't I?

[The nurse walksout of room; Rachelhides.]

Nurse: {to another nurse} Okay, I'll bring him in. {to Gary}You're suppose to be lying down.

Gary: I fell off.

Nurse: That's a first. {Gary looks aroundfor Rachel} Lie down! {Gary lies down}Okay, here wego. And as for you, little miss, get your butt back to your room before I call security.

Rachel: Rats.

[She leaves.]

Gary: Who is that?

Nurse: None of your business.

[Scene- Gary and Doctor are looking at the results of his cat scan.]


Gary: How's it look?

Doctor: Well, the good news is, you've got a brain. The bad news is, it took a shot. What were you doing standing on a bridge in the middle of the night?

Gary: Fishing.

Doctor: Good answer. You're gonna be all right.

Gary: Then I can go.

Doctor: I don't think so. You were out for 5 hours. That's nothing to fool with. Stick around for the rest of the day. Let's see what developes.

Gary: Hey, look, doc, I can't do that. I've got things to do.

Doctor: Don't worry, the fish'll wait. In the meantime, relax, enjoy the food, read a newspaper.

Gary: Yeah.

[Scene- Gary talks to Chuck over the phone.]

Gary: What doyou mean it's not there?

Chuck: Nope, not a sign of it. Not the cat either.

Gary: Well, it's gotta be somewhere, it's almost noon.

Chuck: {lifting a dumbbell} Yeah, well, it's not. And, uh, by the way, I talked to the cops.

Gary: You ta--, about what?

Chuck: About the guy who almost killed you. They said that unless you can remember a license plate number, there was absolutely nothing that they can do. [Chuck drops the weight on his feet.]

Gary: Look, I don't know what the license plate number is. Look, just keep an eye out for the paper, would you?

Chuck: {wincing in pain} Yeah, okay, I'm right on it. I'm lookin' all over. I'll call you back.

[At the hospital, Gary just hung up the phone.]

Cat: {sitting on his bed} Mrreow! Mrreow!

Gary: Well, there you are! Where's the paper?

[The cat jumps off the bed and runs out the room.]

Gary: Hey!

[He runs after it. He looks around the hallway and then goes to the main desk.]

Gary: {to a nurse} Excuse me. Have you seen a, uh, cat running around here?

Nurse: This is a hospital, sir, there are no cats.

Gary: Oh, I know it's a...

[The cat's meow could be heard down the hall.]

Gary: Thank you!

[The nurse stands up and looks around surprised.]

[The next scene shows Gary arriving at a lounge. Another meow brings him to the person with his newspaper. It isRachel. She is petting the cat, which is on her lap.]

[ Rachel ] Gary: Excuse me. Where did you find that paper?

Rachel: Who wants to know?

Gary: You didn't find that in my room by chance, did you?

Rachel: I'm asphinx.

Gary: Look, kid, it's one thing to play little Miss Commando around here, it's another thing to go and st--

Rachel: You look good in that gown, you know that? Weird, but good.

Gary: The paper.

Rachel: Who says it's yours?

Gary: I say it's mine.

Rachel: It can't be. For one thing, your name's not on it, and for another, it's not even today's. It's tomorrow's. {Gary looks around to make sure no one else heard that.} How can you possibly own something that hasn't even come out yet?

Gary: Listen, kid, I don't want to argue with you. I just want my paper.

[ A Surgeon arrives.]

Surgeon: Is something wrong?

Gary: Oh, no, no.

Rachel: Yeah, he called me athief.

Gary: Oh, no, no, I didn't call her a thief, we were just-

Rachel: {dramatically} Fine, I'll cop tothe rap. Put me in prison. I'll be in my room.

[Rachel leaves.]

Gary: Who is that?

Surgeon: The question is, who are you?

Gary: Oh, uh, Gary Hobson.

Surgeon: Well, Mr. Hobson, do you make it a point to argue with children?

Gary: No, no...

Surgeon: Then may Isuggest that you don't.

Gary: Excuse me. Who are you?

Surgeon: I'm a surgeon.

Gary: Ah. And, anddo you make it apoint to pass judgement on people who you don't even know? Oh, I'm sorry. I, Iwas just wondering what the girl's name was.

Surgeon: Her name is Rachel. Greenberg.

Gary: And, and, what is she doing here?

Surgeon: She's waiting for something. A new heart.

[commercial break]

[Gary and his Doctor walking down the hallway.]

Doctor: A ventricular septal defect. A hole in the heart.

Gary: And there's no way way to fix it.

Doctor: Not in the long run. How's the head?

Gary: Oh, it's, it's fine. Look, she's up on her feet, she's walking around.

Doctor: She's a remarkable kid. She's determine not to let it get her down. Most people think of a hospital as a place to be sick. She sees it as a place to get well. She spends a lot of time here for treatments and I never once heard her complain.

Gary: So that's all she can do then is wait.

Doctor: A compatible match is never a guaranteed thing. We try to make her feel at home until the right one arrives.

Gary: What if it doesn't?

Doctor: Then it doesn't. Anything else?

Gary: Well, yeah, can I get dressed?

Doctor: Fine.

Gary: Can I go?

Doctor: Forget it.

Gary: Look, doc, I--

Doctor: May Isee that? Your paper? I just want to check the scores.

Gary: No. It's, uh, it's yesterday's.

Doctor: I won't even ask.

[Doctor leaves.]

{Gary opens the paper and sees an article "Car thieves steal van with infant inside."}

[Chuck and Marissa are in Gary's hospital room with him. Chuck is looking at the article.]

Chuck: All right, I got this one. No problem.

Marissa: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Bad idea. Remember the last time you tried to fix something in the paper?

Chuck: Yeah, and I handled it beautifully, remember?

Marissa: Gary.

Gary: Idon't have a choice.

Chuck: All right, this is a piece of cake.

Marissa: Why don't Ibelieve that?

Chuck: Look, I'll be back, in a, in anhour.

Gary: Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait. No, Marissa, you go with him.

Marissa: Right.

Chuck: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I need a babysitter?

Marissa: Come on, let's go.

Chuck: All right. Did you bring the pooper scooper?

[Next scene shows Rachel lying in bed in her room. Her mom is sitting next to her.]

Mrs. Greenberg: Honey, all we're asking is that you slow down a little.

Rachel: Mom, Ijust can't lie here all day.

[Gary enters.]

Gary: Uh, I'm sorry, excuse me.

Mrs. Greenberg: Oh, who's this?

Rachel: Elmer Fudd. It's an alias. He's from the witness protection program. The crime he witness was just horrible to even think about, right?

Gary: Yeah, that's, that's right. And Ialso happen to be a patient down the hall, I'm Gary Hobson, how do you do?

Mrs. Greenberg: The one that fell off the gurney?

Gary: {smiling, embarrassed}They told you that I fell off the gurney...

Rachel: It wasn't me. The nurses blabbed.

Gary: Ah.

Mrs. Greenberg: Mr. Hobson, I have to go speak to the doctors. Will you see if you can talk her into staying where she is?

Gary: Uh, I'll do my best.

[Mrs. Greenberg leaves.]

Rachel: Parents, how embarrassing. You got any?

Gary: {laughs} Uh, listen, uh, Rachel, uh...

Rachel: Oh, no, they told you, didn't they?

Gary: Huh?

Rachel: About me. Somebody spilled the beans. I can see it all over your face. {sighing} There goes a perfectly good romance down the tubes. You married?

Gary: No.

Rachel: Okay, then, maybe there's still hope. Now come on, take my arm.

[She jumps out of bed and takes Gary's arm, pulling him.]

Gary: What? Wait, wait, wait. Where're you going?

Rachel: To seek an adventure, wherever it may be.

Gary: No, no, no, no, no. Look, Ipromised your mom that you were going tostay right here, I'm...

Rachel: You said you'd do your best.

Gary: Yeah.

Rachel: What are you, aman or a mouse?

Gary: No, kid, hey kid!

[Next scene shows them opening the door to the roof of the hospital. ]

Rachel: You like it?

Gary: {looking at the breathtaking view}Yeah! It's very nice.

Rachel: There, the romance is back.

Gary: Don't you think I'm a little bit old for you?

Rachel: That depends. What are you, sixty?

Gary: {laughs sarcastically}

Rachel: Actually, I'm already promised, to my next door neighbor, though he doesn't know it. He's twenty-one and I'm eleven. So when I'm twenty, he'll only be thirty. When I get my new heart, I'm gonna tell him. [pause] I love this place. It's high up, close to you know who. You don't believe in Him, do you?

Gary: What makes you say that?

Rachel: Just afeeling. You believe inthings.

Gary: And what does that mean?

Rachel: It's that newpaper. You don't like it out of your sight.

Gary: No, this, uh...

Rachel: That's okay. It's just for me it more's like faith. Knowing things will work out. You gotta try it sometime.

[Next sceneshows Chuck and Marissa in Chuck's car arriving at the place where the robbery was suppose to take place.]

Chuck: Okay, we're here.

Marissa: Nowwhat.

Chuck: Now we wait for them to show up.

Marissa: Then what.

Chuck: Then I, uh, talk to them.

Marissa: For the record, do you know what you're going to say?

Chuck: Yeah, I know what I'm going to say. I'm gonna say whatever Gary says.

[Spike whimpers.]

Marissa: You got that written down somewhere?

Chuck: Yeah, Igot it right up my sleeves.

Marissa: Oh, 'kay.

Chuck: Wait a minute. I think this is them. {sees two boys testing car doors}

Marissa: All right.

Chuck: Okay, here goes nothing.

[Chuck and Marissa gets out of the car. Chuck approaches two teenagers.]

Eddy: There it is. Go get it.

Tommy: What if something goes wrong?

Eddy: You want the cash?

Tommy: Yeah.

Eddy: Then move your butt.

Chuck: Hey! Gents!

Chuck: Don't ask me how I know this, but , ah, I have some information that you're gonna, jack this van. I also happen to know that your plan is gonna backfire, so, don't do it, okay?

Eddy: What are you, a cop?

Chuck: No, I'm just a concern citizen.

Eddy: Who asked you?

Chuck: Hey, don't cop an attitude, all right? I'm just trying to help.

Eddy: Oh, you are, huh? [He reaches for his gun.]

Tommy: Eddy, don't!

Chuck: Look, punk! You wanna get yourself killed? Go ahead, take the van. See if I care? It's no skin off my back. As a matter offact, Idare ya! Steal it! Drive it away!

Tommy: Don't do it, man, we came for a car.

Eddy: You're right. And we're gonna take one.

Chuck: Fine! Go ahead, drive it away! See if I care!

Eddy: {pointing the gun at Chuck} We'll take yours.

Chuck: Oh, no.

[Next scene shows the boys driving off Chuck's car.]

Marissa: Nice work, Mr. Diplomat.

Chuck: My car...


Fanscribed by Jadeline.

Screen captures are from The Sun-Times Vault.

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