"Faith" continued...


[Next scene shows Gary talking to Marissa in his hospital room.]

Gary: They took his car?

Marissa: He's at the police station now.

Gary: Well, what did he say to the guys?

Marissa: Trust me, you don't want to know.

Gary: This is my fault. I should have been there.

Marissa: I knew you'd say that.

Gary: This paper needs me.

Marissa: But you need it. Gary you're hurt. You need to rest up. I mean you've been at this, for what, almost a year? Maybe the paper sent you here so you'd have to let gofor a while.

Gary: Yeah, well, I can't do that.

Marissa: You mean you won't.

Gary: No, Idon't mean that Idon't-- ah! [Gary gets another pain in his head. He lies on his bed.]

Marissa: Gary?

[Doctor enters.]

Doctor: What's this?

Gary: {obviously in pain} Oh, it's nothing, I'm fine.

Doctor: Good, then you won't mind spending the night.

Gary: Huh?

Doctor: Discussion's over. So arevisiting hours. I'll see you out.

Gary: No, no, no, doc, listen, I--

Doctor: I'll check you later.

Marissa: Pleasant dreams!

[Doctor and Marissa leave.]

Gary: Hey! Ow...

[Next scene shows the Surgeon arriving at Rachel's room, smiling. Rachel's in bed.]

Surgeon: Rachel? I think we found amatch. We'll operate in the morning.

[Rachel smiles.]

[Next scene shows the two teenagers who stole Chuck's car coming out of an automobile shop. Eddy counts the money and places some in Tommy's hand.]

Eddy: Here you go, a hundred.

Tommy: Wait a minute, I thought you said half.

Eddy: I said half if you jack the car. You didn't. If you want the pay, you gotta play.

Tommy: Hey, look man, my mom needs this money. She's been working too hard.

Eddy: Don't break my heart. I'll call you.

[The next scene shows Gary sleeping. He wakes up to the sound of the cat's meow. Then itshows Gary fulling dress, holding the cat and the newspaper in his arm. He goes to the front desk.]

Gary: I'd like to talk to my doctor please.

Nurse: Planning on going somewhere?

Gary: Yes, home. I have things to do.

Cat: Mrreow!

Nurse: Didn't I tell you about that cat?

Gary: Don't worry, he's going with me.

Nurse: Well, you can't see the doctor right now. He's down observing the transplant.

Cat: Reow.

Gary: What transplant?

Nurse: The little girl. Rachel. They took her down an hour ago.

Gary: She got--

[The Cat meows and has a fit. He jumps off from Gary's arm, causing the newspaper to fall. It shows an article about Rachel.]

Nurse: Look, you're really gonna have to 86 that cat.

Gary: {reading to himself} 'Rachel Greenberg rejected tranplant and died last evening.' {to the Nurse} Where isshe?

Nurse: Who?

Gary: Rachel, the little girl. Where'd they take her? Where'd they take her?!

[Next scene shows the Surgeon preparing for the surgery outside the operation room.]

Nurse: They're finishing type-ing now.

Surgeon: {putting on gloves} Let's get started.

Gary: {running around corner} Don't do it.

Surgeon: Ibeg your pardon?

Gary: I thinkthere's something wrong with that heart - it's gonna kill her.

Surgeon: What are you talking about?

Gary: They screwed up in the lab. Something about the matches, she's gonna reject it.

Surgeon: Look, you can't be in here...

Gary: Look, it's not your fault - yet. But it's gonna be if you don't...

Nurse: Doctor, she's prepped. Shall we start?

Surgeon: Absolutely.

Gary: All right, listen, try this. Look, you're up for a directorhip in a hospital in Albany, New York, yeah? You, you'vebeen keepin' it a secret, but you're gonna find out today, only you're not going to. Not if youdothis. Listen,because someone screwed up in a lab somewhere, you're going to lose your career, lady.

Surgeon: How did you know about Albany?

Gary: The same way Iknow about this.

[She opensthe door of the operation room.]

Surgeon: {to the prep crew} Hold everything. {to Gary} You better be right about this.

Gary: Trust me, I am.

[In thehallway, the Surgeon came up to Gary. Rachel is being wheeled back to her room.]

Surgeon: {to Gary} Well, you were right. {to Rachel} It didn't happen, Rachel. It wasn't right.

Rachel: {sad} Why? Why don't wefix it?

Mrs. Greenberg: Honey...

Surgeon: Take her back toher room. We'll talk in a while.

Rachel: {crying} Why? Why? Why?

Doctor: Iwas gonna ask the same question myself.

[commercial break]

[ Doctor and Gary are in an examining room.]

Doctor: {examining Gary's eyes} Nothing wrong that Ican see.

Gary: Of course there's nothing, I'm fine.

Doctor: Yeah.

Gary: Can I go?

[Doctor doesn't answer.]

Gary: Doc.

Doctor: It depends.

Gary: On what?

Doctor: On what you tell me about whathappened down in the OR.

Gary: Oh, there's nothing to tell.

Doctor: I find that hard to believe.

Gary: What does this have todo with my health?

Doctor: A guy shows up at the hospital with a dent in his head. He starts predicting the future. Unusual but it's happened before. Hell, people mistake their wives for ahat. But in this case, the guy with the dent, is actually right. What is that, dumb luck?

Gary: Iwouldn't know.

Doctor: Therein lies my problem.

Gary: Look, you think I'm some sort of a nut or something, I'm not.

Doctor: I'm thinking... I don't know what to think. That paper you carry around, what is that? Some kind of fetish?

Gary: No, that would be a Chicago Sun-Times. Now, can I go now or not?

Doctor: I have no medical reasons to keep you.

Gary: Good.

Doctor: Hobson, if you feel like you're introuble, call me, okay?

Gary: What kind of trouble?

Doctor: I'm a doctor, whatever you got.

[Gary visits Rachel in her room. Rachel is sitting on her bed with her back towards the door.]

Gary: Rachel? [She doesn't answer.] Hey, Igot you, I got yousome flowers.

Rachel: No thanks.

Gary: Okay, I'll just, uh, I'll just set them here on the table.

Rachel: You were the one who told them, weren't you?

Gary: Yeah, I had to.

Rachel: Why?

Gary: Because there was something wrong with that heart, they were...

Rachel: {crying} You don't know that!

Gary: Yes, I do.

Rachel: How? Was it that? {referring tothe paper}

Gary: Look, you see...

Rachel: No! You had no right! I don't care what it said, I could have made it work, I know I could! You don't believe that do you? Do you?!

Gary: No.

Rachel: Go away, Idon't want tolook at you.

Gary: Listen, Rachel.

Rachel: You don'thave any faith!

[The Surgeon and Mrs. Greenberg arrive.]

Surgeon: Leave.

Mrs. Greenberg: Please go.

[He leaves.]

[Next scene shows Gary and Marissa at abooth at the bar.]

Marissa: I don't understand. You saved her life, so why do you feel bad?

Gary: Because she's so disappointed, that's why.

Marissa: Well, better disappointed than dead.

Gary: I'm not sosure she believes that. I'm not even sure that's true.

Marissa: Come on, Gary, the newspaper said that itwasn't right.

Gary: Look, that's not the point. The point is because of me she missed her chance, that's what the point is.

Marissa: Because shedidn't have one.

Gary: Maybe.

Marissa: Gary, look, the newspaper doesn't make things happen.

Gary: No, I do. I read the headlines, and then I change things.

Marissa: So what else could you do?

Gary: I don't know.

[Chuck arrives.]

Chuck: Hey, guys! They found it.

Gary: Found what?

Chuck: My car. Or what's left of it. The rest of it is probably in Topeka, for all Iknow. That's the last good deed I do. {takes a drink from Gary's beer, Gary takes it back} You know what really irks me? The fact that those kids are getting high with my money.

[Scene shows Tommy coming home with a bag of groceries. We can hear his mom from another room.]

Tommy's Mom: Tommy, that you?

Tommy: Yeah, it's me, Mom.

Mom: Where have you been?

Tommy: Shopping.

Mom: Tom, I need some more medicine.

Tommy: You ran out?

Mom: Ican make it till morning.

Tommy: No, no, it's okay, I got it.

[The phone rings. Tom picks it up.]

Tom: Yeah. Eddy! What, tomorrow? No. No, I'll be there. Yeah, I'll be there.

[In Rachel's hospital room. The room is dark. She is lying on her bed with her hands clapsed together.]

Rachel: God, can you hear me? This is Rachel, room 464. I don't mean to bug you, I know you've got other things to do. But, don't forget about me, 'kay? And Iwon't forget about you.

[She closes her eyes and sleep.]

[The next scene shows Gary sleeping in his hotel room. He hears the cat meows. His head hurts as hetries to getup. Next scene shows him opening the door. The cat sits there and meows.]

Gary: Good morning. Don't suppose you can hand that up to me, doya?

Cat: Mrreow! Mrreow! {He runs inside the room.}

Gary: Thank you. [He bends down to get the paper with alittle difficulty. He sees an article with the headline "11-year-old receives successful heart transplant."]

[Next scene shows Marissa and Chuck at a table at the bar. Gary just arrives.]

Chuck: What's up, G-man?

Gary: Good news.

Chuck: TheCubs finally won a game?

Gary: They did?

Chuck: I don't know, I'm asking you.

Gary: No, I, no, the little girl, she got her heart.

Marissa: Really?

Chuck: Great!

Gary: Yeah, I mean, she didn't yet, but she's going to tonight.

Marissa: Well, that's great, Gary.

Chuck: See! Everything works out in the end.

Gary: And the thing istoo, she said she was gonna get it all along. {calling a waiter} 'Scuse me!

[Chuck takes the newspaper.]

Chuck: Holy cow.

Gary: Will you get out--

Chuck: Whoa, whoa. That's one of the punks that stole my car.

Gary: {reading the headlines} 'Youth killed in alleged robbery attempt. Gun shots rang out last night just after seven o'clock at the corner of seventh and (?). The deceased was identified as 16-years-old Tommy Grasier, a local Chicago youth.' Police has yet no information on who fired the shots, but the store owner was known to be armed.'

Chuck: Figures.

Marissa: But Chuck, it hasn't happened yet.

Gary: All right, so I'll just find him. I'll, I'll stop him.

Chuck: What? No! Gary, if they wouldn't listen to me, they're not gonna listen to you. There's no point for you to put your life on the line. If you hadn't read that thing...

Gary: Yeah, well, I did.

Chuck: Don't say Ididn't warn you.

[Gary goes to the phone booth.]

Gary: All right, I'll just look it up in the phone book. Let's see, Grazier, Grazier.

[The headline changes to "Hold-up suspect's heart donated to save girl.]

Gary: It's changed! No, I'm not gonna play God. I'm not gonna play God.

[At the hospital...]

Surgeon: Reduce the dosage to 15 milligrams.

Gary: Dr. Marks.

Surgeon: I thought you were gone.

Gary: Yeah, Iwas, I, I...Ineed some information.

Surgeon: Is that so?

Gary: Yes.

Surgeon: You have a library card? Use it.

Gary: Wait, wait, see, doc, this is important.

Surgeon: It seems everything is important toyou.

Gary: It's about Rachel's condition.

Surgeon: What about it?

Gary: Okay, doc, suppose you, uh, suppose you knewyou were going to find a match tonight, but it didn't happen. Now, how many days or weeks would she have before--

Surgeon: Is this your idea of a joke?

Gary: No.

Surgeon: The child doesn't have days or weeks, Mr. Hobson. She may not even have tonight.

[Gary goes to the Critical Car Services room where Rachel is. There's a nurse beside her.]

Gary: Rachel.

Nurse: Just a minute, you can't come in here. I'm sorry, you have to leave, sir. You cannot come in here.

[She pushes him out.]

[commercial break]

[Gary is sitting outside of the room, thinking hard. He looks at the newspaper again, and nothing changed. The Doctor, eating yogurt, comes and sits next to him.]

Doctor: Well, well, well. Out one door, and in another. What happened? You missed the food?

Gary: Mm hmm.

Doctor: Rumor has it you've been blocking traffic here since nine this morning. Is that true?

Gary: Something like that.

Doctor: She'sin there, huh? Well, Marks is anexcellent doctor. Knows what she's doing. She stabilize her as long as she can.

Gary: How long?

Doctor: Well, this is a hospital, despite the fact that it looks like uh--hospital. And inhospitals, things happen.

Gary: You mean people die, doc.

Doctor: Something like that.

Gary: What ifthey don't have to?

Doctor: Isthat aquestion?

Gary: {sighing} Oh, no.

Doctor: You know something, don't you? I mean in that wayyou knowthings.

Gary: I know that if I stay here until seven o'clock, that little girl is going to live.

Doctor: And if you don't?

Gary: Then it'll be someone else.

Doctor: That's ahell of aburden. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. You want some advice? Do whatcha have to.

Gary: What if it doesn't work?

Doctor: What if it does.

Gary: Oh, I need to know!

Doctor: Why? It's seven o'clock in three hours. I'm rootin' for ya.

[Doctor leaves Gary. He joins the Surgeon by Rachel's bed.]

Doctor: How is she?

Surgeon: She's on DH Diplomaine and a triple antibiotic coverage IV.

Doctor: But how is she?

Surgeon: Don't you have patients of your own to watch out for?

Doctor: Ithink that's what I'm doing.

[Next scene shows Tommy and Eddy in a car before they are about to rob the store.]

Eddy: You ready for this?

Tommy: Yeah, Iguess.

Eddy: What does that mean? Are we down or not?

Tommy: Yeah, we're down. Are you sure nobody's gonna get hurt?

Eddy: Of course they aren't. [He puts a gun down between them.] Hey, you walk into a store and take the guy's money. You think he's gonna be happy?

Tommy: There's gotta be a better way to get money.

Eddy: Look, the only reason I'm doing this for you is 'cause you're my friend. You don't want the cash, pass. Hey, come on, have Iever stood you wrong? Everything's gonna work out, trust me.

[Tommy takes the gun and Eddy smiles.]

Tommy: 'Kay.

[They get out of the car.]

[Gary arrives but steps back into the shadows.]

Tommy: Wait.

Eddy: What is it now?

Tommy: This is wrong, Eddy.

Eddy: Man, I thought we were down!

Tommy: This is crazy! I've got responsibilities.

Eddy: This is a hell of atime to be telling me that!

Gary: Hey! Maybe it's better now than later, huh?

Eddy: Not again.

Gary: Look, Tommy, go home before you get hurt.

Tommy: Yeah, come on.

Eddy: Hey, wait a minute, how does he know your name? Is hea friend of yours?

Tommy: No!

Eddy: All right, all right. Get out of here. [Points gun at Gary.] Now!

Gary: Whoa! Look, I can't do that.

Eddy: Then you're gonna be sorry you came!

Gary: Yeah, I know, for the rest of my life. Listen, listen, put the gun down, all right? Hey, hey, put the gun down.

Eddy: Oh, the hell Iwill!

Tommy: Eddy, don't!

[Eddy fires the gun as Tommy jumps at him. Gary falls to the ground. Tommy runs over to him and shakes him.]

Tommy: Mister, hey mister! Mister, wake up, wake up! Hey, mister, you're gonna be okay! Eddy! Eddy, come on, we've gotta help this guy! Eddy! Eddy! Eddy!

[Eddy drives by in thecar, shakes his head, and drives off. We see it's the same car that hit Gary in the beginning. License plate 'DUDE 4' ]

Tommy: Come on, man, wake up, wake up! You're not hit! You're not hit!

[Next scene shows Gary in his hospital bed. He hears the same voice as he did in the beginning.]

Rachel's Voice: Hello? Hello?

Gary: Hello?

[He gets up, grabs the newspaper,puts on his robe, and walks outside. The hallway is empty. He puts his hand over a cup on top of the front desk. Then a medical team surrounding Rachel on a gurney rushes by him. Gary runs after them.]

Gary: Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me!

[In operating room...]

Surgeon: Scalpal...

Gary: {to a nurse} Excuse me, is she all right?

[The nurse ignores him. Then we see Rachel's soul sit up from her body.]

Rachel: They can't hear you.

Gary: Rachel...

Rachel: I know, you had to save that boy. I understand.

Gary: There's nothing else Icould do.

Rachel: Then why are you feeling bad?

Gary: Because it was...if I let him go..

Rachel: You couldn't, that's all there is to it.

Gary: It was your last chance to live.

Rachel: You don't know that.

Gary: Yes, I do, you see the paper, it says...

Rachel: I told you, you believe too much in things.

Gary: It says what's gonna happen.

Rachel: Things'll work out. You need to believe that. Put down the paper.

[We hear a long beep which indicates that her heart beat stopped.]

Surgeon: She flat line. Cardiac massage, now!

Rachel: You have to have faith, Gary. Put down the paper.

Gary: I can't do that.

Rachel: You can. You have to.

[Rachel's soul reenters her body. Gary drops the paper. The camera pans the room, showing the surgeon, Rachel on the bed, and then zooms into the heart monitor. The line begins to climb again.]

Nurse: Wehave a pulse. Statis are climbing. Pressure is 108 over 62.

[The camera zooms out of the heart monitor and we see a nurse looking down at the patient.]

Nurse: It's about time. I thought it was over.

Doctor: I thought so too. [We see that it's Gary who's on the bed.] So, you like these long naps.

Gary: What time is it?

Doctor: I'd say almost nine.

Gary: What happened?

Doctor: I was gonna ask you.

Gary: That kid...that kid saved my life..is he?

Doctor: He's all right, he brought you in. Maybe now you can get some rest. Get this man a bed.

Gary: Wait. I need to see Rachel.

Doctor: I'm sorry, you can't. She's in surgery. They found her a heart.

Gary: How?

Nurse: Some kid downtown flipped his car off an overpass. They said he was going over ninety.

Doctor: Which reminds me, she left you amessage for when you came back. She said, 'Told you so.'

Chuck's monologue: Time's a great healer, especially when you're young.

[Gary and Rachel are playing Scrabble on her bed. Chuck and Marissa with Spike come in and hand Rachel flowers. Rachel says 'thank you.']

A month later, Rachel was ready for a new life. She wasn't the only one.

[As Gary, Chuck, andMarissa exit the hospital, Tommy comes up the stairs. He shakes hands with Gary and then with Chuck.]

Maybe it's chance that turns people's lives around. Maybe, it's something more. Maybe it's believing what could be.

[Shows Gary walking on a bridge, looking out at a ship and the city.]

After all, somethings you know, somethings you never will, tomorrow's newspaper or not. Sometimes, you have to leave it in other hands. Sometimes you just have to go on faith.


Fanscribed by Jadeline.

Screen captures are from The Sun-Times Vault.

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