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121: Faith

1. Fill in the blank: “Maybe the ________ got in the way of the information highway.”
a. Hale-Bopp Comet

2. What kind of hats are Gary and Chuck wearing?
a. Gary wears a “Chicago Bears” cap, Chuck wears “Chicago Bulls” cap

3. What is the license plate of the car that hit Gary?
a. Dude4

4. Why can’t Gary leave the hospital?
a. they have his pants

5. Who startles Gary and causes him to fall off the gurney?
a. Rachel Greenberg

6. How long was Gary unconscious?
a. 5 hours

7. What happens to Chuck while he’s talking to Gary on the phone?
a. he drops a weight on his foot

8. Who takes Gary’s paper?
a. Rachel

9. Why is Rachel in the hospital?
a. She has a “Ventricular Septal Defect” - a hole in the heart

10. Where does Rachel take Gary?
a. the roof

11. Who was Rachel secretly promised to?
a. Her neighbor

12. What was his age?
a. 21, 10 years older than Rachel

13. What does Rachel say Gary believes in?
a. things

14. Who are the two boys that stole Chuck’s car?
a. Eddie and Tommy (Grasier)

15. Which was the really bad one?
a. Eddie

16. The cat really really wants Gary to see what article in the paper?
a. the “11 year old victim of faulty transplant” article

17. When the Doctor asks Gary, “That paper you carry around, what is that? Some kind of...fetish?” Gary says...?
a. “No, that’d be a Chicago Sun-Times”

18. Where does Chuck think the rest of his car probably is?
a. Topeka

19. Who does the paper say Rachel’s heart is going to come from and under what circumstances?
a. Tommy Grasier, who will be killed in an attempted robbery

20. Who is Rachel’s doctor?
a. Doctor Marks

21. What is the doctor’s advice to Gary?
a. “do what you have to”

22. What does Gary say when Eddie tells him, “You’re gonna be sorry you came.”?
a. “Yeah, I know. For the rest of my life.”

23. What happens to Gary when he tries to stop the robbery attempt?
a. he whacks his head on the ground and loses consciousness again

24. What does Rachel tell Gary during the “vision” scene?
a. She tells him to “put down the paper” and have faith

25. Where does Rachel’s heart come from?
a. from a kid that flipped his car off an overpass while traveling 90 mph (presumably was the evil kid, Eddie)

26. What is the message Rachel left for Gary?
a. “Told you so”

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