Quotable Quotes ~ 121: Faith

Quotable Quote


[On the bridge.]

Chuck: Maybe the paper's wrong. Did you ever think of that?

Gary: And how do you figure the paper's gonna be wrong?

Chuck: Maybe there's some atmospheric disturbance in the force. Maybe the Hale-Bopp comet got in the way of the information highway.

[In the hospital.]

Gary: Doc, I gotta go.

Doctor: You can't.

Gary: Why?

Doctor: Because we have your pants.

[In the hospital.]

Gary: I'm not staying here. I'm *not* staying here.

[The next scene shows Gary on a gurney being wheeled down the hallway by Chuck and a nurse. Marissa, with Spike, walks beside him.]

Marissa: Looks like you're stayin'.

Gary: I don't like this.

Chuck: Oh, it'll be good for ya. A little R&R. Besides, I saw this gorgeous nurse down the hall over there. [The nurse next to him gives him a Look.] Not you, don't worry.

[Gary and the doctor are looking at the results of his cat scan.]

Gary: How's it look?

Doctor: Well, the good news is, you've got a brain. The bad news is, it took a shot. What were you doing standing on a bridge in the middle of the night?

Gary: Fishing.

[The Doctor is reluctant to release Gary from the hospital.]

Doctor: A guy shows up at the hospital with a dent in his head. He starts predicting the future. Unusual but it's happened before. Hell, people mistake their wives for a hat. But in this case, the guy with the dent, is actually right. What is that, dumb luck?

Gary: I wouldn't know.

Doctor: Therein lies my problem.

Gary: Look, you think I'm some sort of a nut or something, I'm not.

Doctor: I'm thinking... I don't know what to think. That paper you carry around, what is that? Some kind of fetish?

Gary: No, that would be a Chicago Sun-Times. Now, can I go now or not?

[At the tavern.]

Chuck: Hey, guys! They found it.

Gary: Found what?

Chuck: My car. Or what's left of it. The rest of it is probably in Topeka, for all I know. That's the last good deed I do. {takes a drink from Gary's beer, Gary takes it back} You know what really irks me? The fact that those kids are getting high with my money.

Chuck: What's up, G-man?

Gary: Good news.

Chuck: The Cubs finally won a game?

Gary: They did?

Chuck: I don't know, I'm asking you.


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