Early Edition Trivia

217: "The Fourth Carpathian"
(Gary is missing!)
"The Fourth Carpathian" Answers

1.  What's on the television that Chuck and Marissa are listening to?

2. What are Chuck and Marissa both doing while listening to the television?

3.  Who/what is Gary out to rescue that day?

4.  Where does Gary go to perform his rescue?

5.  What does Gary leave on the fire escape in order to squeeze through the chained doors?

6. What book is Bernie reading?

7.  What does Bernie find on the front porch?

8. What does Bernie call Chuck?

9. What does Bernie have "gassed up?"

10. How long does Bernie say it will take for him to get to Chicago?

11. What does Bernie do as an excuse to leave home?

12. How far is it from the Hobson home to Chicago?

13. What does Chuck say to demonstrate how responsible Gary is?

14. What is the name of the would-be jumper?

15.  What happens to Bernie on his 1st and only rescue attempt?

16.  Who gets the paper the second morning?

17. What does Lois think happened to Bernie and why?

18. How does Lois find out about the Paper?

19. Lois tells Chuck that she has a condition. What do the doctors call it and why?

20. What drink does Lois order?

21. Crumb asks Lois if she wants her drink with or without what ingredient?

22. Who is the "little guy" that gets involved in a bar fight and then punches Crumb in the jaw?

23.  Who/What is a Carpathian?

24. What does Jersey say has a patent pending?

25. What article of Gary's clothing does Lois see someone else wearing?

26.  How many times do we see/hear Gary calling for help before he's found?

27. What does Chuck bring to Bernie in jail?

28. In the "Robber Killed During Holdup" article, who does it say will die at the scene?

29. What is used to try and rob the convenience store clerk?

30. Why is he robbing the store?

31. How does the would-be robber end up in jail?

32. What aerial trick do Bernie and the brothers do in the jail cell?

33. What song does Bernie and the brothers sing while performing this trick?

34. What is Crumb's wife's name?

35. When did she die and how?

36. What leads Crumb and Lois to another clue as to Gary's whereabouts?

37. Who does Lois bail out of jail?

38. Who doesn't Lois bail out of jail and why?

39. Who is the man that had Gary's wallet?

40.  How many days is Gary missing?

41. Who finally finds Gary?

42.  Where is Gary when they find him?

43.  How many times do they call him before he answers?

44. What does Crumb say they need in order to rescue Gary?

45.  What do the brothers, with help from Crumb, do to rescue Gary?

46. How much does Crumb say he weighs?

47. What does Gary ask his mother after he's rescued?

48. What is her reply to this question?

49.  What does Crumb do after Gary is safely home in bed?

50. What does Marissa do after Gary is safely home in bed?

51. What does Chuck do after Gary is safely home in bed?

52.  What's bothering Gary so much that he can't seem to fall asleep?

53  Who tries to reassure him about it?

54  What was Bernie's reason for not telling Lois about the paper?

55. What kind of advertisement do the Carpathians do?

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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