Early Edition Trivia

108:  "Gun"
(Gary prevents child's death in handgun accident)
"Gun" Answers

1. According to Chuck’s monologue, what is Chicago-speak for Veni Vedi Vicci (We came, we saw, we conquered)?

2. What happens to Gary when he tries to stop a brawl on the El?

3. Gary wakes up to find what in his bed?

4. What are the names and ages of the boys involved in the handgun incident?

5. What is the mother’s name?

6. What favor does Gary ask of Chuck?

7. What is the ex-husband’s name

8. Who does Gary pretend he is?

9. What happens to Gary when he tries to stop the brawl in the playground?

10. Why does Curtis come to pick up Bryce?

11. How long had Nikki and Curtis been married and how long divorced?

12. What kind of shot does Gary get?

13. What does Gary order from the ice cream truck?

14. What kind of dinner does Gary have at Nikki’s?

15. What does the sign on the door to the tree-house say?

16. What role does Tommy want Gary to play and why?

17. How does Gary get from the upstairs bedroom to the downstairs bathroom in a split second?

18. How has stealing Nikki’s gun affected things?

19. Where does Gary go to meet Curtis?

20. What does Gary say would make a nice bumper sticker?

21. What does Curtis bring for Bryce as a ruse to get into the house?

22. Where is Tommy hiding?

23. Where does Chuck want to cat to go?

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