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306: Halloween

1. While Gary is at the outdoor restaurant, what drink does the waitress offer to bring him more of?
a. Iced Tea

2. What is the headline that brought Gary to the restaurant?
a. Billionaire computer magnate dies; Stock market plunges

3. What is the man at the restaurant allergic to?
a. Strawberries

4. According to the opening monologue, "Some days you can..." do what four things?
a. "Some days you can wake up late, get in a job before breakfast, save the nation from economic ruin, and still be home before the bad weather hits."

5. In other words, "Some days it all goes like ______."
a. Magic

6. What is unusual about Cat this morning?
a. He's black.

7. What is Gary's sleep attire today?
a. Bears sweatpants and grey t-shirt

8. What is Patrick hanging in the bar?
a. Ghost lights

9. Erica directs Patrick to hang them a little more what?
a. A little higher and to your right... your *other* right

10. What other unusual items are at the bar near Marissa?
a. A skeleton with a drink in front of him, a large Raven

11. How does Marissa know that Cat is still Cat?
a. It smells like Cat

12. How does Erica explain Cat's change of color?
a. Maybe he was bored

13. What color was Erica thinking of "going?"
a. Red

14. What does Gary suggest Erica put in her nose?
a. An earring

15. Why did Patrick's fraternity brother's hair turn white overnight?
a. He found out his date was a he

16. According to the Paper, how many children will die from poisoned treats?
a. Three

17. How many other children will be stricken?
a. Twenty

18. Where will the candy be distributed?
a. Somewhere in the north-side district

19. What is Henry dressed up as for Halloween?
a. A Cowboy

20. What did Henry *want* to go dressed as?
a. Dennis Rodman

21. Who's going to take him trick-or-treating and why?
a. Patrick. (He doesn't want to be seen with his mother.)

22. Who else is going trick-or-treating with them?
a. Spike

23. What is Gary's first attempt at preventing the candy incident?
a. He goes to city hall to try and convince the mayor to cancel Halloween

24. What headline does Gary read while at City Hall?
a. Fire Destroy Historic Neighborhood

25. What is Gary's response after the man he bumps into says, "I'm saving the world?"
a. "Believe me, I know what that's like - you're work's cut out for you, pal."

26. Where will the devastating fire start?
a. In the James House - a local restoration project

27. What is different about the black cat at the old house?
a. It has a white patch on its head

28. What stops Gary from leaving the house before finding out about the fire?
a. The front door closes on its own

29. What does Gary find in the fireplace?
a. An untended fire with a black pot over it

30. What startles Gary when he's upstairs tending the fire?
a. Two figures in black cloaks

31. What does he do to "protect" himself?
a. He raises the fireplace shovel to his shoulder like a baseball bat

32. What do the women do to Gary when they first encounter him?
a. They put a garlic wreath and chicken's feet around his feet

33. Who are the women?
a. Two sisters, Toby and Gwynneth, claiming to be witches

34. Who/what do they think Gary is?
a. A warlock

35. Why does Toby think Gary was able to walk out of the trap/spell?
a. Gwynneth used turkey feet instead of chicken feet

36. Why do the women want his help?
a. To find their sister Elizabeth

37. What does Gary tell them to do instead?
a. Call the police - he's busy

38. How long has their sister been missing?
a. About 200 years, give or take a few months.

39. What does Gary do next to try and stop the candy incident from happening?
a. He goes to stores in the area and tries to convince them to stop selling the candy

40. What is happening outside of one store while Gary reads the Paper?
a. An older woman is buying apples from a street vendor

41. What is Spike dressed up as?
a. Buster, Henry's faithful horse

42. Who is waiting for Gary at McGinty's?
a. The witches

43. According to the explanation to Patrick, what kind of "business" do the women want to conduct with Gary?
a. "We're prepared to pay for his services."

44. What two things would Gary need to do to help them?
a. Give them a lock of his hair... and eat a live toad

45. While Gary is talking to Gwynneth, what does Toby do, thinking it will force Gary to cooperate?
a. She steals Cat

46. What is Patrick's first costume?
a. Richard Nixon

47. What is Patrick's second costume?
a. Robin Hood

48. What is Patrick's third costume - the one his frat brother's loved?
a. Ginger Spice

49. Where is Patrick's fourth costume?
a. Old girlfriend's house

50. What are the names of the two television reporters?
a. Patricia and Jack

51. What headline does the Paper mysteriously flip open to?
a. "Apples recalled from fruit exchange"

52. What is Patrick's old girlfriend's name?
a. LeAnn

53. How did Patrick and his old girlfriend break up?
a. He went out for ice cream, bumped into some friends, lost track of time, and never came back

54. How long has it been since he left her?
a. Three years

55. What is Patrick's final costume?
a. "The Thing" from the old movie, "The Guy From Mars"

56. What does Gary say when the girls show him that they have his cat?
a. Keep him!

57. What does Gary say when they threaten to turn Cat into a newt?
a. "Good luck" and salutes

58. What do the witches do to capture Gary?
a. Gwynneth drives the van up onto the sidewalk while Toby hops out and sprays mace in Gary's face. Then they force him into the van and drive off.

59. What time is it when Gary is strapped to the chair?
a. 6:30 pm

60. What song is playing in the background as Marissa and Erica talk?
a. "Kind and Generous" by Natalie Merchant

61. What does Gary call the toad?
a. A frog

62. What do the witches say about warlocks?
a. They're notorious liars

63. Why does Gary give in and say he'll eat the (toad) frog?
a. Because he's desperate - it's almost time for disaster to strike the children of Chicago

64. What makes the witches think Gary is not a warlock?
a. Their spell-pot is not doing what it's supposed to do.

65. How many times did Toby stir it?
a. 13

66. When they conclude that Gary is not a warlock what are they going to do with him?
a. Lock him in the cellar for the night

67. How does Cat help to convince them he is a warlock?
a. Cat jumps from his high perch into Gwynneth's arms, changing from black to orange mid-jump

68. What treat does Henry get from the older woman?
a. Caramel Apple

69. What is the license plate of the witches' van?

70. How many poisoned apples have been given out so far?
a. One

71. Where does Gwynneth say the older woman lives?
a. 1346 Marvin Ave

72. What is Patrick's reasoning for allowing Henry to eat the apple?
a. Marissa said he shouldn't eat any candy and the apple isn't candy

73. Who stops Henry from eating the apple?
a. Spike

74. What is the veterinary doctor's name?
a. Doctor Parker

75. How do the witches know for sure that Gary isn't a warlock?
a. If he was he would have cast a simple spell and saved Spike.

76. What appears to be the reason that Spike survives?
a. The witches cast a spell as they were leaving the building

77. Marissa tells Henry that it's never too late for what?
a. A miracle.

78. What does the doctor say is the reason Spike survived?
a. Magic

79. According to a neighbor, how long has the James House been closed to the public?
a. Years

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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