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306: "Halloween"
(Two witches kidnap Gary, thinking he's a warlock; poisoned treats are passed out to the children.)
"Halloween" Answers

1. While Gary is at the outdoor restaurant, what drink does the waitress offer to bring him more of?

2. What is the headline that brought Gary to the restaurant?

3. What is the man at the restaurant allergic to?

4. According to the opening monologue, "Some days you can..." do what four things?

5. In other words, "Some days it all goes like ______."

6. What is unusual about Cat this morning?

7. What is Gary's sleep attire today?

8. What is Patrick hanging in the bar?

9. Erica directs Patrick to hang them a little more what?

10. What other unusual items are at the bar near Marissa?

11. How does Marissa know that Cat is still Cat?

12. How does Erica explain Cat's change of color?

13. What color was Erica thinking of "going?"

14. What does Gary suggest Erica put in her nose?

15. Why did Patrick's fraternity brother's hair turn white overnight?

16. According to the Paper, how many children will die from poisoned treats?

17. How many other children will be stricken?

18. Where will the candy be distributed?

19. What is Henry dressed up as for Halloween?

20. What did Henry *want* to go dressed as?

21. Who's going to take him trick-or-treating and why?

22. Who else is going trick-or-treating with them?

23. What is Gary's first attempt at preventing the candy incident?

24. What headline does Gary read while at City Hall?

25. What is Gary's response after the man he bumps into says, "I'm saving the world?"

26. Where will the devastating fire start?

27. What is different about the black cat at the old house?

28. What stops Gary from leaving the house before finding out about the fire?

29. What does Gary find in the fireplace?

30. What startles Gary when he's upstairs tending the fire?

31. What does he do to "protect" himself?

32. What do the women do to Gary when they first encounter him?

33. Who are the women?

34. Who/what do they think Gary is?

35. Why does Toby think Gary was able to walk out of the trap/spell?

36. Why do the women want his help?

37. What does Gary tell them to do instead?

38. How long has their sister been missing?

39. What does Gary do next to try and stop the candy incident from happening?

40. What is happening outside of one store while Gary reads the Paper?

41. What is Spike dressed up as?

42. Who is waiting for Gary at McGinty's?

43. According to the explanation to Patrick, what kind of "business" do the women want to conduct with Gary?

44. What two things would Gary need to do to help them?

45. While Gary is talking to Gwynneth, what does Toby do, thinking it will force Gary to cooperate?

46. What is Patrick's first costume?

47. What is Patrick's second costume?

48. What is Patrick's third costume - the one his frat brother's loved?

49. Where is Patrick's fourth costume?

50. What are the names of the two television reporters?

51. What headline does the Paper mysteriously flip open to?

52. What is Patrick's old girlfriend's name?

53. How did Patrick and his old girlfriend break up?

54. How long has it been since he left her?

55. What is Patrick's final costume?

56. What does Gary say when the girls show him that they have his cat?

57. What does Gary say when they threaten to turn Cat into a newt?

58. What do the witches do to capture Gary?

59. What time is it when Gary is strapped to the chair?

60. What song is playing in the background as Marissa and Erica talk?

61. What does Gary call the toad?

62. What do the witches say about warlocks?

63. Why does Gary give in and say he'll eat the (toad) frog?

64. What makes the witches think Gary is not a warlock?

65. How many times did Toby stir it?

66. When they conclude that Gary is not a warlock what are they going to do with him?

67. How does Cat help to convince them he is a warlock?

68. What treat does Henry get from the older woman?

69. What is the license plate of the witches' van?

70. How many poisoned apples have been given out so far?

71. Where does Gwynneth say the older woman lives?

72. What is Patrick's reasoning for allowing Henry to eat the apple?

73. Who stops Henry from eating the apple?

74. What is the veterinary doctor's name?

75. How do the witches know for sure that Gary isn't a warlock?

76. What appears to be the reason that Spike survives?

77. Marissa tells Henry that it's never too late for what?

78. What does the doctor say is the reason Spike survived?

79. According to a neighbor, how long has the James House been closed to the public?

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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