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109: His Girl Thursday

1. What do Gary and Chuck save a family of 11 from?
a. a freak tornado

2. What is the puppy’s name?
a. Teddy

3. What happens to Chuck’s car?
a. gets sucked up by the tornado, leaving only the license plate

4. What does Chuck’s license plate read?
a. Fish1

5. How long has it been since Meredith has seen or heard from Gary?
a. six weeks (not since the one “date” where Gary brought Chinese food)

6. What is Chuck’s guaranteed investment?
a. Idaho Industrial

7. What story is Meredith working on?
a. Arsonist

8. How does Meredith meet up with Gary?
a. she submits a fake story about a toddler getting hit by the L train

9. How does Meredith describe her and Gary’s relationship?
a. like cats and dogs

10. Why is Meredith waiting by Gary’s door?
a. to tell him she’s thinking of taking a job in D.C.

11. Where does Meredith spend the night and how do we know?
a. on Gary’s couch - she say’s she could hear Gary snoring from the couch

12. What does Meredith give Chuck and why?
a. stock information - he walked in Gary’s unlocked door and saw her reading an arson story in the paper

13. How much money does Chuck make on stocks?
a. $15 million 124 thousand

14. Why does Gary go to the warehouse and who does he find there?
a. he goes to save 3 youths from an arson fire and finds Meredith there “following a lead”

15. What is the photographer’s name?
a. Pete

16. Gary goes to Meredith’s desk to ask her what pressing question?
a. “Did you look at the paper?”

17. What is Meredith’s reply when Gary says, “Its a very powerful thing, Meredith, its nothin’ to fool with”
a. “Neither is trust”

18. What does Chuck ask of Meredith?
a. her help in stealing Gary’s paper

19. Who does Gary think stole his paper?
a. Meredith

20. Who *did* steal the paper and why?
a. Chuck - he need the stock info so he could lose all the money he just won

21. How much did Chuck lose?
a. $15 million 124 thousand

22. Who does Chuck give the paper to and why?
a. he gives it to Meredith, who plans to return it to Gary

23. Why does Meredith go back and take a peek at the paper?
a. the pages were blowing temptingly around and then the cat meowed at her as if he wanted her to read it

24. Where does Meredith go to catch the arsonists the second time?
a. the Morgan Building, up on the roof

25. What happens on the roof?
a. The paper starts to fly away, Meredith grabs for it, and nearly falls to her death

26. How does Gary help save Meredith?
a. He tells her to let go of the paper and grab his arm

27. What are Meredith’s plans for the future?
a. she is going to take the job in D.C.

28. Where does Chuck’s car show up?
a. in a tree

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