Early Edition Trivia

109:  "His Girl Thursday"
(Chuck & Meredith steal Gary's paper with disastrous results)
"His Girl Thursday" Answers

1. What do Gary and Chuck save a family of 11 from?

2. What is the puppy’s name?

3. What happens to Chuck’s car?

4. What does Chuck’s license plate read?

5. How long has it been since Meredith has seen or heard from Gary?

6. What is Chuck’s guaranteed investment?

7. What story is Meredith working on?

8. How does Meredith meet up with Gary?

9. How does Meredith describe her and Gary’s relationship?

10. Why is Meredith waiting by Gary’s door?

11. Where does Meredith spend the night and how do we know?

12. What does Meredith give Chuck and why?

13. How much money does Chuck make on stocks?

14. Why does Gary go to the warehouse and who does he find there?

15. What is the photographer’s name?

16. Gary goes to Meredith’s desk to ask her what pressing question?

17. What is Meredith’s reply when Gary says, “Its a very powerful thing, Meredith, its nothin’ to fool with”

18. What does Chuck ask of Meredith?

19. Who does Gary think stole his paper?

20. Who *did* steal the paper and why?

21. How much did Chuck lose?

22. Who does Chuck give the paper to and why?

23. Why does Meredith go back and take a peek at the paper?

24. Where does Meredith go to catch the arsonists the second time?

25. What happens on the roof?

26. How does Gary help save Meredith?

27. What are Meredith’s plans for the future?

28. Where does Chuck’s car show up?

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