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106: Hoops

1. What kind of food poisons the cruise ship?
a. Halibut

2. Where are the peace talks?
a. New Delhi

3. Transit worker claims abduction by __________.
a. alien donut ship

4. What kind of car does Chuck buy?
a. Red Lexus (Lexus according to Chuck, but it's actually a 1993 Subaru SVX Anniversary Edition -- thanks to
Huckster for the tidbit! The 1993 SVX 25th Anniversary Limited Edition was a Touring Package SVX in Barcelona Red with beige leather interior.)

5. What does Chuck bet on?
a. high school basketball

6. What is the name of the star player?
a. Michael Williams

7. He is the greatest scoring player since who?
a. Connie Hooks

8. How much does the kid want to watch Chuck’s car?
a. 5 bucks

9. How much does Chuck pay to have his car watched?
a. a quarter

10. What is wrong with Michael?
a. his heart is bad

11. Who is Michael’s doctor?
a. Dr McPhearson

12. What kind of hubcaps does Chuck have?
a. absolutely tamper-proof

13. How much does it cost Chuck to have his car towed?
a. $60 - $10 for the hookup, $50 for the tow

14. What is Michael’s brother’s name?
a. Robbie

15. Why did Hooks quit basketball?
a. he screwed up his knees

16. What does Gary tell Michael to convince him to stop playing?
a. he tells him about the man on Michigan Avenue that will fall 10 stories, land on a fruit cart, and walk away

17. What happened to Marissa’s old home?
a. its been demolished - is now a pile of rubble

18. How does Gary describe Marissa’s old home?
a. he says “its beautiful”

19. How does Marissa know Hooks?
a. she used to date him

20. What does Marissa ask Hooks to do?
a. Talk to Michael

21. Who do Michael and Robbie live with?
a. their grandparents

22. Gary goes to the locker room to see what for himself?
a. how far a man will go to advance his own career

23. What is the Crane mascot?
a. Couger

24. What is Michael’s number?
a. 5

25. How old is Michael?
a. 17

26. Who steals Gary’s paper?
a. Robbie

27. What does Robbie want to do when he grows up?
a. publish a magic newspaper

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