Early Edition Trivia

106:  "Hoops"
(basketball star collapses on court)
"Hoops" Answers

1. What kind of food poisons the cruise ship?

2. Where are the peace talks?

3. Transit worker claims abduction by __________.

4. What kind of car does Chuck buy?

5. What does Chuck bet on?

6. What is the name of the star player?

7. He is the greatest scoring player since who?

8. How much does the kid want to watch Chuck’s car?

9. How much does Chuck pay to have his car watched?

10. What is wrong with Michael?

11. Who is Michael’s doctor?

12. What kind of hubcaps does Chuck have?

13. How much does it cost Chuck to have his car towed?

14. What is Michael’s brother’s name?

15. Why did Hooks quit basketball?

16. What does Gary tell Michael to convince him to stop playing?

17. What happened to Marissa’s old home?

18. How does Gary describe Marissa’s old home?

19. How does Marissa know Hooks?

20. What does Marissa ask Hooks to do?

21. Who do Michael and Robbie live with?

22. Gary goes to the locker room to see what for himself?

23. What is the Crane mascot?

24. What is Michael’s number?

25. How old is Michael?

26. Who steals Gary’s paper?

27. What does Robbie want to do when he grows up?

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