Early Edition Trivia

303: "A Horse Is A Horse"
(Henry discovers Gary's secret and uses the information to get closer to his dad.)
"A Horse Is A Horse" Answers

1. Where is Henry when the story opens?

2. What subject is his class apparently studying?

3. What are they watching?

4. What name do the other boys have for Henry?

5. What unusual thing is Gary doing when Henry sees him?

6. Who/what is Gary rescuing and from what does this person need rescuing?

7. How did Gary manage the rescue?

8. Erica asks Gary to take Henry to what function?

9. How long has it been since Erica has heard from Henry's father?

10. What is Henry's father's name?

11. Aside from Henry, what does Marissa say is Gary's other "complication?"

12. What two rescues does Henry witness next as he spies on Gary?

13. What are the two books Henry brings home from the library?

14. How does Henry figure out Gary's secret?

15. What does Gary tell Cat when he awakens?

16. What is the reason why McGinty's has fourteen bottles of Grappa?

17. What does Henry release in the kitchen to cause a big disturbance?

18. What happens in the kitchen?

19. What does Henry do during the commotion in the kitchen?

20. What was Gary going to do with the rat?

21. Who stopped him?

22. What does Henry do to impress the boys as school?

23. Who unexpectedly arrives at McGinty's?

24. According to Erica, what is Mike's big problem?

25. What does Erica ask Gary for when Mike shows up?

26. What is the name of Henry's new friend?

27. What does Henry do to impress his dad?

28. What does Henry do to get Gary out of the office?

29. What is Henry's class dissecting in school?

30. What does Henry write down from the Paper to help his dad?

31. What horse does Henry say will will?

32. What does Mike purchase for Henry?

33. How much does Mike win?

34. What is the name of Henry's babysitter?

35. What is the name of the bartender at the bar Mike visits.

36. How much more money does Mike owe?

37. What is the talkative bad guy's name?

38. What is on Henry's pajamas?

39. How does Gary find out that Henry knows about his Paper?

40. How long has Henry known?

41. What rescue does Gary perform that was originally used in the "Love is Blind" episode?

42. Where did this rescue supposedly take place?

43. Why did Gary miss his El stop?

44. Gary compares Henry to what character?

45. What is Henry's teacher's name?

46. What reason did Mike give the teacher for Henry's second day out of school?

47. How does Erica find out about this?

48. What new headline has appeared in the Paper?

49. How old is Mike?

50. The incident at the track will occur during which race?

51. Where does Gary find Henry?

52. Which race track are they at?

53. How much does Gary offer the guys to leave Mike alone?

54. What does Gary offer next that gets the men off of Mike's case?

55. Who does Gary say will win the seventh race?

56. What does Mike ask Gary to tell Henry?

57. What does Gary tell Mike to quit doing?

58. What is it that Mike wants of Henry?

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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