Earlydues' Early Edition Trivia
221: Hot Time in the Old Town

1.  When Gary comes in from the rain, Chuck compares him to who/what and why?
a.  Paddington Bear - he's wearing a yellow rain coat, hat & galoshes

2.  What's Gary mumbling about as he walks toward the back room and the stairs?
a.  Trailer park mudslide. Poodle down a storm drain. Shower. Bed.

3. What is different about how the paper and cat arrive the next morning?
a. Cat is soaking wet and the Paper is wrapped in plastic

4.  What headlined disaster awaits Gary in his Paper?
a.  Dearborn Ave collapses; 500 dead; thousands missing

5. Chicago hasn't faced a catastrophe like this since when?
a. not since Mrs. O'Leary's cow started the Great Chicago Fire

6. How does the catastrophe occur?
a. the freight tunnel system underneath the City floods with rain water and collapses when the construction site drops a pylon

5.  What does he present himself as when he confronts the construction crew boss?
a.  A spelunker

6.  How does Gary get knocked out?
a.  He is shoved off of a steam shovel/pile driver and falls headfirst into a stack of barrels

7. What is unusual about what Gary sees when he "wakes up?"
a. Everything is straight out of the late 1800's (1871, to be exact); streets of dirt, old clothes, horse and wagon, blacksmith shop, etc.

6.  Who drives by hawking wares from his wagon of goods and who does Gary *think* it is?
a.  Morris Best -- Gary thinks it's Chuck

7. What year does the man say it is?
a. 1871

8.  What does he ask this man to do to help him prove to himself that he's dreaming?
a.  Hit him (which Morris does gladly.  It didn't help)

9.  Where does the man take him after this incident?
a. to a saloon down the street; a "groggery"

10. Where is Morris' family
a. Minsk (in Russia)

11. How many brothers does he have?
a. 11

12. Who is the owner of the saloon?
a. Mr. Daniel Sullivan - a man that looks like Trotter, the Construction foreman

13.  Who is the "Dusky Nightingale"?
a. A woman named Eleanor who looks like Marissa

14.  What does she sing?
a.  Danny Boy
(Note: This song is also known as the traditional Irish folk song named Londonderry Air -- for more information and a sound clip, see http://www.alltel.net/~dmurphy595/derryair.html or http://www.standingstones.com/dannyboy.html or http://www.mudcat.org/!!-song99.cfm?stuff=fall99+D+3166286)

15. What was her grandmother's name?
a. Marissa

16. Where is she from?
a. Charleston

17. What is her brother's name?
a. Jesse Mayfield

18. Why did she come to Chicago?
a. So that Jesse would have more opportunities to make it in life

19. What does Gary find in his pocket?
a. a chiming pocket watch

20. Where did Jesse get the parts to make a watch
a. found the back under a coal-box buggy; made the winder from a lamp screw and one of Eleanor's shoe buttons

21. According to Jesse, why is Sullivan cosying up to the Commisioner?
a. Because the City is putting up a trolly line on Clinton Street but Mr Sullivan bought a bunch of land on Canal St. - he's trying to get the Commissioner to move the trolly line to Canal

22.  Who tries to force his attentions on Eleanor?
a. The City Commissioner

23. What does she do to him when he gets too "friendly"?
a. she bites his ear

24. What happens to Gary when he interferes after the saloon owner slaps Eleanor?
a.  He's beaten, kicked in the ribs and thrown out on the sidewalk

25. After fleeing the saloon where does Eleanor tell her brother they should go?
a.  Back home to Charleston

26. What does Eleanor tell Jesse is the only thing that's important?
a. That they never ever do anything that they're ashamed of

27. Who finds Gary lying in the street?
a.  Morris

28. What are his first words to Gary?
a.  Didn't exactly whip your weight in wildcats, huh, mister?

29. What is the name of Morris' horse?
a. Michael

30. Where does Morris take Gary?
a. To his boarding house

31. What does the landlady say when she sees Gary?
a. Sure and it's cold as a wagon rim he is

32. What does the landlady say in reply to Gary's protests that he's OK?
a.  You will be when you get some lamb stew and barley into your belly and a good night's rest.

33. What does she tell Morris to do?
a.  Put the kettle on to boil and fetch her the tincture of iodine and the chamber set. (pitcher and basin)

34. What does she do while talking to Gary and waiting for Morris?
a.  She daubs at the cut on his forehead

35. Who is the landlady?
a. Mrs. O'Leary

36.  What wakes Gary up the next morning?
a.  A nightmare about 1998 Chicago (and possibly Cat on the bed)

37.  What is the name of the Paper that Cat delivers to Gary?
a.  Chicago Chronicle

38. What is the headline in this day's paper?
Fire! Destruction of Chicago

39. What does Gary say to Cat in reaction to the headline?
a. That's a little over my head, don't you think?  (Later on it's "I don't know what to do" and finally "I gotta try")

40. What potentially embarrasing situation does Gary warn Morris about?
The flap on Morris' "barn door" (the back of his long underwear) was unbuttoned.

41. What is the name of the cow?
a. Daisy

42. How does Gary explain to Morris why he knows the cow's name?
a. Gary tells him he's from the future.

43. What is Morris' reaction to Gary's explanation?
a. He chases Gary out by wielding a piece of wood

44.  What happens to Eleanor when she tries to quit her job at the saloon?
a.  She's locked up in a back room

45. What nickname does Jesse use for Eleanor?
a. Ellie

46.  What happens to Gary when he tries to rescue her?
a.  A crooked cop slugs him from behind and locks him up in jail

47. What does Sullivan use to convince Eleanor to "be nice" to the Commissioner?
a. Threatens to kill Jesse

48. By the cuckoo clock on Mrs. O'Leary's wall, what time is it when Chuck plays Checkers?
a. 9 o'clock

49. What is Mrs. O'Leary's daughter's name?
a. Mary

50. What does Morris say when he loses a game of Checkers to her?
a. You've skunked me again. You are a huckleberry above my persimmon.

51. What task does Mrs. O'Leary ask Morris to perform?
a. fill the lantern

52. How does Jesse get away?
a. Pushes a tray full of drinks onto the goon and runs

53. Who gets Gary out of his latest predicament?
a. Jesse  - he makes a key from a wax impression of the lock.

54. How does Gary get into the room where Eleanor is trapped with the commissioner?
a. Like the heroes of old he bursts in through the window

55. What is the name of Mrs. O'Leary's baby?
a. Jimmy

56. What does Mrs. O'Leary sing while milking?
Let grasses grow and water flow in a free and easy way; and give me enough of that fine old stuff that's made near Galway Bay
(Note: this is from a traditional Irish folk song named "Mountain Dew" -- for more information and a sound clip see either http://www.chivalry.com/cantaria/lyrics/mountain_dew.html or http://www.local.ie/content/20353.shtml)

57. Why is the baby crying?
a. He wet himself

58. How does the first fire in the barn start?
a. Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicks over a lantern

59. How do Gary and Morris put out the fire?
a. beat it with wet blankets; dump the trough of water on it

60. What happens to Morris when he tries to help Gary during a fight?
a.  He gets knocked out

61. Who keeps Gary from being stabbed by Mr. Sullivan?
a.  Jesse.  He clobbers him with a piece of wood

62. How does the second fire start?
a.  Sullivan knocks the lantern over during the fight

63. How does Gary stop Sullivan from killing Jesse?
a. Whacks him with a stone

64. What does Morris say to try and explain how the fire started?
"This colored woman and her brother were running away from saloonkeeper when this man from the future, he tried to --." The men look at him like he's a couple of straws short of a bale and he continues, "No, this man from the future, he -- oh, hell. It was Mrs. O'Leary's Cow. Mrs. O'Leary's cow started the fire."

65. What does Gary give Jesse as he sends him and Eleanor to safety?
a. His pocket watch

66. What advice does Gary give to Jesse?
a. Don't give up. 'Cause if you do, I'm going to know about it.

67.  What happens to Gary that he finds himself back in 1998?
a.  A beam from the burning barn falls on him

68. Who helps Gary to his feet when he wakes up?
a. Two of the hard hats

69. Who actually stops the work that would cause the disaster?
a. The owner of the company arrives

70. What does the headline change to?
a. Hospital Expansion Approved

71.  Who's with this man?
a.  Chuck

72. What unusual piece of jewelry does this man have?
a. A chiming pocket watch

73. What time does the man's watch say?
a. 12:47

74. What does the man say when Gary asks where his watch came from?
a. The story goes back to the Great Chicago Fire. My great-grandfather almost died in that fire. The stranger that saved his life gave him this watch. Since then, it's been passed down from generation to generation.

75. What is the man's name?
a. Jesse Mayfield IV

76. What does Gary say to Chuck (or himself) after this encounter?
a. I think I need to sit down

77. Back at McGinty's how long does Chuck tell Gary he was knocked out?
a. two minutes

78. What is his comment about Gary's appearance?
a. "Don't take this the wrong way, but you look kind of chawed up" and then "you look kind of messed up"

79. What does Gary ask Marissa when she comes into the office?
a. You're all right?

80. What was her reaction?
a. A confused, "Well, yeah.  I'm not the one who got knocked on the head."

81. What does Marissa ask him?
a. "Do you want some tea?"

82. What does Gary say to try and explain what happened?
a. "Chuck, to you remember Physics 201 - the space-time continueum? Time -- it's not a line, it's, uh, time is a --"

83. What does Chuck interruptingly reply?
a. It's a magazine. *What* are you talking about?

84. How does Gary reply to that? (question pertains to the syndicated episodes only)
a. He just says, "It's good to see you" and wanders off with a dazed expression

85. Who is that strange man sitting in McGinty's office and what does he say? (question pertains to the original episode as aired by CBS only)
a. Rod Serling. He says, "Men talking about an improbable thing like going back in time. A friendly debate revolving around a simple issue. Could a human being change what has happened before? Interesting and theoretical, because whoever heard of a man going back in time? Before tonight that is. Because this is.... the Twilight Zone."

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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