Early Edition Trivia

204: "Jenny Sloane"
(Gary hopes a courageous cancer victim can convince a boy to undergo chemotherapy, only to find out she's a fake)
"Jenny Sloan" Answers

1. What unusual object is Gary using for a pillow?

2. Gary wears sweatpants with the name of what sports team?

3. How old is the boy in the luggage compartment?

4. Who is on the bus, and where is it headed?

5. What is the name of the boy in the luggage compartment?

6. Bus driver says, “Nice work, _______” to Gary.

7. What kind of hat does the boy wear?

8. What is Gary’s favorite baseball team?

9. Who has the better stadium?

10. Why does Kevin wear the hat?

11. Kevin was diagnosed with what illness 3 months ago?

12. What is the name of the bus line?

13. What does Chuck think McGinty’s needs to start doing?

14. He thinks someone should pass out menus on the El dressed as what?

15. Who called and wants to have Chuck’s baby?

16. Who unmuted the telly?

17. Who is “Chicago’s Sweetheart?”

18. What is her illness?

19. What is the name of the reporter that wrote the Jenny story?

20. What does Gary do in the kitchen that Chuck chastises him for?

21. Gary suggests Banner change the phrase “benevolent bravery” to what?

22. What kind of party do Gary and Chuck crash?

23. What do they dress up as?

24. To what table is Chuck supposed to take the shrimp dish?

25. Kevin wants a hat from what sports team?

26. What is the name of the doctor that wants to test Jenny for a new drug?

27. What three gifts does Banner give to “Jenny?”

28. Gary tells the cat, “Don’t get your fur in a ____.”

29. From what bridge is Jenny going to leap to her death at 7 pm?

30. Banner changes the name of the bridge to what?

31. What is “Jenny’s” real name?

32. Where did Banner find her?

33. Banner says, “People are so desperate for a hero, ____ _______ _______ _______.”

34. What does Gary show to Kevin?

35. What did Lucy do that landed her in jail?

36. What was her sentence, and what was it reduced to?

37. Banner plans to declare who a fraud?

38. What kind of awards banquet does Banner attend?

39. Who does Banner say is the fraud?

40. What does Banner read off the blank piece of paper?

41. What kind of punishment does Banner impose on himself?

42. What was the title of Banner’s award-winning story?

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