Early Edition Trivia

117:  "The Jury"
(Gary receives jury summons, believes defendant is being framed)
"The Jury" Answers

1. How much money did the operator want deposited?

2. Name the jurors:

3. Who was Juror #4?

4. Who was Juror #5?

5. Including the Deluca trial, how many trials has Doris been on?

6. What is the judge’s name?

7. What did “the note” say?

8. According to Chuck, how many surefire ways are there to avoid jury duty?

9. What three did he mention?

10. What are Mr & Mrs Deluca’s first names?

11. How much did the “beautiful bouquet” cost?

12. What is the number of the hotel room across from Gary’s while he was sequestered?

13. What does Chuck sing in the shower?

14. What is the doorman’s name?

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