Early Edition Trivia

123:  "Love Is Blind"
(Season Finale - Gary suspects Marissa's study partner of attempted murder)
"Love is Blind" Answers

1. Who does Gary save from the Zamboni?

2. What phrase does Marissa use to describe Gary?

3. What is the Psych professor’s name?

4. From what does Gary save the professor the first time?

5. Who does Gary so elegantly tackle outside the professor’s door?

6. Why would someone want to kill the professor?

7. Who is Marissa’s new study partner?

8. Where does Marissa live?

9. How does Gary describe Marissa’s study partner?

10. What does Chuck miss about college?

11. From what does Gary save the professor the second time?

12. What does Marissa make for supper?

13. What got Marissa interested in Psychology?

14. How long has Marissa known Gary?

15. What are Gary, Marissa, and Chuck discussing while sitting on Gary’s couch?

16. What is Gary playing with on the couch?

17. How does Chuck answer Gary’s phone?

18. Fill in the blank: Wouldn’t this be easier if we weren’t sitting in different ________?

19. What does the professor call Gary?

20. Who does the professor suspect is trying to kill her?

21. What does Gary say is lacking in all the women Chuck has dated in the past?

22. What does Chuck say is lacking in all the women he has dated in the past?

23. Who is Chuck’s “girlfriend”?

24. Why does Chuck think a saleswoman would laugh at all his jokes?

25. Fill in the blank: My __________ are burning!

26. What is plastered all over Jeffrey’s apartment walls?

27. What else do Marissa and Jeffrey have in common?

28. According to Chuck, all Psych majors are what?

29. What kind of pictures does Jeffrey tell Marissa he takes?

30. Who *is* trying to kill the professor?

31. Why does he want to kill the professor?

32. Where does Marissa go to hide?

33. What is Jeffrey’s brother’s name?

34. How does Gary describe the view from his balcony?

35. What is the title of Jensen’s senior thesis?

36. What does Gary want to go celebrate?

37. Fill in the blank: ________, my friend. Trust me, _______.

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