Earlydues' Early Edition Trivia
304: Lt. Hobson, U.S.N.

1. Where is Gary going for his first save?
a. Classic Tattoos

2. What is the headline he is there to prevent?
a. Biker’s beat up former member

3. What is the victim's name?
a. Lloyd Cutler

4. What Wisconsin gang did the victim belong to?
a. The Marauders

5. What did the victim presumably do?
a. Ran off with the leader’s girlfriend

6. What does the man’s tattoo say?
a. Moth

7. What is it supposed to say?
a. Mother

8. Which two countries are involved in the peace talks?
a. Chesnia and Lavotnia

9. In Gary's next headline, how many will be killed by an ammo explosion?
a. Four

10. Where is this explosion to take place?
a. At the U.S. Naval Air Station

11. What does Henry write about in his email to the State Department?
a. The shape of the table they are going to use at the peace talks

12. What does Gary need to get onto the base?
a. A military ID

13. Where does he get a uniform?
a. At Zenith Cleaners

14. How much does it cost him?
a. $6.00

15. What is the name of the officer Gary’s uniform belongs to?
a. Lt. Nowicki

16. What was wrong with the way Gary was wearing his uniform?
a. His insignia was up-side-down

17. What does the SP at the gate stop Gary for?
a. His insignia is upside down on his collar

18. Where are the peace talks scheduled to take place?
a. University of Illinois

19. Who is the ranking officer Gary saves from the explosion?
a. Admiral Harrigan

20. What is printed on the Admiral’s tee shirt?
a. Indianapolis

21. What mission does Gary say he was involved with during the Gulf War?
a. "Operation Fishman"

22. To what event does the Admiral want Gary to escort his daughter?
a. The Torpedo-man’s Ball

23. What is the penalty for impersonating an officer?
a. Firing squad in times of war, life imprisonment in peace time

24. Who knows this and when did they learn it?
a. Patrick when he was either a Pre-law or History major. Or maybe he saw it in a film.

25. Who will walk out of the peace talks this time, and why?
a. The Chesnians. The flowers -- they're red. The Chesnian flag has no red; the Lavotnian flag is all red.

26. What is the name of the Admiral's daughter?
a. Emily

27. She shows up in Gary's paper under what headline?
a. "Admiral’s daughter dies in wreck"

28. Where is Marissa on the day of the ball?
a. At a Management Seminar

29. What does Henry write about in his next email to the State Department?
a. The flowers.

30. What is the dress code for the ball?
a. Dress whites

31. How old does Henry tell the guy from the State Department he is?
a. Eight and a half. . . almost

32. According to Patrick, what are "Chicago Rules?"
a. Sit them down, beer is on the house, nobody leaves until they work everything out

33. What term does the Admiral use to describe his daughter's argument?
a. "16-inchers"

34. What is the first name of the Admiral’s daughter’s boyfriend?
a. Eric

35. What very important detail does Gary continually forget while he’s in uniform?
a. He forgets to salute

36. Why is the boyfriend arrested by the Security Police?
a. Assault & trespassing

37. Where have we seen the Security Police officers before?
a. At the tattoo parlor

38. What beverage do Gary and the Admiral consume?
a. Beer

39. How many empty bottles are on the table next to Gary?
a. Two

40. What part of his uniform did Gary forget when he left the Admiral’s house?
a. His hat

41. What is Gary's reaction when the Security Police men point out the omission?
a. Hand to his head and "My deposit"

42. With whom is Gary sharing a cell?
a. Eric

43. To where have they moved the secret peace talks?
a. McGinty's

44. What does the Security Policeman do with the Paper after Gary asks to see it?
a. He drops it in the trash can across from the cell

45. How does Gary get his hands on the Paper?
a. Cat knocks over the trash can and Gary uses one of his shoes to slide the paper within reach

46. What is the headline on the paper?
a. 20 Dead in terrorist attack - Missile destroys Chicago pub

47. What do the Chesnians have to drink?
a. Pilsner Beer

48. What do the Lavotnians have to drink?
a. Absolut on the rocks

49. What does Marissa suggest that the diplomats have while they talk?
a. Buffalo Wings - extra spicy

50. What is the license number of the Ford van the terrorists are driving?
a. 1815 KL

51. Eric gets the Security Policemen's attention by calling them what?
a. Muscle-head freaks, wimps

52. What does the SP call him in return?
a. Maggot

53. What kind of car does Emily drive?
a. A red Grand Prix

54. Where does Gary need to be in order to change the headline in the paper?
a. Lakeshore Drive

55. What is Eric's specialty?
a. Electronics

56. In order to stop the disaster what must Eric do?
a. Switch to Manual Override and send the missile out over the lake

57. What does the Admiral give for the wind reading?
a. East South-East, Adjust 5 knots

58. How did Eric know what to do if he hasn't been trained for that weapon?
a. He read about it somewhere and remembered what would work

59. When the Eric tells the Admiral they can 'stand down' what is Gary’s reaction?
a. "Stand down? Hell, I think I’ll sit down"

60. What kind of contest are the diplomats engaged in?
a. Buffalo Wings - who will be the first one to break down and take a drink?

61. What is the Admiral’s description of "Lt. Hobson"?
a. Modest to a fault

62. Who takes the first drink in the contest?
a. The Lavotnian

63. What is the nickname of McGinty’s style of peace talks?
a. Buffalo Wing Diplomacy

64. Who calls Henry after the peace talks are over?
a. Vice President Al Gore

65. Who’s going to baby-sit for Henry so that Erica can date the Under Secretary of the State Department?
a. Marissa

66. What must Erica do in return?
a. Cover for Marissa while she has tea at the Lavotnian Consulate

67. Gary has a sandwich and a glass of what beverage?
a. Milk

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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