Earlydues' Early Edition Trivia
208: March in Time

1. What is the name of the supremacist group and who is its leader?
a. “The Society For White America” lead by Darrel Foster

2. What is the name of the leader’s son?
a. Lance Foster

3. Where does the supremacist group plan to march?
a. the Blue Island Bridge

4. What is Foster’s “truth”?
a. “the superiority of racial and ethnic purity”

5. What does Gary discover is missing after he stops a fight between two skateboarding kids?
a. his wallet

6. What does Gary tell Chuck will be the score in the Blackhawks game?
a. Blackhawks, 3-1

7. What are the names of the couple who run the “family restaurant” in Blue Island?
a. Robert and Vivian Dombrowski

8. What are the names of the couple who are friends to these people?
a. Gus and Louise McDuffin

9. What kind of car will be carrying the thugs with baseball bats?
a. a brown sedan

10. What isn’t Chuck’s color?
a. Orange

11. What excuse do Chuck and Gary use to distract the thugs?
a. they claim there is a leaky gas pipe

12. What names do Gary and Chuck make up for themselves?
a. Chuck is Watkins, and Gary is Mr Borneo

13. Who runs Jebens Hardware store?
a. “old man Thompson”

14. Where does Lance’s mother live?
a. Indiana

15. What is the name of the kid from the Hardware store?
a. Stephan

16. How much does Chuck tell Gary he bet on the Blackhawks game? How much did he really bet?
a. Chuck says he bet “a couple C notes” but he really bet 5 grand

17. Gary pleads with the paper to “just once” do what for him?
a. to give him the day off

18. When Gary, Chuck, and Marissa are discussing whether to save Foster or not, what does Marissa say the real issue
a. the issue isn’t whether to save Foster, but to save his assassin

19. Who in Robert’s family got out of the Poland concentration camps alive?
a. just his father

20. What do Gary and Foster both want for Lance?
a. for him to grow up in a pure country free of scum

21. Why does Gary tell Marissa to “go to the office and call the police”?
a. He reads a headline, “McGinty’s Restaurant Vandalized”

22. Gary tells the police that Lance is who?
a. his nephew from Idaho

23. Why does Gary tell Lance he wanted to help Foster?
a. “Cause I got a dad, too”

24. What does Gary give to Chuck in exchange for the use of his car?
a. one Hockey score, Redwings, 5-zip

25. Who is the assassin?
a. Robert

26. What does Gary find at his door at night along with the cat?
a. his wallet

27. What is the beginning of the text used in many of the stories in the paper?
a. “Earlier this week, Berlatski said, ‘In spite of the personal risk, I believe the State deserves an honest and accountable construction...’”

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