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202: The Medal

1. Chuck argues with McGinty’s seafood supplier over what fishy item?
a. Calamari (Squid)

2. Chuck asks Gary, “Don’t you have a _____ _____ __ _____ to save?”
a. bus load of nuns

3. Gary rushes off to stop the death of an “unidentified man found in _____ ______.”
a. Lake Michigan

4. The smart looking young man on the bench has been having an affair with whom?
a. Mary Lou Witte

5. Who does the man think Gary is?
a. Mary Lou’s husband

6. What is the name of the new fish monger and what is his business’s name?
a. Smitty of Smitty’s Seafood Warehouse

7. The fish monger’s daughter was “born on a _______ ______ ____.”
a. Vietnamese fishing boat

8. What is the daughter’s name?
a. Mae Smith

9. Gary tell the man on the pier that he is the what?
a. Pier Inspector

10. According to Gary, what is wrong with the pier?
a. the pilings are unstable

11. What does the man throw into the trash?
a. his Medal of Honor

12. What is the man’s name?
a. Jim Matthews

13. Chuck gets an idea to have a “Serviceman’s Special” on what nights?
a. Wednesdays

14. What is the “Serviceman’s Special?”
a. bring in a medal, get a free shrimp cocktail

15. What is the “Security Service” at Smitty’s?
a. a protection racket

16. How does Chuck know Police Lt. Dennis Riley?
a. Chuck’s third cousin Elaine’s husband is very good friends with the nephew of Dennis Riley

17. Marissa downloads some info off of which website?
a. the Medal of Honor website

18. Why was Matthews given the medal?
a. he was a combat engineer in Vietnam, rescued a soldier while trapped in a tunnel. They were ambushed on the way back to the helicopter, and while holding off the enemy, Matthew’s sustained a bullet wound to the chest, saving the entire rescue party.

19. What is Matthews’ son’s name?
a. Frank

20. Where does he go to school and what class is he in?
a. Frank is a Sophomore at Northwestern

21. What is Matthews’ wife’s name?
a. Betty

22. Where does she work?
a. Lakeshore Shipping

23. Matthews told his wife the scar on his chest was from what?
a. a construction accident

24. Where does Matthews work?
a. Speedway Construction Co Chicago

25. Chuck says if he and Gary were on a basketball team, his position would be what?
a. point guard

26. What does he say Gary would be doing?
a. Gary would be on the bench folding towels

27. What heroic feat did Matthews perform on a construction site?
a. he saved a man from falling 28 stories

28. Matthews missed his appointment at what organization?
a. Childwatch

29. What is the name of Matthews’ special friend at Childwatch?
a. Madeline

30. What is an eight-letter word for expired?
a. deceased

31. Who is the boss of the protection racket?
a. Dennis Riley

32. What is the secret that has been haunting Matthews?
a. he killed a girl in Vietnam who's only weapon was a flashlight

33. What story does Chuck read in the paper?
a. “Two die in warehouse blaze”

34. How does Chuck stop the arsonists?
a. he drives a truck in the way causing them to swerve out of control and crash

35. It takes a lot of courage to live with what?
a. a mistake

36. As a special favor to Mae, Chuck orders what fishy dishes?
a. Calamari Salad and Trout Almondie

37. Chuck thinks that women think he is what?
a. Self-absorbed, conceited, neurotic, a bit pushy and, some might say, irritating

38. What does Mae say women want?
a. Steak - anything but fish!

39. Chuck thinks people should get a purple heart for what?
a. for opening up and telling someone how you really feel

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