Earlydues' Early Edition Trivia
211: A Minor Miracle

1. What is the name of the missing bunny?
a. Mr Boggles

2. What is the name of the little girl?
a. Allie Chapman

3. What is the name of the preschool teacher?
a. Miss Bailey

4. At what time does the paper say the girl will disappear?
a. around 9 am

5. Gary reads that a pedestrian will be killed by a speeding car on what street?
a. Chestnut

6. Who is driving the speeding car?
a. Chuck

7. What is the name of the pedestrian?
a. Walter Dalrymple

8. What is the name of the detective investigating the missing girl case?
a. Detective Barnes

9. What is the name of the missing girl's mother?
a. Karen Chapman

10. How old is the missing girl?
a. 5 years old

11. What is the name of Walter's invention?
a. the Digital Auralmeter

12. What does the "device".....do?
a. it filters out the big noises and detects microvibrations

13. What does Chuck detect when he tests the "device"?
a. the cat

14. Where did Walter used to work?
a. Consolidated Electric Enterprises

15. How long did Walter work there on his "device"?
a. 14 years

16. Why did he leave his place of employment?
a. He was fired because his invention didn't work - had a faulty $2 on/off switch

17. What does the girl's backpack look like?
a. a yellow bear

18. What is the name of the pest control worker who happens to be at McGinty's?
a. Grant

19. What is the pest control worker's suggestion for the "device"
a. use it to detect groundhogs at the Police Captain's house

20. What is Chuck's *new* name for Walter's invention?
a. The Critter Transmitter

21. How does Chuck say the device works?
a. by smelling the fur of the critters

22. Where did Walter go to college?
a. Ohio State

23. What name did Walter sign on Chuck's release form?
a. Thomas Alva Edison

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