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113: Mob Wife

1. What is going to happen to the Shuttle?
a. the cargo doors will open up on the pad

2. How much are the experiments worth?
a. $60 million

3. What switch is turned the wrong way?
a. the LTS Vector Prop G Terminal M Transpond Pattern Limiter C switch

4. What is the name of the Shuttle?
a. Endeavor

5. What is the mobster’s name?
a. Frank Pirelli

6. What is the mobster’s girlfriend’s name?
a. Theresa Laparko

7. How many times has Chuck been dumped this month?
a. three

8. What are the names of the goons?
a. Nick and Joey

9. What did Theresa’s old boyfriend do for a living?
a. he was a get-away driver

10. How did her old boyfriend die?
a. killed in a high-speed chase

11. What is plan B?
a. “don’t sweat it”

12. Why does Pirelli want to kill Theresa?
a. she wants to leave the mob, but she knows too much

13. Why does Theresa change twice?
a. Gary gives a look of disapproval to the first outfit

14. Theresa says, “If I’m gonna die today, _____________.”
a. “I’m at least gonna look good doin’ it.”

15. In Frank Pirelli’s world there’s no such thing as what?
a. a wrong number

16. Who grabs Gary off the street the first time?
a. The Feds

17. What does Chuck do to “hide” from the goons?
a. He kisses Theresa

18. Chuck gets Theresa a ticket to where?
a. Milwaukee

19. What does Chuck says is Theresa’s “insurance policy”?
a. taped phone conversations

20. Who grabs Gary off the street the second time?
a. Pirelli

21. Where does Pirelli take Gary?
a. through a car wash

22. What does Pirelli call Gary?
a. a moron that reads

23. When does Pirelli’s life go into the crapper?
a. When Mercury is in retrograde

24. Who grabs Gary off the street the third time?
a. The Feds

25. Gary says, “Couldn’t you guys at least get a ____________ in here?”
a. “fresh box of donuts”

26. Gary tells Chuck, “You picked a fine time to ______”
a. “fall in love”

27. Where does Chuck hide Theresa?
a. in the men’s room

28. Theresa says Chuck could “do a half hour on ______”
a. shoes

29. Who will be found dead at the social club?
a. Mobster’s girlfriend and Stockbroker (Theresa and Chuck)

30. How does Chuck describe Theresa to Pirelli?
a. says she’s “a beautiful butterfly”

31. What does Gary give Pirelli to get Pirelli to listen to him?
a. tomorrow’s horoscope

32. What happens to Theresa on the bridge?
a. she is shot by a passing motorcyclist and falls off the bridge into the river

33. What is on the postcard Chuck gets?
a. no message, no return address, just a picture of a butterfly

34. Who visits the grave after Gary and Chuck leave?
a. a nun that looks mysteriously like Theresa

35. When was Theresa born?
a. 1966

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