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219: Show Me the Monet

1. What is Gary’s first disaster of the day?
a. An older woman will be asphyxiated by gas spewing from her stove

2. What is the victim’s name?
a. Miss Doris Redman

3. According to the neighbor, why can't the woman hear Gary knocking?
a. The old darling's deaf as a post

4. Who actually performs the save and how?
a. The neighbor; He dons mountain climbing gear and rappels down the side of the building

5. What does the rescuer say to himself before heading in for the save?
a. "Once more unto the breach, dear friends"

6. What is the rescuer’s name?
a. Clive Harbison

7. What happens moments after the old woman is rescued?
a. Her apartment blows up

8. What is the headline in Gary’s paper the next morning?
a. "Rescue Hero Killed in Hit & Run"

9. What "pressing issue" is Gary supposed to be helping Chuck with?
a. Painting & scraping (they’re repainting/redecorating the office)

10. What is the "rescue hero" waiting for when Gary arrives?
a. The moving van - - "a removal van"

11. What is the hero’s response to Gary’s comment about the cold?
a. "Call this cold? You should try a Scottish grass moor at dawn."

12. What do Gary & the hero jump into to escape being hit by the car?
a. The back of a Chevy pickup truck

13. What insult does the driver hurl at Gary’s companion?
a. "Lousy little limey punk"

14. What is the number of the bus that Gary and his companion board?
a. 4575

15. Who does Gary’s companion claim to work for?
a. MI6 – British Intelligence

16. What is Gary’s response?
a. "You’re a spy?"

17. What does Chuck say after asking Gary, "How many times have I told you - don't get involved?"
a. You can catch 'em, but you can't cook 'em

18. What is Chuck's reply when Gary takes on responsibility for his guest's circumstances?
a. "There you go again, puttin' the whole world on your shoulders. A tree gets cut down in the rain forest, and it's your fault."

19. Who is the owner of the painting being assessed?
a. Bill Phelps

20. Briefly, what three reasons does the art expert/assessor give for the painting being a fake?
a. One, the brushwork is too studied; two, the canvas is of a manufacture that wasn't available until the 1800's; and three, the assessor happened to have seen the original elsewhere

21. Where is the original?
a. In a private collection outside of Paris

22. Where does the art expert/assessor work?
a. At the Guggenheim

23. What color scheme does Chuck want to use for the office?
a. Red ceilings, peach walls, and white moldings

24. What does Chuck say in defense of the color scheme?
a. "It makes a statement"

25. What is Marissa’s response?
a. "Yeah, it makes a statement, all right - - get out of here fast"

26. What does Marissa say when Chuck ask her what *she'd* know about it?
a. "It even sounds disgusting"

27. What does the guest say of the beef at McGinty's?
a. "Your beef -- absolutely first class. No mad cows here"

28. Chuck says he's trying to redecorate and getting no help from Gary and Marissa, whom he describes as what?
a. "These two Philistines"

29. What does Chuck have in mind for the redecoration?
a. Something bold, something splashy

30. What does Gary's guest offer to do in exchange for his supper?
a. Have a stab at painting the office

31. How does he describe his own abilities in this area?
a. "I dabble."

32. What does Clive do to redecorate?
a. He recreates the Sistine Chapel on the ceiling

33. Where does Clive say his talents lie?
a. In the realm of imitation rather than creation

34. Who is the man that tried to run over Gary and Clive?
a. Marty Jarmisch - - a former business associate of Clive's

35. Clive's reason for the hit and run attempt was that he and this man had "had a falling out." What is Chuck's response?
a. Gary and I have a falling out every day, but I don't try and run him over with my car.

36. What disaster has Gary just dealt with when he returns to McGinty’s later that morning?
a. A school bus ran into a chicken truck – he has feathers in his jacket

37. What is Clive teaching Mario to do?
a. How to make crepes suzette - - he's a gourmet cook, too

38. Who does Clive meet outside of McGinty's and what is her name?
a. The art expert/assessor - - Faye Davis

39. What does Clive do in order to hide from Marty as he passes on the street?
a. He grabs Faye and kisses her

40. Who wishes Crumb were there to consult?
a. Chuck

41. Where is Crumb?
a. On a river in Montana

42. What insult does this woman hurl at Clive?
a. "Patronizing, double-dealing, 4-flusher"

43. What name does Clive keep using for Gary that Gary hates?
a. Hobbers

44. Where is Clive from?
a. London, England

45. What did he determine made him a failure as an art student?
a. No fresh ideas or originality

46. What was his real gift?
a. Mimicry; copying the masters

47. What is/was his nickname?
a. The Chameleon

48. How did Clive know Marty?
a. He knew modern-day robber barons who would gladly overpay for a piece of artwork they could never publicly display or even acknowledge

49. What stolen painting did Marty give to his girlfriend?
a. A watercolor by Goya

50. How long did Marty spend in a Spanish prison after getting caught?
a. Three years

51. What was Faye's position at the museum from which he pilfered the Van Gogh?
a. The curator

52. How did the present owner of the stolen painting make his money?
a. By cheating on the stock market - - insider trading

53. How long has it been since Clive attempted to steal back the Van Gogh?
a. Three years

54. What is the headline in the Paper when Gary returns to his room to watch TV?
a. Thief mauled by guard dogs; arrested

55. How long does Gary say Clive has been down the wrong road?
a. 20 years

56. Where is Clive when Gary and Chuck arrive on the scene?
a. Cowering on a brick wall

57. What is Gary’s excuse for knowing where to find Clive?
a. He read an article about the 10 richest guys in Chicago

58. What does the headline change to?
a. "Art thief arrested; daring heist foiled by hidden alarm"

59. What type of alarm does Chuck warn Clive about?
a. A passive infrared motion detector

60. What does Chuck pick up that sets off an alarm?
a. An autographed Michael Jordan sneaker that he wore against the Jazz in the finals

61. What does Clive say they should do once the alarm sounded?
a. Run away! Run away!

62. What is the value of the stolen Van Gogh?
a. $30,000,000

63. Why can't Clive turn over the painting to the police?
a. Because Faye was the curator when he stole the Van Gogh and it would ruin her reputation

64. What do Chuck, Gary, and Clive do when staking out the museum?
a. Clive takes a picture from the angle of the security camera, Chuck bumps into a man and takes his badge, Gary helps Clive by walking around nonchalantly

65. What does Chuck say in response to Clive questioning if everybody understands their roles?
a. We go to the museum, we fall to pieces, and we get arrested

66. What do Clive and Gary dress up as?
a. Police officers

67. What unexpected guest shows up at Gary's door?
a. Marty - - with Faye held at gunpoint

68. What is the headline on the Paper left behind in Gary's room?
a. "Art theft foiled at museum"

69. What is "Phase One" of the plan?
a. Marissa and Chuck linger inside of the museum until closing time.

70. What does Marissa say to explain why a blind person is in an art museum?
a. "Sometimes I can feel the painting. Some of these works exude such an aura, I can sense the color and the form right off the canvas…. Sometimes I get so inspired I do a little painting myself"

71. Where are the phones located relative to Marissa?
a. Down the hall on the left.

72. What is the security guard at the museum doing while nobody's watching?
a. Playing "fast draw" with his pistol

73. What does Marissa do once the museum closes?
a. She opens the emergency door

74. What is the museum security guard's name?
a. Andrews

75. What museum are they at?
a. The University of Chicago Art Museum

76. Who and what is Chuck pretending to be?
a. Gilleland from Internal and Systems Management

77. What reason does Gary give to explain why the police have arrived so quickly?
a. "We had a 36 over at 1825 Michigan, I had to give a quick 10-4"

78. What does Chuck tell them is the "problem?"
a. We got a possible intruder on the second floor emergency exit - a 14 - 24 - 16.

79. What is Clive's response to Marissa's "how's it going" question?
a. As the man said when he jumped off the 20-story building, so far, so good

80. For what famous museums does Chuck claim he designed security systems?
a. The Louvre in Paris & The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

81. What does Chuck to do distract attention from the security monitor?
a. He starts screaming in pain and falls to the ground

82. What reason does Chuck give for needing anti-bloating medication?
a. He says he has a genetic condition that causes his brain to blow up like a pumpkin

83. What did Gary do when Marty showed up in the museum?
a. He gave him the real painting

84. What happened to Marty once he got out of the museum?
a. He got busted by the cops for possession of stolen goods

85. What does Faye call Gary’s explanation of why he gave Marty the real painting?
a. Improvisational Art

86. Where does Marissa think that she, Gary & Chuck should go next?
a. Out to dinner - - she thinks it’s still early

87. Where does Gary want to go?
a. Home to bed

88. What does Marissa call Gary?
a. A stick in the mud

89. What is Chuck’s comment?
a. "All work and no play makes Gary a very dull boy"

90. What does Gary say when he finds out that Marissa agrees with Chuck?
I ought to arrest the both of you

BONUS: What part is Ian Ogilvy (Clive) known for playing in the 1970s that Roger Moore played in the 1960s and George Sanders played in the 1930s? He might remind you a bit of this part in this EE episode!
a. Simon Templar, a.k.a. the Saint; a "robin hood of modern crime"
(For more information on "the Saint," visit http://www.saint.org/ )

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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