Quotable Quotes ~ 219: Show Me The Monet

Quotable Quote


Chuck: You invited him here?

Gary: Yup.

Chuck: He's staying with you?

Gary: Yup.

Chuck: Gar, how many times have I told you, "Don't get involved?" Look, you can catch him but you can't keep him.

Gary: Look, the guy doesn't have a job. He dosen't have anywhere to go. He's, look, people are trying to kill him and its my fault.

Chuck: There you go again, putting the world on your shoulders. A tree gets cut down in the rain forest and its your fault.

Chuck: Show a little imagination.

Gary: Imagination. You want red ceilings, peach walls and white molding?

Chuck: Its a statement.

Gary: [sarcastically] A statement.

Marissa: Yeah its a statement all right. "Get out of here fast."

Chuck: And what would you know about it?

Marissa: It even sounds disgusting.

Clive: I must say, your beef, absolutley first class. No mad cows here. [Sees Chuck up on ladder] Hello. What all this?

Chuck: Yeah, well, see, I am trying to redecorate here, but I am getting no help from these *philistines.*

Clive: Ha. What did you have in mind?

Chuck: You know, something bold, something [Mocking Clive's British accent] *splashy.*

Chuck: And uh, who was that guy yesterday? The one who tried to kill you.

Clive: Um uh, a business associate. [after recieveing looks from Gary and Chuck that say, "yeah right." he adds] A former business associate. We had a bit of a falling out.

Chuck: Well Gary and I have a falling out everyday, but I don't try to run him over with my car.

Gary: What you two want me to do is, you want me to, with a known felon, to break into a private residence and steal a painting?

Chuck: A *stolen* painting that was illeagally obtained by a guy who made millions by cheating in the stock market. [pauses] You wanna borrow my car?


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