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215: Mum's the Word

1. What are the students at the museum to see?
a. Inuit whaling canoe

2. What is the exhibit that the school kids are really interested in?
a. The Treasures of Akenubis

3. Where is the exhibit?
a. At the Museum of Natural History

4. What is the teacher's name?
a. Miss Baker

5. Who was Akenubis?
a. According to Miss Baker, he was a high priest in ancient Egypt.

6. What happens to the eyes of the cat statue as the two boys hide in the exhibit?
a. They begin to glow

7. What is the headline in Gary’s paper?
a. "Curse of the Mummy?; Tragic accident at museum gala."

8. Chuck says the exhibit is the biggest exhibit since what?
a. Since King Tut

9. Chuck says the 'curse of the mummy' is what?
a. A publicity stunt

10. Chuck say of negative publicity for the exhibit that "they'll milk it for every _______?
a. Drachma

11. What three items does Chuck suggest they'll be selling at the exhibit?
a. Akenubis T-shirts, Akenubis Tote Bags, Akenubis Breath Mints

12. Who is the would-be victim of the falling ornamental sculpture?
a. Trevor Bradford

13. What is his occupation?
a. Archaeologist

14. What role must Marissa play in order to help Gary get into the opening?
a. The Blind Princess, Princess Effendi of the royal family of Quattar and Khartoum

15. The museum guard tells Gary and Marissa that his orders are clear. What are his orders?
a. No invitation, no admittance

16. Who arrives to help Gary and Marissa get into the Opening party?
a. An Egyptian gentleman named Ali Bishara

17. What is the name of the museum director?
a. Dr. Michael Lawson

18. What is the name of the woman who interrupts the speech?
a. Sammi (Samira) Awad

19. With what institution does she say she's affiliated?
a. The University of Chicago

20. What does Marissa receive from Ali the next day?
a. Roses

21. What has Ali written to Marissa?
a. "My dearest Marissa, I expected to see rare and beautiful things last night, but none so rare and beautiful as you. I return to Egypt soon. I must see you again."

22. What is Ali an expert in?
a. Egyptian antiquities

23. Ali has offices on how many continents?
a. Three

24. What is the next headline in Gary’s paper?
a. "Fire at Natural History Museum; Akenubis opening postponed again"

25. What is Sammi's main profession?
a. Egyptologist

26. How long before she gets her Ph.D.?
a. One month

27. What is ka?
a. A person's spirit double - the immortal soul

28. What do ancient Egyptians believe about a dead person's ka?
a. That it could communicate with the living.

29. How does the fire at the museum start?
a. A thief is frightened by something, trips over a cable which knocks over a transformer box sending sparks onto and igniting a rush matting

30. Who is the thief?
a. Hassan Rajid

31. For whom did the thief work and in what position?
a. He works for Trevor Bradford as his foreman

32. The thief works for whom now?
a. Ali

33. What has the thief stolen?
a. The emerald eyes of the cat statue

34. What is the Paper's headline the next morning?
a. "Mysterious Death of Mummy Foreman; Egyptian Found Dead."

35. What does Ali ask Marissa to do?
a. Return to Egypt with him

36. Where do Ali and Marissa have lunch?
a. At the Taste of Cairo Restaurant

37. What is the real-life name of this restaurant?
a. Kan Zaman Restaurant at 5204 N. Clark St.

38. What kind of entertainment do they have at the restaurant?
a. Belly dancers

39. What does Hassan believe is causing his illness?
a. A curse

40. Why does he believe this?
a. The hieroglyphics on a scarab he also stole mentions a curse

41. How was Hassan going to die?
a. Ali was going to stab him

42. What happens to Hassan when he runs away from Gary?
a. He’s hit by a car

43. What is the stone Gary shows to Sammi?
a. A scarab - and amulet in the shape of a dung beetle

44. What is the Egyptian symbol of rebirth?
a. Beetle

45. What is Chuck’s reaction to Marissa’s decision to go away with Ali?
a. You’ve known Ali for ten minutes!

46. What does Ali give to Marissa besides flowers?
a. The stolen emeralds made into earrings

47. To whom does he claim they belonged?
a. His mother

48. Who does not like Ali besides Chuck and how do we know?
a. Cat; he growls at Ali

49. What is the translation of the first line of inscription on the scarab?
a. To all who enter here may you show proper respect

50. Where does Sammi think "here" is?
a. A temple

51. Where does Gary think "here" is?
a. A tomb

52. What is the next headline in Gary’s paper?
a. "Epidemic linked to Mummy exhibit; Quarantine ordered"

53. What is Gary's reaction when Chuck tells him Marissa is going to Egypt?
a. She hardly knows that guy!

54. According to Sammi, who was Akenubis?
a. A priest who served a goddess named Bastet

55. Who or what is Bastet?
a. A cat goddess

56. Where were the artifacts for the museum exhibit found?
a. In Bubastis

57. What were Bastet's special powers?
a. She could see the future

58. What did the Egyptian people believe of Akenubis and Bastet?
a. That Bastet helped Akenubis see the future, but that the magic came directly from the cat.

59. What is Gary’s reaction to this piece of news?
a. He sits down in a hurry

60. Against what was Bastet the protector?
a. Against contagion and disease

61. According to the inscription, what will happen if anyone plunders the tomb?
a. There will be a terrible plague

62. What does Chuck say to this?
a. You mean like as in Passover plague?

63. What is Chuck's new nickname for Marissa?
a. Princess

64. What happens to Marissa in McGinty's kitchen?
a. She faints; Chuck catches her

65. What did the doctors give to Chuck for safe-keeping?
a. Plastic bag containing the earrings from Ali

66. What is the next headline in Gary’s paper?
a. "Mystery epidemic claims first victim; Local restaurateur dies"

67. What are the names of the doctors checking up on Marissa?
a. Dr. Diane Grad, Dr. Phillip Watters, Dr. Keith Wilkes

68. What hospital is Marissa in?
a. Chicago Hope

69. What does Gary suggest is the source of the illnesses?
a. The mummy exhibit; something contagious in the artifacts themselves

70. What did Dr. Grad have the opportunity to examine and for what reason?
a. Lupita, a frozen five-hundred-year-old Peruvian mummy; wanted to see if she was carrying diseases that we hadn't seen before

71. How does Gary describe Marissa to the doctors at the hospital?
a. A very dear friend

72. Gary tells the doctors that the mummy exhibit may be what?
a. Cursed

73. Who gets sick next?
a. Chuck

74. What does Cat go after that Chuck is holding?
a. The earrings

75. What is Chuck’s reaction to hearing the true origins of the earrings and of Ali's involvement?
a. "Poor Marissa. Can’t she find a normal guy?

76. Given a choice between modern medical science and a 3,000 year old curse what will Chuck put his money on?
a. The curse

77. What does Dr. Grad think the is causing the illnesses?
a. A mutant strain of small pox

78. Where do Gary, Chuck and Sammi go and why?
a. To the museum to return the earrings to the exhibit

79. Who else shows up there and for what reason?
a. Hassan and Ali; Ali to steal back the emeralds, Hassan to stop him

80. What happens after Hassan and Ali struggle?
a. They vanish into thin air, leaving the emeralds behind

81. What happens after the emeralds are replaced?
a. Everyone suddenly overcomes the illness

82. What is the headline in the paper after this is all over?
a. "Mummy show draws cat-astrophic crowds"

83. What is the exhibit now called?
a. The Treasures of Bastet

84. How has the exhibit changed?
a. It’s been rearranged to accommodate the cat as the important figure

85. What does one of the doctors say about Gary?
a. He's a nut. Certifiable

86. Why does he say this?
a. Because he doesn’t believe Gary’s story about the curse

87. According to Chuck, who all are looking for Hassan and Ali?
a. The hospital, Egyptian Security, the police

88. What does Chuck tell Marissa as the three friends are walking through the new exhibit?
a. From now on I’m screening all of your dates

89. What unusual objects in the museum grab Gary's attention?
a. Two mummy cases, the faces of which show a striking resemblance to Hassan and Ali

90. What is Chuck’s very last line in the closing monologue?
a. "I’d tell you what I think, but the cat’s got my tongue."

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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