‘Nest Egg’ continued...

Written by Alex Taub and Sean Clark; Directed by Gary Nelson; (as "fanscribed" by Brandi)

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[Scene: Marissa getting out of Taxi outside of McGinty’s. Gary walks out of McGinty’s with jeans, and a leather jacket on, carrying the paper. He runs to Marissa.]

Gary: Marissa! Uh, listen, do you have any idea where my mother might be?

Marissa: No. Why?

Gary: ’Cause she’s gonna shoot somebody.

Marissa: What?

Gary: You know that guy I told you about - - the guy that ripped her off? ‘Indiana woman shoots conman.’

Marissa: Oh, well, I don’t blame her.

Gary: Marissa, I’m trying to stop my mother from committing murder here!

Marissa: Gary, your mother is not capable of murder.

Gary: Has the paper ever been wrong?

Marissa: You better go.

Gary: Yeah, he starts hurrying away, You, uh - - Yeah, I’m gonna - - I-I’ll just - - I’ll find her and then, uh - -

[SCENE:To show break in scenes, El train moves quickly past screen. Stanley walking down a busy sidewalk, Gary following behind him. Stanley walks to a payphone and looks at his watch. Payphone rings, Stanley answers]

Stanley: Stability Investments.

[Now you can only hear Stanley’s half of the conversation.]

Stanley: Yes, this is Stanley Hollenbeck. Well, how’re you doin’? You caught me on my cell phone. Can you hear me all right? Now, listen, as I was telling you yesterday, this is the very definition of the no-risk investment. You’re gonna get in on the ground floor. We’re gonna - - We’re gonna be around for a long, long time.

[Camera shot on Gary, who is watching Stanley from across the street. Gary spots his mom across a street and looks at her holding a brown paper bag and reaching into it. He runs over to her.]

Gary: Mom!

[Lois jumps.]

Lois: Gary!

Gary: What do you think you’re doin’?

Lois: Eating a fritter.

[Gary snatches her bag.]

Lois: Get your own.

[She grabs it back, after Gary looked inside and found only a fritter.]

Gary: Where’s the gun?

Lois: Gun? What gun? What is wrong with you?

Gary: Listen, I know what you’re going to do.

Lois: What?

Gary: It’s in the paper. He shows her the paper.

Lois: That’s not me.

Gary: Come on. Blonde hair, middle-aged woman from Indiana?

[Lois looks around, and points across the street.]

Lois: Gary.

[They both look at a blonde-haired, middle-aged woman who is holding a gun pointed at Stanley. They run to the woman. Gary takes the gun and Lois and Gary walk the woman across the street.]

Gary: Come on, lady. Come on.

Indiana Woman: [screams]

Stanley: No, no, no. Listen to me here. It’s the next silicon. It’s the future of computers.

[Hearing the noise, he looks around, a van blocks Gary, Lois, and the woman. He returns to his telephone conversation.]

Stanley: $15,000 gets you in.

[Back across the street…]

Lois: We don’t blame you, but you can’t shoot Stanley. Not yet, anyhow.

Indiana Woman: How do you know Stanley?

Lois: Uh…

Gary: Well, you’re from Indiana, aren’t ya?

Indiana Woman: Yeah. Terre Haute. How do you know that?

Lois: Accent. Now, how much did he get from you?

Indiana Woman: Only the whole nest egg. See, my husband was saving to buy a bass boat. It was his dream, and now I think he’s gonna leave me.

Gary: Over a bass boat?

Lois: Listen, I promise you, we’re gonna get all of your money back.

Indiana Woman: How?

Lois: Well…

Indiana Woman: Oh, listen, I tried. I tried. I even hired a private investigator, and he found Stanley, but even he couldn’t get my money back, so I borrowed Sonny’s gun, and I hit the road. I didn’t know what else to do.

Gary: Well, yo - - you’re not in this alone.

Lois: No, he ripped me off, too. I’m Lois H-Hobson.

Indiana Woman: Oh, from Hickory.

Lois: How do you know that?

Indiana Woman: Oh! Well, the private investigator gave me a list of all of Stanley’s victims. See? Here we go. She shows them a list.

Indiana Woman: Wow, Lois, he really cleaned you out, didn’t he?

Lois: A whole fleet of bass boats.

Gary: Mom.

[He shows her the paper, shows headline CONMAN DISAPPEARS WITH STOLEN FUNDS.]

Lois: Uh-oh.

Gary: Uh, l-look, we’re sort of in a time crunch here. Could I borrow that list?

[Woman hands it to him.]

Gary: Thank you.

[Lois grabs the Indiana Woman’s arm, and they walk behind Gary.]

Indiana Woman: Yeah, well, you know, he just ripped me off.

Lois: I’m so sorry to hear that.

[SCENE: Moe, the Indiana woman, Lois, two other men, arguing in a back room of McGinty’s.]

Lois: Hey! Could we just pipe down? Now, we all know why we’re here, right?

Mr. Nordlinger: Yeah. It’s because we’re all morons - - Sheep, lambs to the slaughter.

Lois: No, it’s because we all got taken by a very slick guy, and if we keep feeling sorry for ourselves, Mr. Nordlinger, we will not get our money back. We’re all a group. We should start acting like one.

[Moe raises his hand.]

Lois: Mr. Baxter.

Moe Baxter: I have a plan. I say we stake him out, cover him with Marmalade, and let loose the fire ants.

Indiana Woman: Oh, that’s not productive. That’s not productive at all.

Moe: At least I’m trying.

Man3: I’m with Moe. I like his style.

Lois: Well, we all like Moe’s style, but - -

Mr. Nordlinger: But what? The guy ripped us off.

Lois: We-we need to be positive, and we need to be productive, and we...

[Camera shows Gary picking a fuzz off of his sweater, kind of bored]

Lois: ...need a plan, a sophisticated plan.

Man3: And you have such a plan?

Lois: No, I don’t, but he does.

[She points to Gary, who was blowing that piece of fuzz through his fingers into the air.]

Gary: Huh?

[They all look at Gary.]

Gary: Me?

[SCENE: Gary and Lois in McGinty’s at Gary’s office.]

Gary: What did you do that for?

Lois: You were right.

Gary: I was right about what?

Lois: Well, I should have come to you, Gary, for advice. You were a stockbroker, but I got carried away. But I’m coming to you now, son. I really need your help.

Gary: Listen, Mom. You know, I just can’t go out and buy a bunch of lottery tickets with this. The paper doesn’t work like that.

Lois: I don’t want you to misuse the paper. I want to get Stanley. I wanna stop him before he does this to anyone else. Sure, it’s about money, but not just mine, theirs, too. Do you know, all told, he has bilked his investors out of a quarter of a million dollars?

Gary: A quarter of a million dollars?

Lois: yeah. So think of something. Gary goes through paper.

[Erica walks into the office, sees Gary and Lois]

Erica:: Oh, I’m sorry.

Gary: Hey, Mom, what’s that saying - - ‘Nobody can be conned like a conman?’

Gary [to Erica]: You busy?

[Erica shakes her head and smiles.]

[SCENE: Department store. Gary looks really good in a nice, expensive suit.]

Lois: Thanks, Sam. He looks great.

[Sam was one man who Stanley conned out of his money.]

Sam: Hey, if it helps you get my money back, I’ll put this guy in seeded pigskin.

Gary: I don’t think that’ll be necessary.

Lois: What do you think, honey?

Gary: I don’t see what’s wrong with my old suits.

Erica: I think you look great.

Gary: Let me tell you something, classics never go out of style.

Lois: Gary, let us pick the clothes. You can pick the car.

[SCENE: Really expensive and modern-looking silver Mercedes is on display where Gary, Lois, Erica, and Mr. Nordlinger are.]

Mr. Nordlinger: The 300 SL? Oh, no. That’s the only one in Chicago. It’s just for show. It’s not for sale.

Lois: Oh, we don’t want to buy it. We want to borrow it.

Nordlinger: The manager would kill me.

[Lois adjusts Mr. Nordlinger’s tie]

Lois:: Robert, you want your money back, don’t you?

[Gary says in an I-want-that-car-and-need-to-persuade-you-to-give-it-to-me kind of way:]

Gary: Yeah, you want your money back, don’t you?

[SCENE: That expensive car driving down a Chicago street. Robert Nordlinger looks up at it in a regretful and nervous way. Lois and Robert are still at curb.]

Lois: Oh, it’s okay.

[SCENE: Stanley Hollenbeck in the same bar he was with Lois with another middle-aged woman.]

Stanley: Now, Joanne, I don’t want you to sign this unless you can tell me that you have no doubts at all.

Joanne:: I don’t have any doubts.

Stanley: I just wanted to hear you say it, Reaches into his pocket and takes out a pen and says, Right there.

[She signs the paper.]

Stanley: Congratulations, Joanne. You will start making money the second you get that check to me.

Joanne: Thank you, Mr. Hollenbeck.

Stanley: There’s no reason to thank me, Joanne. We are in this together.

[Stanley blows on the paper to dry the ink]

Stanley: Shall we?

[They stand up and Stanley walks into the bar area. Camera shows Gary and Erica sitting at the bar. Erica is talking with a southern accent, to Gary]

Erica: Would you give it a rest, already?

Gary: Listen, all I’m saying is that we lost 700 K.

Erica: In a week. What’s wrong with that?

[Stanley walks by them and stops to listen to what they’re saying.]

Gary: Look, the program slipped a million last week, a million the week before. Why’d it drop?

Erica: You know, I am sick and tired of hearin’ you complain. Why don’t you just enjoy it already?

Gary: Because the program is flawed. He takes a sip of his drink, and says, What is this?

Erica: I don’t know.

Gary [to bartender]: Hey, pal. I asked for the Kamchatka Private Reserve, huh?

Bartender: Sorry, sir.

Stanley [to Gary]: Excuse me, friend. I share your taste in vodka. Let me pick up a round.

Gary: Well, excuse me, but do I look like somebody who needs you to buy me a drink?

Erica [to Gary]: Honey.

Gary [to Erica]: 700 stinks.


[Scene: Still at bar. Stanley is looking at Gary’s laptop. Gary covers it and looks at Stanley with an evil eye. Stanley walks to sit down by Erica, and Gary opens his cell phone and dials.]

Erica [to Stanley]: Don’t mind Gary. He’s in a crummy mood.

Stanley: It’s alright. Sounds like he had a rough day.

Erica, with a southern accent: Any time he doesn’t clear a million before lunch, he gets like this. I’ll tell you what, I’ll buy the drinks.

Gary [speaks into phone]: Elton, all right. I got it. Buy a hundred thousand shares of Markson. Listen; just trust me on this, will ya? It’s gonna split. Yeah. And I suggest you get it rather quickly. [Gary looks at stock section of paper, and it says Markson industries splits.]

[Shot of TV - - Stocks running across the screen. Gary sees Stanley sitting near Erica.]

Gary: What is he doin’ here?

Erica: He didn’t hear anything, [to Stanley] Did you?

Stanley: Hear what?

Erica: Told you.

Stanley: I hope I didn’t get you into trouble.

[Erica moves closer to Stanley by moving to the next closest stool.]

Erica: So what if you did? [introducing herself] Crystal.

Stanley: Stanley Hollenbeck.

[Shakes her hand.]

Erica: Pleasure.

Stanley: So you’re in finance?

Erica: No. I’m in captivity. [gestures towards Gary] He’s in finance.

Stanley: I see.

Erica: Tell you the truth, all those numbers bore me to death.

Stanley: Those sure are some big numbers. 100,000 shares of - - what is it - - Markson?

Gary: That’s more like it.

[He’s looking at the television, which says MARKSON IND. STOCK SPLITS.]

Gary: Just like I called it.

Stanley: I can’t believe it. It split.

Gary: Now what do you think, sweetie?

Erica: [sarcastically] Whoopee.

[Stanley stands up, walks to Gary.]

Stanley: That was remarkable.

Gary: Hey, pal, you mind givin’ me a little space here, huh?

Stanley: Certainly. No problem.

[Stanley leaves.]

Erica: Can we go now?

Gary: No, we can’. I’ve got to make some more phone calls.

Erica: Well, why don’t you do it from the car?

Gary: Because I like it here. What’s your problem, anyway?

Erica: Nothin’.

[Erica picks up her drink, as well as Stanley’s, and walks into the back room where Stanley is seated.]

Stanley: Hi.

Erica: Your drink.

Stanley: Thank you.

Erica: Mind if I sit?

Stanley: Well, I’d mind if you don’t. But what about… [gestures to Gary.]

Erica: Oh, don’t worry. He won’t even notice.

Stanley: I’ve never seen the two of you in here before.

Erica: Well, that’s ‘cause we’ve been travelin’. Spent the last two months in Geneva.

Stanley: Sounds nice.

Erica: Oh, not really. He spent all day on the phone. Different hours, that’s all.

Stanley: So he really does play the market.

Erica: Oh, he doesn’t play.

Stanley: Well, then, uh, what’s his angle? I mean, what your friend did in there, calling that split… I’ve never seen anything like that before, and I’ve seen a lot. I mean, that was a cool half million.

Erica: Really? Whatever. It’s not like I’m ever gonna see any of it. It was fun at first, but guys like that, it’s all about the money.

Stanley Hollenbeck: Not all guys are like that.

Erica: You gonna try and tell me you’re different?

Stanley: I’m not gonna try to tell you anything. I’d show you.

Erica: How?

Stanley: You get me one of his tips, I’d prove it to you. I mean, what good is having all that money if you don’t have somebody to share it with? Especially someone like you.

Erica: I bet you tell that to all the girls.

Stanley: I can honestly say that you are the first.

[He holds up his pointer finger, and when Erica’s not looking, he crosses it.]

Erica: Hmm. Well, I’ll see what I can do.

[Erica walks over to Gary.]

[SCENE: Camera shows Gary’s mom on the phone with Marissa behind her.]

Lois: So, how’s it goin’?

[SCENE: Camera shows Gary on the phone in the bar. The camera keeps going back and forth between Gary and Lois on the phone, to show that they’re talking to each other.]

Gary: Yeah, well, he’s-he’s takin’ the bait.

Lois [whispering to Marissa]: He’s taking the bait.

Lois: And Erica? Is she doing all right?

Gary: Yeah, she’s doin’ fine.

Lois: So, Gary, what’s going on between you and her?

Gary: I’m hanging up now, Mom.

[Gary hangs up and walks closer to Erica.]

Erica [with normal voice]: We’re on. He wants the tip.

Gary: All right.

Erica: So now what?

Gary: We give him the tip.

[Gary looks at stock section of the paper.]

Erica: What tip? I still don’t understand how all this works.

Gary: Just trust me. It’s gonna work.

[Gary is typing on his laptop computer.]

Erica: How? Where are you getting all of your information?

Gary: Well, I still know some of the guys down at the brokerage house.

Erica: That’s insider trading.

Gary: Yeah, well, kind of.

Erica: That’s illegal, Gary.

Gary: Yeah, but I really don’t wanna talk about all this right now.

Erica: Gary.

Gary: Listen. Uh, look, I want you to take a look at the computer, and pretend like you’re lookin’ at somethin’ you’re not supposed to, then write it down and give it to the guy.

[Erica looks at the laptop that says GEN-PHEN----BUY. Erica writes it on a napkin, shows Stanley the napkin (Stanley is in the other room) and sets the napkin down. Gary puts on his coat and they walk out. Stanley gets up and grabs the napkin before the bartender can toss it out.]

Stanley: Give me a phone, would you, please?

[The bartender hands him the phone.]

Stanley: Thank you. [Stanley dials the phone] Walter… You got a pencil? I’m back in the market.

[SCENE: Scene: Gary cutting vegetables in the kitchen of McGinty’s.]

Lois: I hate the idea that you had to give him a real stock tip. It’s like giving him money.

Gary: Listen, would you relax, please?

Lois: He could be halfway to Rio by now.

Gary: Listen, I’ve seen guys like this on TV before. He’s not gonna settle for a single score. He’s gonna call. Believe me.

Lois: What if you’re wrong? What if - -

[Cell phone rings.]

Lois: Could be someone else.

[Gary tosses the phone to Erica. She catches it, opens it, and says, in her southern accent,]

Erica: Hello? Hi, Stanley. Feelin’ any richer? Oh, no, it’s alright. He’s not here right now. Oh, why, yes, I’d love to. Where?

Lois [whispers, to Gary]: I never doubted you for a moment, son.

[SCENE: Erica and Stanley sitting on a bench outside of a building. Stanley hands Erica a small box.]

Erica: What is it?

[Stanley pops it open.]

Stanley: It’s a gold watch.

Erica: Oh.

Stanley: I told you, I like to share the wealth.

Erica: Stanley.

[Stanley puts the gold watch on Erica’s wrist.]

Stanley: Here. You probably got three of these at home already.

Erica: Not like this one.

Stanley: You know, Crystal, I’ve been thinkin’. You and I could help each other out.

Erica: You want another tip? I sure could use a pair of diamond earring to go with this.

Stanley: [laughs] Earrings? How about a diamond mine?

Erica: What?

Stanley: You’re thinking too small. How does he do it? Who’s his source?

Erica: He is the source.

Stanley: What?

Erica: Gary’s been writin’ software programs for brokers since he was fifteen. He came up with some kind of algorithm or somethin’. I don’t really understand t. All I know is he’s been tryin’ to perfect it, and he’s never satisfied.

Stanley: He’s using some kind of a computer program to do this? That’s impossible.

Erica: If you say so. Like I said, I don’t really understand it. I just see all the money he makes.

Stanley: Can you get me a copy of the software?

Erica: Oh, he don’t make copies. He’s got it all hard-wired into that little computer of his. It’s all custom.

Stanley: Okay. Okay. Can you get me the computer?

Erica: Are you kiddin’?

Stanley: Look, Crystal, you and me, we’re the same. We’re lookin’ for the big hit. Your friend, he’s never gonna change, but you and me, we’d know what to do with that money once we had it.

Erica: He’d kill me.

[Eric stands up and starts walking away. Stanley follows.]

Stanley: He’d never find you. I’d take you with me.

Erica: Then I’d just be in the same boat, that’s all. Different faces. I’m tired of it.

Stanley: What do you want, then?

Erica: I want my own ticket. I want to go my own way.

Stanley: What’s your price?

Erica: What are you offering?

Stanley: $100,000.

Erica: Forget it. You’d make that back in a week.

Stanley: You tell me, then.

Erica: A quarter million cash, and that’s only ‘cause I like you.

Stanley: Cash.

Erica: It’s a bargain, and you know it.

Stanley: Give me two hours.

Erica: All right. Meet me.

Stanley: Where?

Erica: There’s this bar I know called McGinty’s, on Illinois.

Stanley: Two hours.

Erica: All right.

[Stanley walks away.]

[SCENE: Stanley walking, alone, into Midwest National Bank.]

[SCENE: Lois is holding a pistol. She loads it and hands it to Erica.]


[Scene: Erica waiting on a bench at a table in McGinty’s that is decorated in Christmas stuff. Lois and the other people who were conned by Stanley are standing behind the kitchen door, looking out. They spot Stanley. Stanley sits with Erica.]

Stanley: Let’s see.

Erica: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

[Both chuckle]

[Stanley puts a silver briefcase on the table, and opens it to reveal that it is filled with money.]

Stanley: Want to count it?

Erica: Oh, no. I trust you.

Stanley: And one other thing… He reaches into his inside pocket of his coat.

[Erica looks a little nervous.]

Stanley: I know you’ve been to Geneva. How does Tahiti sound? No strings attached.

Erica: Tahiti? Sounds warm.

[Erica reaches for the brochure and ticket that Stanley is holding. Stanley pulls them away.]

Stanley: Mnh-mnh-mnh. Your turn.

Erica: All right.

[The detective that Lois and Gary talked to earlier walks into McGinty’s. Lois, who is behind kitchen door with others, says: Oh, no. Detective walks up to a patron and says,]

Detective: I’m looking for Lois Hobson.

[Marissa quickly walks out of the kitchen and calls,]

Marissa: Mr. Sullivan?

Detective: Yeah?

Marissa: Could you come this way, please?

Detective: This way? What?

Marissa: Right through this door. Could you follow me?

Detective: What?

[He follows Marissa.]

[Erica unzips the computer bag, ignores what just happened with the Detective.]

Stanley: Who did he say he was looking for?

Erica: Um, well, I believe he was lookin’ for somebody named Louis.

[She smiles and hands the laptop to Stanley.]

Erica: Here you go. There you are.

[SCENE: You can hear Marissa say: "This way." Inside of McGinty’s kitchen. Lois is cooking bratwurst.]

Lois: Detective Sullivan. What a pleasant surprise.

Detective Sullivan: Yeah. I just got this fax, and, uh--

Lois: Hey, could I interest you in some custom-made bratwurst direct from the factory in Milwaukee?

Detective: Custom-made?

Lois: Not available to the general public.

[Moe Baxter runs over, yelling]

Moe: Help! Someone! Police!

Lois [in a careless way, like she’s a bad actress]: Oh, no.

Moe: Help! I’ve been robbed. He took my wallet, my keys, my passport.

Lois, to Detective Sullivan: Go ahead. I’ll keep the sauerkraut warm.

[Detective follows Moe.]

Moe: Uh, big guy, dark coat, uh, and an eye patch! And he limped!

[Detective is already out the back door, looking for the man.]

Lois [to everyone in the kitchen]: Hurry! Let’s go!

[All the people who were conned out of their money were dressed in chef’s uniforms to fool Detective Sullivan.]

[SCENE: Back to Erica and Stanley, who are still at the table in McGinty’s.]

Stanley: What’s the margin for error on this thing, fixed or variable?

Erica: Uh, why, yes, it is.

[Erica looks over Stanley’s shoulder, sees Gary entering McGinty’s in a long, expensive coat.]

Erica: Oh, no. You’ve gotta go. You’ve gotta get outta here.

Stanley: What?

[Erica zips up the laptop in its carrying case, and hands it to Stanley.]

[Gary looks up and yells to Erica]

Gary: You sellin’ me out?! You sellin’ me out, I will kill you!

[Erica takes out the gun that Lois handed her earlier. Erica shoots Gary with that gun three times in the chest. Gary falls to the ground. Customers scream and gasp.]

Eric: Go on. Go on. Get! and pushes him out the door.

Customer: Somebody call 911!

[Stanley rushes out the door]

Erica: He’s gone.

[Gary stands up, Erica hands the gun to Gary.]

Erica [with normal voice]: There you go.

Gary: Thanks.

Gary: Uh, thank you, everybody. The drinks are on the house.


[Lois, the others who were conned out of their money by Stanley, and Marissa barge out of the kitchen with huge smiles, and hug Erica and Gary.]

[SCENE: Stanley walking down a sidewalk, away from McGinty’s. Detective Sullivan is walking behind him.]

Stanley: Wait a minute.

[Stanley turns back around to walk back to McGinty’s and runs into Detective Sullivan]

Detective Sullivan: Hey, wait a sec. You didn’t see a guy with a - - Hey, I know you. You’re Stanley Hollenbeck. Also known as Steven Hollenbeck, Steven Hollis, Dennis Leftbeck, and Maurice Taylor.

Stanley: Ha ha. And who are you?

Detective [holds up his badge]: I think we should talk.

[SCENE: Conned people, Marissa, Erica, Gary, and Lois are sitting at the bar in McGinty’s. People conned out of their money are holding a lot of money and counting it.]

Moe: Has anyone seen my fire ants?

Woman from Indiana:: Someone’s actually engaged to you?

Lois: Nice death, son.

Gary: Oh, uh, thank you. I guess.

[Detective Sullivan enters McGinty’s again, walks over to bar. Everyone quickly hides their money.]

Detective: Looks like a party. What’s the occasion?

Lois: Um, Canadian New Year?

Detective: Right. Like I was trying to tell you, this came over my fax machine.

[Detective holds up a WANTED banner with Stanley’s picture on it.]

Lois: Oh. He looks familiar.

Detective: Oh, yeah. The ironical thing is I’ve got him, uh, handcuffed to the back of my car right now, and you should hear the stories comin’ out of his mouth. Something about a shooting, a scam, a computer program…

[Lois looks at him innocently.]

Detective: You know, if I were more ambitious, I might do something about this.

Lois: Thank you, Detective.

[Detective winks at her and leaves.]

[People Stanley conned start counting their money with smiles again.]

Gary: So, uh, now what?

Lois: I think the money’s gonna go into mutual funds for a while.

Gary: I think that’s a very good idea.

Lois: Unless, of course, your father’s already spent it on an amphibious R.V. Thank you, son.

[Lois holds her glass up. Gary taps it with his beer bottle.]

Gary: Oh, well, it was, uh, it was, it was fun, I think. It was fun.

Lois: Are you hungry?

Gary: Yes, I could eat.

Lois: So, uh, where you gonna take us for dinner?

Gary: Us?

Lois: Yeah. I asked the girls.

[Marissa nods.]

Erica [with a southern accent again]: Yeah, I was thinkin’ maybe we could have some Eye-talian.

Marissa: I-I like Chinese.

Gary: You mean - - you mean all of us?

Lois: You don’t mind, do you, Gary?

Erica: Oh, no, he doesn’t mind.

Marissa: He loves us.

[Lois calls to the people conned out of their money,]

Lois: Bye, guys!]

[Gary, Erica, Marissa, and Lois are putting on their coats, and the screen fades to end.]


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