Episode Number: 401
Episode Title: The Out-of-Towner
Original Air Date: Sept 25, 1999


Gary meets a New Yorker who has been getting tomorrow's Daily News for the past six years but who uses the paper to make money and hires others to help him.


  Kyle Chandler (as Gary Hobson)
  Shanesia Williams (as Marissa Clark)

Guest Starring:

  Willie Garson: Willie Dretler??
  Gary Basaraba: Sam Cooper


  Julia Sobaski: Cindy
  Keith Kupferer: Larry
  Jack McGrayer: Teddy

Also appearing but not credited:

  Charlie Stone: Gordon (the Groom)*
  Jack McBrayer: Best Man**


Developed by:

  Bob Brush

Created by:

  Patrick Q Page
  Vik Rubenfeld
  Ian Abrams

Produced by:

  CBS Productions
  Columbia TriStar Television,
a Sony Pictures Entertainment company
  All rights reserved


Technical & Production Credits:

Theme by: W G Snuffy Walden
Music by: Joseph Stanley Williams
Edited by: Warren Bowman
Production Designer: Gary Baugh
Director of Photography: Ross Berryman, A.C.S.
Consulting Producers: Dianne Messina Stanley
  James Stanley
Producer: Kyle Chandler
Supervising Producer: Randy Roberts
  Eric Tuchman
  Carla Kettner
Produced by: Loucas George
Co-Executive Producer: Alex Taub
  Gary Nelson
Executive Producer: Lillah McCarthy
Executive Consultant: Bob Brush
Written by: Alex Taub
Directed by: Gary Nelson
Executive Producer: Jeff Melvoin
Associate Producer: Lisa I Vinnecour
  Kathryn Riordan
Executive Story Editor: Josh Appelbaum
  Andre Nemec
Story Editor: Doris Egan
  Jeff Pinkner
Unit Production Manager: Bob Rolsky
1st Assistant Director: Richard Lederer
2nd Assistant Director: Susan Prince
Casting by: Robert J Ulrich, CSA
  Eric Dawson, CSA
  Carol Kritzer, CSA
  Jane Alderman, CSA
Costume Design: Susan Kaufmann
Camera Operator: Jim Blanford
Chief Lighting Technician: Gino Crededio
Key Grip: John Robertson
Location Manager: Robin Agron-Breen
Hair Stylist: Pamela Milone
Set Decorator: Lisa Wolff
Production Sound Mixer: Curt Frisk
Prop Master: Bob Volpe
Stunt Coordinator: Rick Lefevour
Transportation Coordinator: Ted E Larkowski
2nd 2nd Assistant Director: Traci Lewis
Production Coordinator: Mary Jane Nolan Kelly
Script Supervisor: Alicia Accardo
Supervising Sound Editor: Jeremy Gordon
Music Editor: Carolyn J Bahr
Re-recording Mixer: Rusty Smith
  Bill Freesh
Assistant Editor: Marta Evry
Script Coordinator: Elizabeth Hatrick
Post Supervisor: Marla K Bechtel
Film & Electronic Laboratory: Laserpacific Media Corporation™
Presented in: Dolby Surround where available
Re-Recorded at: Sony Pictures Studios,
Culver City, CA
Intervalometer Shots by: American Time-Lapse
Main Title Design by: Nina Saxon/New Wave Entertainment
(c) New York Daily News, L.P. Used with permission
Copyright (c) 1999 TriStar Television, Inc.
  CBS Worldwide Inc.
Simulcast in HDTV: Mitsubishi True HDTV™

TriStar Television Inc. and CBS Broadcasting Inc., are the authors of this film/motion picture for purposes of Article 15(2) of the Berne Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto.

This Motion Picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries, and its unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious, and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

*Information regarding the uncredited actor portraying Gordon (the Groom) supplied by: EEFAN

**Information regarding the uncredited actor portraying the Best Man supplied by Leigh

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