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120: Phantom At The Opera

1. What are the red items in the opening scene?
a. Gary’s scarf, a baby’s hat, a weeping widow’s handkerchief, the blinking “don’t walk” sign, the hat and gloves of a woman, and the tie and rose of her boyfriend

2. When is the museum open?
a. Tuesday through Sunday, 10 - 5, or by appointment

3. Who does Gary need to save at the museum?
a. Emma Shaw, artist

4. Why can’t Emma hear the phone ringing?
a. she has really really loud opera music playing

5. How does Gary get into the museum?
a. through the open window in the back

6. What is on Gary’s answering machine?
a. a message from Emma thanking him for saving her life

7. Where did Emma come from?
a. San Francisco

8. In referring to Emma’s message, what does Gary call himself?
a. G Hobson #4

9. Why does Gary miss his dinner date with Emma?
a. he has to try and talk a grief stricken widow (Eve - husband is Jake) from jumping off a building

10. Where does Emma find Gary the next day?
a. sleeping on a bench near the museum

11. What information does Gary use from the paper to help Emma?
a. Classifieds - he finds an apartment for her at 1835 Lakeshore Drive

12. What is “the Hobson Triangle”?
a. the area that Gary is restricted to for his date with Emma, so he can take care of all the paper stuff

13. Where does Gary take Emma for supper?
a. Dino’s Restaurant

15. What is their specialty?
a. Waffles and Falafels

16. How did Emma get interested in art?
a. her parents had a picture of a group of school girls in a garden and she always tried to “crawl into the painting”

17. Who is Emma’s old friend?
a. Marco Sanchez

18. What does Gary show Emma?
a. a light “painting” projected on the side of a building

19. Why does Emma want to stop seeing Gary?
a. she’s still in love with Marco

20. What happened to Marco?
a. he was killed overseas

21. Who comes to investigate the stolen art treasures?
a. Marco

22. What kind of dilemma does the paper present to Gary?
a. he must decide whether or not to let Emma and Marco be reunited at the opera

23. What does Marissa advise him to do?
a. she tells Gary to keep Emma and Marco from meeting

24. What opera does Gary take Emma to?
a. Turandot (learn about Turandot here:
Puccini: Turandot )

25. “Some dances you sit out. Others, you change partners. The important thing is _________”
a. “you never stop dancing”

26. What is the running theme of this episode?
a. Love, represented by the color red; also could refer to the childhood riddle, “what’s black and white and red (read) all over?” - the newspaper

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