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101: Pilot

1. What is Gary’s wife’s name?
a. Marcia

2. What does he bring her and why?
a. a beautiful bouquet of roses for their anniversary

3. What does she give him in return?
a. changed locks on the door and a suitcase of clothes thrown at him from the window

4. Where is Gary now living?
a. at the Blackstone Hotel

5. What room number is Gary staying in?
a. 67

6. What’s strange about the paper that comes to Gary’s door?
a. the headline “President OK’s Trade Talks” is wrong according to what Gary heard on the radio

7. What day is it?
a. Monday, November 11

8. What is the newsstand man’s name?
a. Sherman

9. What is Marcia’s job?
a. Lawyer

10. What is Gary’s job?
a. stockbroker

11. What is Chuck’s job?
a. stockbroker

12. What is Marissa’s job?
a. receptionist

13. Who is their boss?
a. Phil Pritchard

14. What word does Marissa hate?
a. “sorry”

15. How did Gary get started in the brokerage business?
a. Marcia wanted to go to law school

16. How much does winter wheat jump?
a. +30

17. Where does Chuck say the newspaper comes from?
a. The Newspaper Fairy

18. What does Gary do with the information in the paper?
a. He tests it by trading one share each of stocks that the paper says will go up

19. Where does Gary take Marissa for lunch after quitting his job?
a. the racetrack

20. Why does Marissa go to the track?
a. to take a shot at a dream, to make enough money to buy a seeing-eye dog

21. What horses did Gary bet on?
a. Biscuit in the 2nd; $26 on Applecart; “let it ride” on Sikorsky to win

22. How much money does Gary give to Marissa?
a. $15,000

23. What happened to Sherman and how does it affect Gary?
a. Sherman was injured in an accident and Gary realizes he could have prevented it, had he not been so interested in making money with the paper

24. What is the name of Marissa’s dog?
a. Spike

25. Where does Marissa say the newspaper comes from?
a. God

26. Who is the bank robber?
a. a recently unemployed desperate man named Frank Price

27. How many people does the paper originally say will be killed?
a. 9

28. What is the detective’s name?
a. Tagliotti

29. What bank will be robbed?
a. First National Bank

30. What does the number of people killed change to?
a. 10

31. What does Chuck take?
a. the sports page, page 9/10

32. How much money does Chuck win?
a. $3700 and change

33. What does Marissa tell the bank to look for?
a. a desperate man

34. Where does Frank take Gary?
a. the roof

35. How are the Cubs doing?
a. according to Chuck “the Cubs look good this year”; according to Gary “the Cubs stink”

36. What does Gary say when Frank tells him to talk and what is Frank’s response?
a. Gary says, “The Cubs look good this year” and Frank responds, “The Cubs? The Cubs suck.”

37. What do Frank and Gary throw off the building?
a. all of the money Chuck won

38. Why does Gary leave the Blackstone?
a. to go somewhere “where they can’t deliver”

39. What happens at the cabin in the woods?
a. the cat delivers the paper to Gary

40. What does Gary tell Marissa he’s going to do with the rest of his life?
a. Find a new place to live, a place that takes cats...then buy a kitty litter box

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