Early Edition Trivia

101  "Pilot"
(Gary Hobson, newly separated from his wife, gets tomorrow's paper, prevents bank robbery)
"Pilot" Answers

1. What is Gary’s wife’s name?

2. What does he bring her and why?

3. What does she give him in return?

4. Where is Gary now living?

5. What room number is Gary staying in?

6. What’s strange about the paper that comes to Gary’s door?

7. What is the paper dated?

8. What is the newsstand man’s name?

9. What is Marcia’s job?

10. What is Gary’s job?

11. What is Chuck’s job?

12. What is Marissa’s job?

13. Who is their boss?

14. What word does Marissa hate?

15. How did Gary get started in the brokerage business?

16. How much does winter wheat jump?

17. Where does Chuck say the newspaper comes from?

18. What does Gary first do with the information in the paper?

19. Where does Gary take Marissa for lunch after quitting his job?

20. Why does Marissa go to the track?

21. What horses did Gary bet on?

22. How much money does Gary give to Marissa?

23. What happened to Sherman and how does it affect Gary?

24. What is the name of Marissa’s dog?

25. Where does Marissa say the newspaper comes from?

26. Who is the bank robber?

27. How many people does the paper originally say will be killed?

28. What is the detective’s name?

29. What bank will be robbed?

30. What does the number of people killed change to?

31. What does Chuck take?

32. How much money does Chuck win?

33. What does Marissa tell the bank to look for?

34. Where does Frank take Gary?

35. How are the Cubs doing?

36. What does Gary say when Frank tells him to talk and what is Frank’s response?

37. What do Frank and Gary throw off the building?

38. Why does Gary leave the Blackstone?

39. What happens at the cabin in the woods?

40. What does Gary tell Marissa he’s going to do with the rest of his life?

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