Early Edition Trivia

218: "The Quality of Mercy"
(Gary saves an ex-con who is bent on revenge)
"The Quality of Mercy" Answers

1. What does Gary's first headline say?

2. Who is the recipient of Gary's first save?

3. After Gary saves this person, what does the headline change to?

4. What is the name of the person that Gary has saved?

5. Who is this person after?

6. What does Crumb say about fruit after he has taken the hint that Gary, Chuck, and Marissa don't want his company at the moment?

7. How much time did Hernandez do and for what crime?

8. What is the Assistant DA's name?

9. Where does Gary first go to try and stop Hernandez?

10. What happens at the place referenced in the preceeding question?

11. Chuck wants Johnny to order what?

12. What does Hernandez do upon leaving the Court House?

13. What does Gary see when he comes out of the building?

14. Who meets Gary & Marissa at the hospital?

15. What does Crumb say to reassure Gary?

16. What is Crumb's news?

17. Who's prints were found in Chuck's car?

18. Where are Chuck's parents?

19. What phrase does Crumb use to describe Hernandez and why?

20. Where do Gary and Marissa spend the night?

21. What is Rachel's daughter's name?

22. What is Rachel's son's name?

23. What is Rachel's husband's name?

24. Why is her son up so early and who does he plan to spend the day with?

25. What beverage does Rachel's daughter ask for?

26. Who is present when the Paper arrives the next morning?

27. What does Gary do with the Paper?

28. To whom does Tom try to sell candy?

29. When Gary finally looks at the Paper, what is the headline?

30. Where does Rachel Stone live?

31. What does Sarah want to get?

32. What is the name of the Stones' dog?

33. Who calls the police about Hernandez being at Rachel Stone's house?

34. What happens to Gary when he tries to stop Hernandez?

35. Why does Marissa call Crumb at McGinty's?

36. What does Crumb say when he sees the news report?

37. What is the name of the cop in charge of the roadblock/stakeout?

38. Who takes down the information about the Stone house's layout?

39. How does Crumb describe Gary to verify his presence in Rachel's house?

40. What job does Leon offer to Crumb?

41. How does Gary explain why he knows so much about Hernandez?

42. What does Hernandez say that Rachel Stone called him in court?

43. What was the original charge?

44. To what did Rachel change the charges and why?

45. What does Hernandez want from Crumb?

46. What does Crumb tell Leon that Gary is?

47. Who does Marissa talk to at the Hospital?

48. Marissa was brought up to believe what?

49. Why do we need faith?

50. Hernandez asks Gary if he wants what kind of refreshment?

51. While Hernandez is getting a drink, what headline does read in his Paper?

52. How does Gary save Hernandez a second time?

53. What is Gary's reply when Hernandez calls him an idiot?

54. Why does Hernandez say that he's "an animal?"

55. What does Hernandez remember thinking when he saw the family of his victim in court?

56. What was his conclusion?

57. What does Gary think about his conclusion?

58. Where does Gary take Hernandez after he releases Rachel?

59. What has happened to the two boys?

60. What does Gary do?

61. What does Hernandez do?

62. How does the boy get free?

63. What happens to Hernandez?

64. Who were the two boys?

65. What does Chuck say he needs?

66. What does Gary say to that and what is Chuck's reply?

67. What does Rachel read in the paper?

68. What does Gary take as an impromptu memorial to the tracks?

69. What is the ending monologue and why is it significant?

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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