Early Edition Trivia

207: "Redfellas"
(An article in tomorrow's paper printed in Russian leads Gary to a beautiful Russian violinist who involves him in a plot to murder the Russian ambassador)
"Redfellas" Answers

1. In the opening “monologue” what are the three things that transcend time and national boundaries?

2. Where and when does the opening scene take place?

3. What name is on the poster behind the violin girl?

4. What is unusual about one of the headlines?

5. What is Chuck’s plan for Thursday nights at McGinty’s?

6. What gimmick did Chuck come up with before this one?

7. How did it come to pass that Chuck knows how to read Russian?

8. Where did all those pregnant women come from?

9. Gary stops the pregnant woman from being run over by a cab with what number and license plate?

10. What is the music playing in the cab?

11. What is the name of the violinist?

12. What phrase does Newsweek use to refer to the violinist?

13. What name did Gary ask Chuck not to call him?

14. What is written on the note with the roses?

15. The picture of Paulina and her father was taken when?

16. What is the name and phone number of the cab company?

17. What is the name of the cab driver?

18. Paulina believes her father has been dead for how many years? What was his name?

19. How long has Paulina been playing the violin?

20. What is the story behind Yuri’s “death”?

21. Gary gets to rest for how long between when Yuri leaves and the paper comes?

22. Chuck hasn’t spoken Russian since when?

23. Where does the accident with the beer barrels take place?

24. What hotel is Paulina staying at?

25. What is the “message” Chuck thinks the paper is trying to send?

26. What is the name of Yuri’s friend, the bad guy?

27. Fill in the blank: (Gary to the cat) “Just let me get a ____ __ ____, will ya?

28. What does Gary say when Chuck offers to translate the headline?

29. Chuck substitutes for the guy that plays what instruments?

30. What is unusual about the headline at the end of the episode?

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