Early Edition Trivia

220: "Don't Walk Away, Renee"
(Thugs kidnap Gary's parents to force him and a childhood friend to turn over a revolutionary computer program)
"Renee" Answers

1. What is the first headline in Gary’s paper?

2. What is the name of the "delivery man"?

3. Where is the disaster to take place?

4. How does the disaster happen?

5. What time is the disaster supposed to happen?

6. What time is it on Gary’s clock radio when he finally looks at it?

7. What does Gary grab on his way out of the loft?

8. What does he grab on his way into the kitchen?

9. Who and/or what greets Gary when he bursts into the kitchen?

10. What is the big occasion?

11. What, according to Lois and Bernie, is Gary’s reaction?

12. How did Lois and Bernie pull off the surprise?

13. Who’s idea was this, according to Bernie?

14. What doesn't Gary want to talk about in front of his mother?

15. What does Bernie reply when Gary says, "I have lots of friends?"

16. What reason does Gary give for there not being more people there?

17. Lois asks Gary if he remembers whom?

18. How would Gary have known this person and how does Lois describe her?

19. What does Gary tell Lois when he thinks she's trying to get him together with this person?

20. Where did Lois see this person's mother?

21. What does Gary hear that sends him running outside?

22. What happens once Gary gets outside?

23. What does this man turn out to be?

24. What does the banner say?

25. Who is the falling man?

26. What is the real headline on the front page of the Paper?

27. How long until the event in the headline occurs?

28. What does Chuck say to excuse Gary's behavior?

29. What unusual item is the woman in the park carrying around in her purse?

30. What does the woman buy from a vendor in the park?

31. How did Gary prevent the disaster?

32. What does Gary ask the woman that sounds like a "pick-up line?"

33. What is Gary's reply to her "is that a line" question?

34. Who does the woman in the park introduce herself as?

35. What does Gary believe of the mugging?

36. What are Lois and Bernie doing when Gary returns home to the loft?

37. What is the Renee's mother’s name?

38. What does Bernie say to Gary while Lois is on the phone with Renee’s mom?

39. When was the last time Bernie says Lois was humiliated like this?

40. What do the two mothers and Bernie think Gary owes the girl in the park?

41. What did Renee's mother give to Lois over the phone that Lois gives to Gary?

42. What does Gary tell his parents to stop doing because they're "too old for that kind of thing?"

43. Where does Renee work?

44. What does she hide in the ceiling tiles of the kitchen/coffee area at work?

45. What happens to Gary when he approaches her in the kitchen?

46. How does she know that the cops who come to arrest her and Gary are phony?

47. How does Renee prevent the men from following them out the revolving door?

48. What is the license plate number of her car?

49. What kind and color of car does Renee have?

50. What route does Renee say they took to get to McGinty’s from her office?

51. What does Bernie try to unlock the handcuffs with?

52. What does Bernie want to try next to get the handcuffs off?

53. What type of company does the young woman work for?

54. What does she do at her job?

55. Who does Bernie suggest is chasing Renee?

56. Where does the money for her work come from?

57. What time does the Washington office open?

58. What does Gary say that he has around for every time that he gets connected to someone with handcuffs?

59. What game does Bernie suggest they play?

60. What is on the coffee table in the loft next morning?

61. Where are Bernie and Lois sleeping?

62. Where is the young woman?

63. Where is Gary sleeping?

64. What happens when Gary hears Cat the next morning?

65. What color are Lois’ pajamas?

66. What message does Lois gesture to Gary?

67. What is her access code to Uncle Sam?

68. What is the secretary in Washington's name?

69. What is the man in Washington's name?

70. Who says that Renee is "dealing on the side and trying to cover?"

71. What morning ritual does Gary attempt while still handcuffed to the girl?

72. Where did Renee used to sleep when an undergraduate student at U. of C.?

73. What does Renee think that Gary was thinking when he was so rude to her in the park?

74. How does she describe Gary when stating how every girl always wanted to date him?

75. What correction does Gary make to her description?

76. What does Gary say of people in general and of Renee in particular while he's apologizing?

77. What, according to Bernie, is big business these days?

78. On what does Bernie say one could make a fortune by predicting the next El Niño?

79. What do Renee and Gary each call the cut on Gary’s face after Renee finishes shaving him?

80. What does Bernie pose as in order to retrieve the hidden disk?

81. What does Bernie say he needs to clean out?

82. How much do the bolt cutters cost that Gary, his mom and Renee try to buy?

83. What causes them trouble when they go to check out?

84. Who is Renee’s supervisor at the Wayland Corporation

85. What is the name of the store where they try to buy the bolt cutters?

86. Where is it located?

87. What is the headline that grabs Lois’ attention while in the store?

88. For what company does the delivery guy work?

89. What does Chuck do when a fight breaks out at McGinty's?

90. What does Lois say after she breaks a vase over the head of a phony delivery guy?

91. What does Bernie say when he returns with the disk and sees the unconscious delivery guy?

92. How did Renee know the delivery guy was a fake?

93. How did Renee learn karate?

94. What does Bernie have to remove the handcuffs?

95. What does Renee say about herself that might sound a little far-fetched?

96. What does Renee try to explain to the Hobsons?

97. What does Einstein say of time?

98. Who’s doing what to make Renee look like she doesn’t know what she’s doing?

99. How does the phony delivery guy escape from McGinty’s?

100. Why did Chuck need a soda so badly right then?

101. What kind of "chances" does Gary ask Lois about?

102. How many of these chances does Lois say we get?

103. What is Gary’s reaction to her answer?

104. Where does Gary find Renee after she leaves McGinty’s?

105. Where do we see Gary and Renee the next morning?

106. What does Gary say to Cat when he arrives with the paper?

107. What is the headline in the Paper?

108. What is the name of the coffee shop?

109. What does the sign in the window of the coffee shop say?

110. What else do they serve besides coffee that Bernie loves?

111. What is Gary’s comment to Chuck when Chuck tells him his parents are adults?

112. What is Chuck’s response to that?

113. What does Bernie tell Gary over the phone when their abductors call?

114. Where are Renee and the abductors to meet before Gary tells Renee to change it?

115. Where does Gary change it to?

116. What time are they to meet?

117. What is the license plate number on the abductors' mini-van?

118. Who does Renee believe sponsors her work?

119. Who does her boss say the real sponsor is?

120. What will her research be used for?

121. What is the headline on the Paper in Gary's pocket?

122. Who arrives on the scene to help them escape?

123. Who arrives to prevent their escape?

124. What CD does Renee swap for the one the Feds want?

125. What does Renee do with the real CD?

126. Where is Gary taking Renee on their date?

127. Who’s minding the paper?

128. What does Gary leave with them in case he’s needed

129. Where are the articles of concern located in the paper and how will they find them?

130. What does Bernie give and say to Gary as he leaves?

131. What is Bernie's reaction to Renee's outfit?

132. What is Gary’s final act before leaving?

133. What is the weather like as they leave for their date and who drives?

134. How does Gary explain why he knew about the explosion, his parents' abduction, and her mugging in the park?

135. What is her reaction to this explanation?

136. Why doesn't she believe his explanation and what could he have said differently to make the explanation more believable?


Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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