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305: "Saint Nick"
(Gary must confront his feelings for Erica when her old flame, a philanthropist, comes to town.)
"Saint Nick" Answers

1. What’s playing at the Chicago Theatre?

2. What is the headline in Gary’s paper that he’s dealing with near the theater?

3. Who does Gary see at the theater?

4. How is the woman supposed to be dragged by the bus?

5. Why doesn’t Gary get to her right away?

6. What is the next headline Gary must deal with the next morning?

7. How does Gary describe the painter accident to Marissa?

8. What does Marissa do for Henry when he comes in with his mom?

9. Who walks into the office and answers one of the questions that Henry is supposed to answer?

10. Which question does he answer?

11. What does Gary quiz Henry about?

12. Why doesn’t the painter hear Gary?

13. Gary says he's an expert on what?

14. What goes wrong with the rescue?

15. What is the name of the painter?

16. What does Gary say when he sees the rope start to break?

17. What does Gary land in/on when he falls?

18. Who pushed the dumpster under the scaffolding?

19. Where did the two women see Nick before?

20. What do they ask Gary to do?

21. The camera owner complains that Gary got what on her camera?

22. What is Nick’s specialty?

23. What is Nick’s Chicago phone #?

24. What is Nick’s Chicago fax #?

25. What is Nick’s cell phone #?

26. What is Nick’s Beijing phone #?

27. What is Nick’s Beijing fax #?

28. What is the name of Nick's company?

29. What is Nick’s position with this agency?

30. Which Chicago landmark is in the background while Nick & Gary are talking?

31. What is Gary's reply when Nick asks him if he likes Truffaut?

32. When did Nick and Erica meet?

33. What grades were Nick and Erica in?

34. What did Nick do that caused Erica to give him a bloody nose?

35. When did Nick move to Chicago?

36. What does the acronym R-I-C-E stand for?

37. Gary thinks Nick has done what to his teeth?

38. What is the name of the CD that Nick recorded?

39. Which member of the McGinty’s staff owns this CD?

40. What song does Patrick sing from the CD?

41. What has Marissa heard that was recorded by Nick?

42. What is Patrick’s reaction to Erica’s dress for her date?

43. Who gets Nick’s autograph when he arrives to pick Erica up?

44. How does Nick sign the CD?

45. Where does Nick take Erica for dinner?

46. What is the name of the charitable foundation Nick belongs to?

47. On what street is the restaurant located?

48. What gift does Nick present to Erica?

49. Where did he get it?

50. Why is Gary at the restaurant?

51. What does the chef do to Gary?

52. What happens to the ravioli they’re fighting over?

53. Who saves the woman from choking?

54. Where does Nick invite Gary to go with him and Erica?

55. What reason does Erica give for why Gary can't go?

56. Why does Nick say that that doesn’t matter?

57. Who’s the composer?

58. What does Nick do during the solo that irritates Gary?

59. What does Gary say to Erica about the singer?

60. During their argument, Gary says there's something "weird" about Nick because...?

61. What does Gary do when he gets home after his argument with Erica?

62. What is the name of the reporter on the news?

63. What station does Gary have on?

64. What does the paper report in the next morning’s headline?

65. What is Nick doing when Gary goes looking for him to warn him about the fire?

66. Who is Nick with at the time?

67. What does Gary tell Nick about the hospital?

68. Who makes a basket as Gary and Nick leave and how?

69. What time is the gala at the hospital that night?

70. What is the dress code for this event?

71. How was Gary supposed to get his invitation?

72. What phrase does Henry use to describe how Erica looks?

73. What does Erica use to check out her reflection?

74. How does Henry describe Nick to his mother?

75. How does Henry describe Gary?

76. How does he describe his mom?

77. What question does Gary ask Marissa when she helps him get dressed?

78. What kind of permission does Marissa seek from Gary?

79. What is the name of Nick’s hospital?

80. What celebrities are attending the gala?

81. What song is the children’s choir singing?

82. What are the singers holding?

83. Why does Gary turn a fan on the singers?

84. What are all the choir members wearing?

85. What causes the fire?

86. What is Gary about to do when Erica runs into him?

87. What ultimatum does Erica give to Gary?

88. What does Gary do after she leaves?

89. What happens to Erica after the explosion?

90. What article of clothing does Erica lose when she’s trapped?

91. What does Gary say when Nick grabs Erica to carry her to safety?

92. When Gary is slow coming out who starts in after him?

93. What does Gary tell Nick happened to him?

94. What part of Gary is "sensitive?"

95. Why is Gary's reason why he won’t Gary be interviewed by the TV reporter?

96. What is the message on the picture of the Good Year Blimp?

97. How long have Gary and Marissa been friends?

98. What is Marissa's advice to Gary regarding Erica?

99. Where will Gary find Erica?

100. What is the name of the little girl that Nick and Erica see in the park?

101. What is the girl's "disability?"

102. How does the girl describe Nick?

103. What is Gary's comment when he looks at Nick’s business card?

104. What does Gary do when he’s on the phone?

105. Who does Gary unknowingly end up talking to on the phone?

106. What is Gary doing when Erica pops into McGinty’s?

107. What does Erica say she’s there for?

108. How did Erica answer Nick's proposal and why?

Thanks to Janet for coming up with half of the questions and inspiring the rest. :)

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