222 ‘Second Sight’ continued...

Written by H. Wiggins; Directed by Daniel Attias; (as "fanscribed" by Paper Caper)

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And in the "something's better than nothing" category, we have the last two scenes of this episode for your viewing pleasure -- thanks Paper Caper! :)

[At McGinty‘s while drinking beer and watching the news]

[Man in suit with gray hair walks in.] Charles Fishman?

[Chuck slowly and anxiously turns around] Yeah?

Man: I represent the law firm of Gilder and Smith. Earlier this week you helped an old woman across the street.

Chuck: So?

Man: That woman is a client of ours.

Crumb: That bag lady?

[Man looks at Crumb.] Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. [looks back at Chuck] The rest of the time she’s Camilla Danforth.

[Gary raises his hand and moves it around] Wait, Camilla Danforth, the uh department store heir?

Man: [nods] The same.

Marissa: She’s a bag lady?

Man: Mrs. Danforth likes to walk the city unobserved, in search of the needy, and deserving. She asked me to give you this. [hands Chuck a package wrapped in brown paper]

[Chuck accepts curiously and looks at Crumb, Gary, and Marissa. He holds it up to his ear curiously.] [jokingly] It’s not ticking.

[Gary has a "Yeah, I get the joke" look on his face while Marissa quietly clears her throat.]

[Man holds out clipboard and pen to Chuck.] If you’ll just sign here.

[Crumb looks jealously in awe.]

[Chuck hands the clipboard back after signing it and the man accepts it and says:] Good day. [leaves the bar]

Chuck: Yeah, take care. [examines package curiously]

Marissa: What is it?

Chuck: [taps package] I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s somethin’ good.

[Crumb looks frustrated and impatient] Well just open it, Fishman!

[Chuck optimistically unwraps it, then a look of disappointment and confusion overcome him as he sees it’s a book.]

Gary: [confused] It’s a…Bible.

[Crumb laughs maliciously]

Chuck: Hmm…[flips through Bible and finds an envelope inside]

Gary: What is that?

[Chuck takes a piece of paper out of the envelope and unfolds it.] It’s a – It’s a…check.

[Crumb’s malicious smirk disappears]

Gary: Well for how much?

[Chuck holds the check near Gary so he can read it]

Gary: [reads check] A hundred thousand do –

[Chuck snaps the check back greedily and Marissa interrupts and says:] One hundred thousand dollars?

Gary: [points at card in envelope] Well what’sat - What’s the card say?

[Chuck opens card and reads it] Dear Mister Fishman, I’m sure you’ll use this for a worthy cause. The world needs more good people like you. Camilla Danforth.

Crumb: [excitedly and amusedly yells] Woooah she got the wrong guy there! [laughs]

Chuck: [seriously] No she didn’t. She’s right. [stuffs card back into envelope] I said I’m gonna change and I am.

[Gary and Marissa have confused and doubtful expressions]

Marissa: [doubtful] What?

[Chuck looks at Bible and then at everyone] I need to think. [walks away]

[Crumb raises his head as Chuck leaves] Is he serious?

[Marissa raises her hands in a shrug and Gary confusedly watches Chuck leave and says:] You never can tell with him.

[cat meows]

[Scene: Street outside McGinty’s]

[Chuck’s car rolls by as he beeps the horn. He steps out of the car and beeps the horn again.]

[Marissa and Gary come outside McGinty’s as Chuck approaches]

Gary: Well, this is it.

Chuck: Yep. [takes off his sunglasses]

Marissa: You’re really gonna do it, huh?

Chuck: [optimistically] Absolutely. I’m supposed to put that money to good use and that’s what I intend to do.

Marissa: In LA?

Chuck: LA’s the place! Fishman Productions Wholesome Family Entertainment.

Gary: [looks at Chuck like he’s crazy] You’re kidding.

Chuck: [confident] No. I even got my first idea. It’s gonna be about a guy who get’s tomorrow’s news today.

Marissa: You **gotta** be kidding!

[Chuck looks at Marissa] No, and he has this friend, this uh, sidekick, this second banana, who uh is an incredible pain in the butt. [looks at Gary jokingly]

[Gary smiles back at Chuck with a twinkle in his eye. He looks at Marissa for a millisecond until Chuck interrupts him.]

Chuck: Whaddya think?

[Gary looks at Chuck.] What do **I** think? It’ll never float.

Chuck: [happily] It’s Hollywood, baby!

[Gary and Marissa smile and almost laugh]

[Chuck looks at Marissa and smiles] Goodbye, Marissa. [hugs her]

[Marissa pats his back and says:] Who am I gonna argue with, Chuck?

[they stop hugging and Chuck says] There’s always the cat.

Marissa: [nods] Hmm.

Chuck: Oh and uh, [pulls out Marissa’s Saint Jude medal] Don’t forget this. [places the medal in Marissa’s hand] In came in uh, incredibly handy. Appreciate the loan.

Marissa: [blinks] You’re welcome.

[Chuck approaches Gary]

Gary: [uncomfortably] Oh you’ll be fine, we’ll, we’ll – we’ll see each other.

[Chuck nods incredulously]

Gary: I mean, you know, we’ll talk. Uh, we got the phone.

Chuck: And you got my cell phone number?

[Gary interrupts] Yeah yeah yeah. I got your number. You get in trouble, you give me a call.

Chuck: If you need me, I got your back, you know that.

Gary: [smiles] Yeah. Yeah. [looks at Chuck for a moment then holds out his hand to shake. They shake hands as Chuck sadly smiles]

Gary: Listen, uh, about that second banana thing, you – you were never second banana.

[Chuck looks thoughtfully at the ground] I appreciate it.

[Marissa appears surprised and happy]

[Chuck sighs] I’ll miss you, buddy. [hugs Gary]

[everyone stands silently and looks uncomfortable]

Chuck: Okay, I’m leaving now.

Marissa: [softly] Bye Chuck.

Chuck: I’m goin’. [looks at the bar and halfheartedly waves] Bye McGinty’s. [walks to car and puts his sunglasses back on] I’ll – I’ll call you when I get there, okay?

[Gary and Marissa nod]

Chuck: I may stop in Vegas first. Arividerci! [drives away]

Marissa: Wow [sighs] He’s really gone, huh?

[Gary watches Chuck drive away] Yeah…I have a feeling though he’s never gonna be too far away.

[Gary looks at Marissa] Hey how are you, uh, you know about, uh…

Marissa: My sight?

Gary: Yeah.

Marissa: Well, [sighs] it’s still the same. You know, I don’t know, Gary. Maybe I, maybe I did just imagine that tugboat, or – or maybe I really did have a vision like in the Bible.

[Gary looks at the road] Hmm…

Marissa: What?

Gary: Nothing, it’s just that uh, you had a vision and he got his sight.

Marissa: [halfhearted laugh] Maybe.

Gary: Buy you a cup of coffee?

Marissa: Sure, why not.

[Gary escorts Marissa into McGinty’s as end credits appear]


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