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222: Second Sight

1. What happens to Marissa on the park bench?
a. she sees something - shaped like back-to-back R's

2. How much does Chuck need to invest in an import/export business with China?
a. $10,000

3. Where does the armored car accident occur?
a. on Hartnett Drive

4. What is Chuck tired of being?
a. the "second banana"

5. Why does Gary finally allow Chuck to "do the save" for the armoured car accident?
a. Gary saw the "mystery woman with a rose" walking by, declared her to be the same woman he'd seen last year, and concluded she had something to do with the paper - therefore, he must go after her to see if he can finally catch up to her.

6. What name do many Early Edition fans like to use in referring to the "mystery woman" in this episode?
a. "Redhead Runway Reject" or "RRR" <g>
Explanatory note: the "mystery woman" in this episode had red hair and walked like she was parading down a runway - the "mystery woman" from first season (only seen in the "Baby" episode) had blonde hair and walked with a confident air. Nothing against women with red hair in particular, but it was a cheap switcheroo someone tried to pull off on the fans - as if nobody would notice. :)

7. What is the name of the import/export company?
a. BuenaVista Imports

8. Whom does Chuck find shot to death?
a. Victor BuenaVista

9. At Gary's apartment, where does Chuck hide himself when The Cat arrives?
a. behind the pinball machine

10. Where did Chuck come up with the investment money?
a. it was fate - he needed $10,000 and $10,000 suddenly appeared in his hands - courtesy of a conveniently unavoidable armoured car accident

11. According to the paper, the import/export trader has ties to what organization?
a. da Mob - or "syndicate ties"

12. What did Chuck think was being imported?
a. computer chips from China

13. What did Gary think was being imported?
a. drugs

14. Why does Gary go to the library?
a. to do research for Marissa, to find out why she may have "seen" something

15. Crumb tells Chuck he'd be better off doing what than joining a witness protection program?
a. buying a fake mustache

16. What does Chuck do to change his kharma?
a. helps a bag lady cross a busy street

17. Where is the only place that Marissa has heard of people, who were blind from birth, regaining their sight?
a. the Bible

18. What book did Gary NOT bring from the library?
a. the Bible

19. Where, in Gary's apartment, does Chuck hide when Marissa comes knocking?
a. behind the couch

20. Chuck says, "Better safe then... ______"?
a. whatEVER

21. What is Chuck's reply to Crumb's statement, "You reap what you sow"?
a. "If that's the case, I'd hate to be me at harvest time."

22. What does Marissa give to Chuck to help him out?
a. her St Jude medal - the saint of hopless cases

23. In what section of the paper does Gary read, "Bar Manager Disappears - Mob Connection Suspected"?
a. the Metro section

24. At which Police District to Gary and Crumb go for help in finding Chuck?
a. Police District 4

25. What does Gary see on a sign when he follows the "mystery woman" a second time?
a. the symbol that Marissa saw: back-to-back R's

26. At what intersection was Gary when he saw the aforementioned sign?
a. Franklin and Randolph

27. Who has a trademark that looks like what Marissa saw, and in what business are they?
a. the Rosarios - the shipping business

28. What, specifically, does Gary determine that Marissa actually saw?
a. a tugboat

29. Gary and Crumb impersonate officals from what public department in their attempt to locate Chuck?
a. Port Authority, Commission on Harbor Safety

30. What code to they say is being violated?
a. Code# 2706 - faulty wiring

31. What time does McGinty's close?
a. 1 am

32. What two things does Chuck confess to Gary?
a. broke Gary's walkman; stole $100 bill off Gary's dresser

33. What does Crumb use to unlock the handcuffs?
a. the St Jude's medal that Marissa gave to Chuck

34. Who helps Marissa read the paper?
a. mystery woman

35. What does Crumb confess to Gary and Chuck?
a. he can't swim

36. According to Crumb, what kind of bomb is about to explode?
a. a digital state of the art bomb

37. From whom does Chuck get a gift, and what is the gift-giver's real name?
a. from the bag lady he helped across the street - Camilla Danforth, the department store heiress

38. On what days does the gift-giver pretend to be something else and why?"
a. only on Tuesdays and Thursdays - likes to walk the streets, unknown, to seek out deserving people

39. Who delivers the gift and what firm does he represent?
a. "Smartly Dressed Man" representing the firm of Guilder and Smith

40. What was the gift?
a. the Bible... and a check for $100,000

41. What is the text of the note that came with the gift?
a. "Dear Mr Fishman, I'm sure you'll use this for a worthy cause. The world needs more good people like you. Camilla Danforth."

42. What does Chuck plan to do with the gift?
a. go to Los Angeles and start a production company - Fishman Productions, "Wholesome Family Entertainment"

43. What will be Chuck's first project?
a. a show about a guy who gets tomorrow's news today - and he has a friend, a sidekick, a "second banana," a real pain in the butt

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